3 Military Boarding Schools In Wyoming

Concrete details on the military boarding schools in Wyoming have been provided in this post to give you a comprehensive view of what they represent and facilitate your admission into any of the schools you are interested in.

Wyoming is a state in the western US, it is one of the largest states by area and the least populous state in the nation. The state is well known for its mountain ranges and hills which makes it a popular hiking spot among tourists. It also houses some of the best educational institutions and military academies in the US which attracts students from around the US and other parts of the world.

Military academies instill good qualities in students to make them law-abiding, responsible citizens who can achieve success in whatever career they want to pursue later in life. High school students that attend a military academy are prepared for college and vocational careers so that they can have different options.

Students who want to go on to college are usually accepted as they tick all the boxes on the admission requirements of the college they are interested in. This is because students are developed in every area of academics, involved in extracurricular and community activities, and are equipped with job skills which are qualities that colleges want in aspirants.

If you are interested in applying to one of the military boarding schools in Wyoming, there are admission requirements that you must meet. We have gathered these requirements and listed them below to make your admission easy.


Admission Requirements Into Military Boarding Schools in Wyoming

Applicants who are interested in applying for any of the military academies in Wyoming should ensure to meet the following requirements in order to be considered for admission.

  1. You must have applied for admission at the school in an academic degree program of your choosing.
  2. Applicants must have received a letter of admission into the school to be eligible to apply for the ROTC program.
  3. Applicants must be within the required age range that the military academy or program accepts. The typical age is 17 years old to 24 years old.
  4. Must be a resident of Wyoming and a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident
  5. Applicant should be free of felony charges and no pending court proceedings
  6. Physical and mental capability to participate in the program
  7. Should be free from the use of illegal drugs or other substances
  8. Complete then submit all supporting documents such as application form, transcripts from other schools attended, recommendation and reference letters, etc. as required by your preferred school.
  9. Pay the application fee, if required

How Much Does Military School Cost in Wyoming?

Typically, public chartered military schools cost zero fees to attend while the private ones can be costly to attend ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 per year. This also applies to the military academies in Wyoming.

At the college level, that is when you are in college and enroll in an ROTC program, you can study for free (scholarship) or get reduced tuition. But in this case, you will become enlisted into the military immediately after your graduation.

Must I Become A Soldier If I Attend A Military Boarding School in Wyoming?

When you graduate from a military boarding school in Wyoming, which is typically high school, you can go on to pursue any career interest you are interested including applying for college. You mustn’t become a soldier because you graduated from a military boarding school.

But at the college level, acceptance into an ROTC program at one of the universities in Virginia makes you obligated to get commissioned in the military service.

What Is The Age Requirement For Military School In Wyoming?

The military boarding schools in Wyoming accept students from grades K-12 but only students in grades 8 or 9 through 12 – depending on the school – get to be boarders while the others have to be day students.

For the military programs provided in college like the ROTC then the applicant must be at least 17 years old to apply.

Military Boarding Schools in Wyoming

  • Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy
  • Community College of the Air Force
  • The University of Wyoming Army ROTC

1.      Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy

On our first list of military boarding schools in Wyoming is the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy. It is a safe, discipline, and professional learning environment for students aged 16-18. The academy improves the educational level and employment potential of cadets to make them responsible productive citizens of their respective communities and the state at large.

The academy uses a military-style education to train and develop cadets. It is a military academy operated under the oversight of the Wyoming Military Department. The program is free of charge and all tuition and fees are paid by the state and federal governments. Application is done online, you simply need to input your personal details which will be assessed by the admissions office.

School Website Link

2.      Community College of the Air Force

The Community College of the Air Force is affiliated with Air University and is located in Wyoming. Only students who have completed high school or are in their final years in high school can apply here at the CCAF. At the college, you get to pursue an academic program of your choosing while training and developing to become an officer in the US Air Force.

CCAF offers degrees, certificates, associate-to-baccalaureate cooperative, the general education mobile, and online learning. All these are paths you can choose to meet your educational goals. Each of these paths has different admission requirements which you must meet to get considered for admission.

School Website Link

3.      The University of Wyoming Army ROTC

The University of Wyoming was established in 1886 as a public land-grant research university in Laramie, Wyoming. A wide range of academic programs in disciplines such as health care, engineering, humanities, and many more to students in undergraduate and postgraduate study levels.

The university houses a comprehensive Army Reserve Officer Training Corps unit known as the Cowboy Battalion. Students who join the program are called Cadets and they will complete a curriculum of leadership training while pursuing an academic degree program. When you graduate, you can either decide to commission into the US Army or pursue other careers, there is no obligation to join the Army.

Cadets who want to enlist in the Army will be on scholarship and get commissioned as Second Lieutenant when they graduate. To join the Army ROTC program at the University of Wyoming you must have applied into an academic degree program in order to be eligible.

School Website Link

There aren’t many military boarding schools in Wyoming, these are the only ones available. Other US state such as Virginia has as many as 10 so what you should do is add them all to a list and make your choice of the school that suits you best. Whether you want to enroll in a military academy or the ROTC program of a particular institution in the US this post will help you and if you don’t see what you’re seeking, then check the recommendations below for further options.