10 Cheapest Colleges In British Columbia For International Students 

Are you a non-immigrant visitor in search of a not-too-expensive college in British Columbia? Then you are at the right place. I have narrowed your search to the cheapest colleges in British Columbia for international students. Keep reading!!

British Columbia is well-known for its beautiful parkland, which has a variety of enjoyable outdoor activities and a vibrant cultural scene. It has served as a tourist sight for International students that are looking to study here. 

There are so many affordable colleges in this city that foreign students might consider favorable due to how Canada has been leading as the top immigration-friendly country for international students. 

As a foreign student studying under the British Columbia college program, there are a lot of benefits that await you, first students graduating from college programs are entitled to apply for a permanent career in the residence of Canada, also there are universities with free tuition fees for international students to apply for. 

Colleges and Universities within British Columbia all offer quality education, and courses offered in the schools vary not in the range of students’ choice but in their performance during the schools’ entrance examination. 

It is required for foreign students to see the prerequisite for studying in the school and do their best to get in close contact with immigration consultants for easy processing of their application and all the necessary information they will be needing as first-time students in a foreign country. 

Cheapest Colleges In British Columbia For International Students
Cheapest Colleges In British Columbia For International Students

Cheapest Colleges In British Columbia For International Students

In this section, I will make a list of all the cheapest colleges in British Columbia for international students. I will also do well to give detailed information regarding why you should go to these schools to help you make a smart decision. 

  • Emily Carr University Of Art and Design
  • Vancouver Community College
  • Langara College
  • Northern Lights College
  • Camosun College
  • Selkirk College
  • College Of New Caledonia
  • College Of The Rockies Cranbrook Campus 
  • Okanagan College
  • Douglass College

1. Emily Carr University of Art and Design

International Tuition Fee: Approximately $24,936 per year (or $99,745 for a four-year degree)

Domestic Tuition Fee: Approximately $5,579 per year (or $22,316 for a four-year degree)

Emily Carr University of Art and Design doesn’t just provide affordable tuition for both their domestic and international students, they also merge studio practice, research, and critical theory in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment. Furthermore, they provide Financial Aid + Awards to both undergraduate and graduate students to help them reduce their fees even further.

2. Vancouver Community College

International Tuition Fee: CAD 14,184 – CAD 19,837

Vancouver Community College is among the cheapest colleges In British Columbia for international students that accept lots of foreign students from different countries. The school has approximately 500 international students from 134 countries, and 97% of its students are satisfied with the quality of instruction.

3. Langara College

International Tuition Fee: $530 per credit

Besides being among the affordable universities In British Columbia for foreign students, Langara College is one of BC’s leading undergraduate institutions providing University Studies, Career Studies, and Continuing Studies programs and courses to more than 23,000 students annually.

The school also has 257 foreign students representing 103 different countries studying in the school.

4. Northern Lights College

International Tuition Fee: $15,013

Northern Lights College’s programs are designed to provide you with the opportunity to obtain the necessary classroom education and supplement that will provide hands-on opportunities to make the successful transition from student to employee. In addition, the school doesn’t provide a bachelor’s degree, but a certificate, diploma, or associate degree program.

5. Camosun College

International Tuition Fee: $15,000

Camosun College easily earns its spot on our list of cheapest colleges In British Columbia for international students Due to their learning cost and belief. They believe that ‘doing’ is the best way to build the skills you’ll need to keep a step ahead in the ever-evolving world of work. 

That’s why over 85% of their courses and programs include experiential education and applied learning opportunities. 

6. Selkirk College

International Tuition Fee: $ 7,560

Selkirk College is known as a college that brings out a student’s potential with the help of its supportive educators that put in all their efforts to ensure the maximum growth of the students. 

It’s among one of the colleges that are recognized internationally, very affordable offering students a comprehensive learning service in a small size classroom for easy interaction with their teachers. 

7. College Of New Caledonia

International Tuition Fee: $7,429

This college offers an extensive variety of careers in programs such as; health sciences, human services, community and continuing education, technologies, trades, industry, etc. 

International students apply for programs through the school’s International education programs and are expected to meet up with the school admission requirements. 

8. College Of The Rockies Cranbrook Campus 

International Tuition Fee: $ 7,440

This college is among the most affordable colleges in British Columbia for both in-state students and international students. It has a main campus in Cranbrook, students are taught in smaller class sizes with up-to-date technology, personalized instructors/staff that are homely, having a strong determination to ensure that students attain a great level of academic success. The college offers a variety of academic programs ranging from accounting, adventure tourism, business operations, an associate of arts, an associate of science/ environmental science, etc. 

9. Okanagan College

International Tuition Fee: $ 7,550

This college is also among one of the economic schools in British Columbia that is much more favorable to both International students and in-state students ensuring they provide them with quality education to help them attain their academic goals. 

They offer a variety of college programs for students irrespective of their course of choice. 

10. Douglass College

International Tuition Fee: $8,500

Douglass is an affordable college that would favor both international and in-state students studying in British Columbia. They ensure that their students are not just well educated but go further to build strong confidence in them, instilling into them listening skills and determination to achieve greater goals. 

There are program courses in this school ranging from science programs to arts and global studies. 


Lastly, I will advise all International students that they carefully study the list, know the requirements and do well to qualify. Good luck. 

Is British Columbia affordable for international students?

The quick answer is yes, especially when compared with other provinces and countries, but the longer answer still depends on your financial capacity. That’s why there are scholarships to help you out.

Which is the cheapest college in BC Canada?

Okanagan College is currently the cheapest college in British Columbia