7 Cultural Event Ideas For College Students

Cultural events in college help students create networks, learn and embrace other cultures, enhance their social skills, and give them a break from schoolwork. This blog post curates a list of cultural event ideas you can organize for college students if you are part of an event planning committee in college.

A college is a place where you build different kinds of skills, create connections and opportunities, gain knowledge, and learn other things that are outside your horizon. Lectures, lab-works, hands-on practicals, seminars, social events, etc. are activities that allow college students to develop the necessary skills they need to become their own person when they graduate school.

Social college events ready students for life outside the school just as well as coursework and practicals do. Thanks to these events, students get to cool off after a long week, month, or semester of lectures, practicals, projects, tests, or examinations. It brings enthusiasm among the students and a new vibrancy to the campus which puts a lot of happiness and joy to students, lecturers, professors, and every other college authority.

Yes, you will do a lot of studying as a college student but there are equally fun activities that balance out the stressful school work. And as I mentioned earlier, these events play a vital role in the social life of a student which equips them with skills that comes in handy when seeking employment.

Setting up college events is no easy task, it involves a lot of planning, creativity, and energy. If you are planning one for your department or you are a member of a committee, group, or society and want to plan an event for students in your college, this blog post will give you a number of ideas that you and your team can implement.

This blog post will be of greater help to you if what you have planned is a cultural-themed event as I have put together a list of cultural event ideas for college students that can make your event stand out. These cultural events discussed here are sure to boost engagement and attendance among the students.

Aside from cultural events, you may also consider organizing skill development activities and motivational activities for students, especially if you are a college professor seeking to equip your students with relevant life skills.

Before we get into the main topic, let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages that cultural events present to college students.

Why Participating In Cultural Events Is Good For Students

Maybe you probably don’t see a reason why you should be participating in college cultural-themed events, the list below may change your mind.

  • Participating in cultural activities in college gives you the opportunity to develop skills beyond reading and writing.
  • It is a fun way to learn about other cultures, gain more understanding about yours, and understand diversity and move to embrace them.
  • It presents an opportunity for interaction among students. You will know other students in your department and in your university.
  • It gives young people a chance to develop their social skills and other important life skills.
  • Such activities boost students’ confidence levels and help them perform better academically.
  • During cultural events in college, students learn where each other comes from and create a network of friends from different parts of the world.

There is no end to knowledge and where you can gain them, participating in cultural events as a college event will open you up to a whole new world.

Having said that, let’s dive into the main topic.

cultural event ideas for college students

Cultural Event Ideas For College Students

Here are cultural event ideas you can organize for college students:

  • Student Farmer’s Market
  • Gallery Crawls
  • Food Fest
  • Clothing Swaps
  • Costume Parties
  • Comic Con
  • City and Museum Tours

1.     Student Farmer’s Market

Student farmer’s market presents an opportunity for college students, who by the way are known for eating unhealthy, get to buy fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and ingredients. It also presents an opportunity for students to learn about indigenous foods and even get to eat them during this event.

They learn the food of other cultures, share recipes on how to make indigenous dishes, and connect with other cultures.

2.     Gallery Crawls

Do you know how a bar crawl involves going out to a few bars and having different drinks? Well, this version, gallery crawl, involves organizing students to visit different galleries to see all kinds of art, sculptures, and pictures. This kind of event boosts cultural knowledge as students get to see arts of different cultures and even those that are indigenous to them.

3.     Food Fest

Asides from sports, food is the next thing that easily brings students together. Organizing a culture-themed food fest would be a big bang in college. Set up the event in such a way that each student will bring food that is indigenous to them and share or swap with others. This may also include cooking recipes that they can share with each other.

While eating, students can talk to each other about the food, what is used in cooking it, how it is cooked, how it should be eaten, and how the food originated or came into their country or culture. Food fest in college can boost cultural knowledge among students and gain a deeper understanding of different customs relating to food.

4.     Clothing Swaps

Here is another cultural event in college that will boost attendance and college amongst students. Clothing Swaps is a social event whereby students come with their indigenous clothing or clothing materials and swap with each other. To boost cultural-fashion knowledge, students may also dress in their indigenous ways and talk to each other about the origin of their dress, the clothing materials, where the materials come from, how it is made, and stuff like that.

Aside from boosting cultural knowledge related to fashion, this event will also enhance students’ fashion sense and knowledge, inspire creativity in them, and give them a whole new outlook on fashion.

5.     Costume Parties

Costume parties, like Halloween, are usually fun and you can organize one for college students whether it is Halloween or not. Encourage students to dress up in their indigenous costume attires and since colleges have hundreds of students from different nationalities it would be a fun and eye-opening event for every student to witness the costume of other indigenous tribes.

Aside from promoting cultural awareness and knowledge, this event will boost self-confidence and high self-esteem among students.

6.     Comic Con

Comics, manga, anime, etc. are becoming a universal cultural event and you can host one in your college. You never know the thousands of students that are waiting for such an event to hold. Students will attend the event dressed as their favorite fictional character, take pictures, swap and recommend comics, anime, or manga to one another, and create connections.

7.     City and Museum Tours

Who would reject an invitation to take a tour of the city where they are studying? This is one of the cultural event ideas for college students that will boost attendance and engagement, especially among freshmen. Organize city and museum tours for students to learn about the city where their college is located.

Visiting museums and other sites in that city will help them understand the culture of the locals and help them relate better.

Organizing cultural events for college students will instill in your leadership skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, event planning skills, and teamwork which will look great on your resume. These cultural events will also help in supporting local businesses and contribute to the economic development of that city.