Cost of Masters in Canada for International Students

As a prospective student, here is the full cost of masters in Canada for international students that you should expect on average should you moving to Canada soon for your master’s degree studies.

Everything about Canada speaks quality and affordability, maybe it’s reason enough for the high influx of international students every year into the country.

Canada’s education system is considered one of the best worldwide. Canadian degrees are recognized anywhere in the world and students who graduate from Canadian universities are given fair opportunities in their different career paths; in some cases even more than other graduates who may be from an entirely different country.


About Masters in Canada for International Students

Every year, thousands, if not millions of students around the world apply to pursue a Bachelor’s or postgraduate degree in Canada. Applying for a Bachelor’s degree might not be as expensive as the cost of applying for a Master’s in Canada for international students but you will definitely spend more for a bachelor’s degree than for a masters degree.

However, the system favours Canadian students more than international students when it comes to expenses, but that is not to say that international students are not open to opportunities to help them obtain financial supports and awards.

There are many schools to consider if you’re choosing a school for a Master’s degree in Canada. Canada has more than 125 public and private universities for domestic and international students, so, sometimes it could even be a difficult task to make a decision on which school to choose from the myriad of schools in Canada.

For calculating the cost of masters in Canada for international students, the school of choice is usually a strong factor to consider alongside the course or program of choice.

You can check out these Canadian Universities here to find details about each of them that will certainly help you greatly in making your choice of school.

When you must have made up your mind on the school to choose from, you may have to sit down and consider the cost. There will be a lot of bills to foot ranging from:

  • Housing
  • Public transportation
  • Food
  • Books and all study-related supplies.

Tuition fees in Canada differ from region to region and university to university too as the case may be.

Sometimes tuition can stretch with a $5000 difference between schools but not to worry, there are scholarships available for international and domestic students in almost all the universities across Canada to cover some of these fees.

The scholarship opportunities are not guaranteed for all students but they come in handy when needed, won or deserved.

You may want to know, is it costly for international students to study in Canada? Well, the tuition fee in Canada is generally lower than in some other countries like Australia, UK, USA and more.

Even though the cost of living in Canada might be a bit above average but then a high quality of living is guaranteed. Sources have revealed estimates for some areas in Canada because the cost of living is not the same every time.

To study in Canada, you may have to spend on the basic things as listed above but then you should first of all get a student permit which costs about 150 EUR, you should apply for it before you travel.

For the purpose of clarity, you have to note that you need to provide some documents for a student permit application. These documents include;

  • An acceptance letter from your university of choice.
  • Valid passport or travel document
  • Documents that show you can financially support yourself in Canada.

Cost of Masters in Canada for International Students

Several readers on this platform have asked to know how much it costs on average for a Master’s degree in Canada and this section is going to answer this question straight.

Average Expenses for Masters in Canada

Statistics show that students require on average, between $20,000 – $50,000 CAD annually to cover schooling expenses for Master’s in Canada. This estimate covers, full school fees, housing fees, transportation, feeding and other personal expenses.

If you want to study in Canada, you need to incorporate all likely costs while planning so as to have in mind what to expect. Even though there are claims that the cost of living in Canada is averagely high, it is still about 2% lower than that of the USA.

Average Tuition Fees for Masters in Canada

For tuition fees alone, you should expect a price range between $2000 to $35,000 as an international student depending on your choice of school and program.

For example, at the University of British Columbia, there are some masters programs with tuition fees below $2,000 and yet in the same school, tuition fee is as high as up to $50,000 for some other programs.

Generally, the cost of a master’s degree in Canada is very costly in the fields of Law, Business and some health courses. You will probably find some of the cheapest tuition fees for masters in Canada in the field of arts.

Average Cost of Transport for International Students in Canada

For transportation just within your province, you should budget about $100 CAD monthly. If you are someone who travels more often, you should be sure to budget a higher amount so you don’t have to trek distances beyond your imagination by emergency or put your into the budget for another basic issue to service your transport expenses.

Average Cost for Feeding in Canada for International Students

As an international student, you certainly have no garden to pluck some fruits, vegetables or maybe tomatoes to make your meal, you will have to get everything from the market if you want to prepare your meal by yourself or visit a restaurant.

You should budget between $350 to $1000 CAD for feeding monthly depending on your feeding habit, choice of meal and style.

Average Accommodation Cost for Masters in Canada

There are so many housing options to choose from in Canada and at a diverse price range and as an international student who is in Canada for a masters degree program that will in most cases take just about two years to complete, you can choose a less costly housing option to save cost.

The university hostels have different price ranges based on the locations, furnishings and number of persons per room, But however it is, university campuses are where you get the cheapest housing option as an international student.

Some students pay as low as $250 – $625 CAD per month in some areas while some pay up to $400 – $800 CAD per month. A studio/one-room apartment can cost over 1000 CAD/month and this is not a fair option for an international student trying to save cost.

For total living expenses, Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa are among the cheapest provinces for international students in Canada. You should be expecting an average monthly expenses of between $1000 – $1,500 in these places, unlike Calgary where living expenses can rise up to $2000 per month.

Average Cost for Other Necessary Expenses

Normally, these fees depend on the location and facilities. Other expenses that come with accommodation include internet and basic utilities like electricity, water, garbage disposal, heating and more which you should budget between $150 to $200 for.

Your lifestyle will determine how much your budget for fashion, clothing and accessories monthly or maybe quarterly.

If you are the party type, this will incur more expenses and you should put your pocket money into consideration when budgeting for stuffs like this.

Again you have to be careful so you don’t get yourself into trouble. Troubles come with their own expenses and they are usually unexpected expenses.

Lastly, always make sure you are left with some spare money after your monthly budget. this will help you to take care of emergencies.


Studying abroad is something we advocate for, for students who want to truly explore widely the beauty of education.

There are many benefits of studying outside your home country and this can not be overemphasized. We created this article to put together in a place the average cost of masters in Canada for international students so that we can easily direct students who want to go for a master’s degree in Canada here to have a sneak peek of what they are to expect.


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