10 Best Books To Read Online For Kids

Have you been in search of books online for your toddlers at home? In this article, I have narrowed your search to only the best books to read online for kids to help give your child an amazing reading experience. 

Reading involves decoding symbols and recognizing words in order to aid comprehension. There is a popular saying that children who grow up in homes where there are lots of books are more likely to have higher reading comprehension and better mathematical skills.

For a child to get to a certain height in their academics that’s where parenting comes in and it sometimes can be seen as a very tedious job to do, due to all the work they put, Into raising a child. 

Aside from the fact that reading is an activity that helps build a child’s level of understanding, parents must guide their children on the right kind of books to read. I’m still very grateful for technology. Now we are opportune to look into a variety of books online for our kids while they are still neutered even when they have gained enough confidence. You can check out guides to download PDFs for free if you are looking for books to read online for kids. 

What Kind Of Books Should You Read For Kids

Even as kids, we are what we read and as parents, we must get it right at the first stage of building a reading culture for our children. You come online and see a variety of free ebook sites and get confused about which to choose. 

While we are concerned about our children’s reading culture, the major aim is to ensure that they start enjoying reading by sometimes making provisions for exciting stories with startling characters. 

Below is a list of the kind of books to read to kids

  • Go for books that kids can easily relate to, even when they are stories about imaginary worlds yet convey features that are familiar to their environment. 
  • Avoid books you find interesting but rather, choose books they will find fascinating. 
  • Use the five-finger rule to help them encounter words to build their vocabulary. 
  • Search online or ask your child’s tutor for popular trending kids’ books. 
  • Go for books that have moral lessons to teach your kids. 
  • Avoid books that are difficult to read so they don’t start losing interest. 

Benefits Of Reading Books To Kids

Reading to kids at an early stage in life contributes to their success both at school and in every area of their lives. The list below is a few benefits of reading to kids, go through them carefully. 

  • Reading to kids helps in improving their expressiveness. 
  • It helps prepare them for academic excellence. 
  • Reading books helps build children’s creativity through imagination. 
  • Parents who read to their kids tend to connect better with them. 
  • Kids who have cultivated a reading habit over a long time tend to possess an endless love for reading. 

Website To Read Online Books For Kids

The Internet has made reading books free and easily accessible. High school students too don’t even have to worry anymore about not being able to buy school textbooks as there are tons of free books that can be easily accessed online. They are also sites where free illegal ebooks can be downloaded with the snap of a finger.

Here are a few websites to read online books for kids;

  • International children digital library 
  • Read.gov
  • Storyplace
  • Oxford owl
  • Free kids books
  • Open Library 
Books To Read Online For Kids
Books To Read Online For Kids

Best Book To Read Online For Kids

There are lots of books kids can read online, but one of the questions is, is it right for them, so what we’ll buy are not just books they will love, but appropriate books.

  • Boom Snot Twitty
  • Boys are wonderful 
  • The girl became a warrior
  • Winnie the pooh
  • Diary of a 5th-grade outlet
  • Unicorn island
  • Ivy + Bean
  • Thumbelina
  • The Jungle book
  • Where the wild things are

1. Boom Snot Twitty

This book was made specially for 3-5-year-old kids and was written by one of our favorite children’s book authors, Doreen Cronin. One of the reasons I love this book is its simplicity and sweetness. It is never boring from the beginning till the end, and the best part is that it has a lot of bigger lessons.

The way it uses three good friends; Snot the Snail, Boom the Bear, and Twitty the Bird to illustrate their response while faced with adversity is so appealing.

2. Boys Are Wonderful

This is another best book to read online for kids that are well-rated on Amazon and are #1 best seller. it was created from a church perspective. 

It’s not all about the rating that got me interested in the book, but what it teaches to our young boys. One of the reasons I love this book is because it motivates young boys to be courageous, strengthen and have self-awareness.

Where we now live in a world where self-pity is so much promoted, it’s not just important (but also needful) to make boys more intentional with their decisions.  

3. The Girl Who Became A Warrior – Sheena Meyer

This book is not necessarily for very tender kids, it’s best for girls from 12 – 15 years written by L. B. Anne, who’s the author of the Amazon best-selling Sheena Meyer series.  There are a lot of moral lessons to pick from this book, it teaches about self-discovery, bravery, and a fight against evil. 

4. Winnie The Pooh By A.A Miln

This book is among the best books to read online for kids. It’s a story about a bear that lives in the forest with his friends but has a strong love for honey. I love how the writer made the story very related to both kids and adults. 

A major reason I love this book is how it encourages pure friendship with unbreakable bonds. There are so many adventurous journeys to encounter during the course of reading this book. 

5. Diary Of A 5th Grade Outlaw By Gina Loveless, Andrea Bell. 

This story is a free book you can find online about friendship, loss, courage, etc. It’s mostly for girl children between the age of 6-12 and it’s very much relatable featuring scenes that talk about how growing up can be adventurous. 

6. Unicorn Island By Donna Galanti

The Unicorn Island is an exciting free online story for kids, it featured scenes of a grumpy uncle and a young girl who had lots of adventure discovering mythical beasts and darker dangers in a boring town far away from her home. 

7. Ivy + Bean By Annie Barrows

Ivy + Bean is among the free books online that every kid will enjoy while reading, it’s a story about friendship, and family and it also explains how we find love from people we least expect. 

Friendship book series are usually filled with vibrant characters, they can sometimes make kids grow addicted to similar genres and are comical. 

8 Thumbelina By Hans Christian Andersen, Tom Roberts. 

This story is among the best online books for kids, it helps kids to explore an imaginary world they can easily relate to while they build their creative skills in the process. It’s a tale about a couple that was miraculously blessed with a not-so-ordinary girl child after several years of seeking a child, their child had so much adventurous experiences before she found happiness. 

9. The Jungle Book By Rudyard Kipling’s

I highly recommend this book for every child and young adult, it’s a story that has a lot to teach about the connection between humans and animals. 

An adventurous yet relatable story about a boy that grew up in the jungle among wolves, the book featured scenes of abandonment, survival, victory, and freedom. It encourages young children of the importance of respect, obedience, and knowing one’s place in the jungle. 

10. Where The Wild Things Are By Maurice Sendak. 

This is among the best online free books that help to build children’s creativity through imagination. The story centers around a young boy who after being sent to go to bed without his supper got a lot of motivation to build his own kingdom through imagination where he made himself king and had control over everyone. 


The list of free books to read online for kids is endless, but I have taken out time in listing the best book to get started with the hope that your child gets the best reading experience.