11 Cheapest Boarding Schools In Europe

Boarding school is an excellent option for parents to consider for their kids to get educated in a safe, secure, and disciplined environment. In this blog post, I have curated a list of the cheapest boarding schools in Europe to help parents make a better option that is right for their child.

Boarding schools are expensive when compared to regular day schools and this is because of the extra value that boarding schools offer. They offer accommodation, feeding, and 24/7 supervision of students which is utilized in ensuring the safety and academic excellence of boarding students. Unlike day students that only have access to their teachers and other students during the day, boarding school students have access to their teachers and to each other during the day and at night time.

So, you cannot compare the cost of a day school with a boarding school rather you’d compare a day school with another and a boarding school with another.

Now, when you bring it down to boarding school to boarding school there are some that are considered cheap when compared to the average tuition. The cost of boarding schools varies by location, reputation, and facilities, so, I can’t give an average cost of what it may cost. However, this article will still offer you some insight into what boarding schools should cost.

In this blog post, I have targeted only the boarding schools in Europe and extracted a list of the top cheapest ones that you can send your child to without breaking the bank. Given that boarding schools are generally costly, the cheapest boarding schools in Europe discussed here can help parents consider a cheaper option.

Talking about cheap boarding school options, there are free boarding schools for low income families in different parts of the world and free boarding schools for troubled teens which parents can consider for their children to help them get excellent foundational education.

What Is A Boarding School?

According to Wikipedia, a boarding school is a school where pupils live within premises while being given formal instruction. Boarding school students are provided with accommodation and meals, and get easy access to their school and post-school activities in the same secured environment.

If you are a parent with little to no time for your child probably because of the nature of your job but you still want your child to have an excellent academic record and outstanding social skills, then you should consider sending your child to a boarding school. This way, your child will not be left behind whether socially or academically.

Benefits of Boarding Schools

If you still have doubts about sending your child to boarding school, the list below will clear your doubts. The benefits of boarding schools are:

  1. Strengthens students’ social skills and abilities
  2. Class sizes are usually kept small, thus, there is greater interaction between peers and their teachers.
  3. It equips students with basic life skills such as doing their laundry and helps them learn the basics of time management.
  4. Because students live on campus, they have access to a wide range of choices for both advanced learning and personal growth.
  5. They have better facilities set up for the purpose of engaging students in experiential learning and developing their potential to the fullest.
  6. Boarding school students have more access to teachers
  7. It is an opportunity for students to learn a new language.

List of Boarding Schools in Europe for International Students

One of the perks of boarding schools in Europe is that nearly all of them accept international students. Listed below are the boarding schools in Europe that accept high school pupils from different nationalities:

  • St. George’s International School
  • College du Leman International School
  • Aiglon College
  • Institut Monte Rosa
  • Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz
  • Berlin Brandenburg International School
  • Windermere School
  • The King’s School
  • Saint-Charles College et Lycee
  • Copperfield International School Verbier
  • Wellington College
  • Woldingham School
  • Institute Montana Zugerberg
  • St. Stephen’s School
  • Haut-Lac International Bilingual School
  • Surval Montreux
  • College Champittet – Nyon
  • Wycliffe College
  • Marlborough College
cheapest boarding schools in Europe

Cheapest Boarding Schools in Europe

Here is a list of low-cost boarding schools in Europe for parents to consider sending their child to. Aside from being cheap, the schools are recognized for their academic standing and they accept students from every part of the world.

The cheapest boarding schools in Europe are:

  • Caxton College
  • Dallam School
  • Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS)
  • St Edward’s College
  • International School of Bremen (ISB)
  • The International Academy and Boarding School of Denmark
  • St. Peter’s International School – Palmela
  • Chase Grammar School
  • Colchester Royal Grammar School (CRGS
  • World International School of Torino – WINS
  • Sainte Victoire International School

1.     Caxton College

Caxton College is a mixed private boarding school in Valencia, Spain that offer complete education to pupils between the ages of 1 to 18 years old. It is one of the best English schools in Spain that offers both Spanish and international students the opportunity to study British National Curriculum subjects in a multicultural environment alongside Spanish culture.

The fee for Caxton College is €8,328 for the first year then €7,230 for subsequent years.

2.     Dallam School

On our second list of cheapest boarding schools in Europe is Dallam School located in Cumbria, UK. A co-educational state boarding school founded in 2016 for pupils aged 11-19 years old. Dallan offers an excellent boarding experience to students, they get to meet amazing people, gain an outstanding education and develop into confident, mature young adults.

As a full-time boarder at Dallam School, you will get a high-quality education, great home-cooked food, quality accommodation, and excellent pastoral care. The cost of Dallam is €4,000 per term for full-time boarding.

3.     Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS)

This is an IB World Day and boarding school in Berlin, Germany, and ranked among the cheapest boarding schools in Europe. The boarding school accepts students from different backgrounds from kindergarten to 12th grade. The school is co-educational and its language of instruction is the English language. The school fee is €3,000.

4.     St Edward’s College

This is a private boarding school in Malta for boys and girls. The boarding is open to middle and senior school boys from 11 years old and above and sixth-form students (boys & girls aged 16-18). To maintain a good student-teacher ratio, St Edward’s has a total number of 700 students in attendance and this number is maintained annually.

It was founded in 1929 and has affiliations with the University of Malta as well as other world-leading universities. Whether students want to further their academics or enter the workforce after graduating from St Edward’s, they are well-prepared for the future. The boarding fee for a year, which also covers tuition, is €16,353.

5.     International School of Bremen (ISB)

ISB is one of the affordable boarding schools in Europe that parents can consider sending their child to if they want their child to get access to quality education without breaking the bank. It is a German-based school that accepts pupils from all nationalities and the language of instruction is English.

The tuition for ISB ranges from €13,300 to €17,800 per year depending on the student’s grade level. The school has a bursary program to support families that are unable to pay the full school fees.

6.     The International Academy and Boarding School of Denmark

This boarding school offers affordable boarding education options for parents who want their child to get quality secondary education without putting a hole in their pocket. The International Academy and Boarding School of Denmark offers international Cambridge IDSCE education to both boys and girls ages 14 to 17 years old.

The cost of education at The International Academy and Boarding School of Denmark ranges between €14,400 – €17,000.

7.     St. Peter’s International School – Palmela

Here is another co-education school in Palmela, Portugal with a boarding house for pupils who want to stay for the extra experience. The boarding is only for pupils aged 14 to 18 years old. Boarders at St. Peter’s receive an international and individualized education in an exciting, safe, and secure environment.

The teaching style at this school is designed to offer academic and professional success to each child. International students from every nationality are also accepted. The annual fee ranges from €6,681 to €13,213 per year depending on the grades. The boarding fee for EU students is €18,263 whole for non-EU students, the fee is €19,303. Note that tuition fees and boarding fees are paid separately.

8.     Chase Grammar School

Chase Grammar School is a co-ed school located in Staffordshire, UK with day and boarding students. British and international students who meet the entry requirements are welcome to apply to Chase and enter a world of experiential learning, fun extracurricular activities, and academic excellence.

The full cost of studying at Chase Grammar School as a boarding student is £24,525 per year which covers medical, dental, and optician appointments, textbooks and other teaching materials, breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, accommodation in a boarding house, medical first aid and laundry, and tuition fee.

9.     Colchester Royal Grammar School (CRGS)

CRGS has to be the oldest boarding school and maybe the cheapest too, let’s see.

It was founded in 1128 in Colchester, Essex, England, and is operating to date. The school is an 11-18 school for boys and admits girls into a co-education sixth form. The boarding house is designed in a family style and accommodates only 30 sixth-form students.

The school is funded, thus, has no tuition fee only boarding fees. The boarding fee is £4,975 per term. Students who want to study at CRGS must have a British passport or a right of residency in the UK.

10.  World International School of Torino – WINS

Here is another cheap boarding school in Europe located in Turin, Italy offering secondary education to day and boarding pupils from 2.5 to 18 years old the boarding house is only for students from the age of 13 and above. The boarding house is set up in a modern 4-story building style and hosts up to 86 pupils.

Each room is equipped with a private bathroom, balcony, and air conditioning. There are house masters and counselors within the facility as well as medical assistance, free Wi-Fi, laundry service, a swimming pool, and 24/7 guard service all for boarding students to access at their leisure. The cost of education at WINS is between €9,900 – €14,900 depending on grades.

11.  Sainte Victoire International School

This school was founded in 2011 in Provence, France, and offers education to students from kindergarten to 12th grade. It is a co-ed school that offers both the International Baccalaureate Diploma and the IGCSE. The language of instruction is French and English.

The boarding house is located 20 meters from the school entrance with up to 3 students in each room to enhance optimal living and socially supportive conditions. The annual tuition ranges from €10,200 to €17,900.