How To Download Any Book PDF For Free

If you are finding it difficult to download a PDF online then you have stumbled upon a solution. This blog post will walk you through how to download any book PDF for free and also provide you with a list of sites you can legally download an e-book for free. Let’s dive in…

Personally, I find it relieving that I do not have to carry paper books everywhere I go, especially as a college student and a huge fan of novels combined. If you fall into one or both categories then you understand what I’m driving at. Thanks to the invention of electronic books (e-books), any book I want, no matter how many, can have all the space it wants on my smartphone and PC.

And how do I get these books?

Easy peasy!

I simply head to websites for free college PDF textbooks or free e-book websites and download or read novels, textbooks, journals, articles, and research papers that fit into my course or the topic I want to work on or read about. Yes, there are websites like these and they aren’t just meant for students alone but also for business professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, medical personnel, avid readers, lawyers, etc. to find all kinds of books for their personal development and enjoyment.

Thanks to these websites everyone can find a book of their choice without paying a dime. Like, there are free medical books you can download online if you are in the medical field and also Islamic books to read online for free for the religious ones.

PDFs are a life-saver from carrying books around and also give one the advantage to have access to their books anywhere anytime without hassle. And some of them you can get for free – the true icing on the cake – but you have to be careful not to download pirated copies from an illegal e-book website and get into trouble with the law.

Now, if you have been looking for the PDF of a book you’ve always wanted to download for the longest time but do not know how to, this article will solve your problem. The purpose of this article is to guide you through how to download any book PDF for free and also recommend sites to read free books online or download them, depending on how you want it.

Can I Download An E-book With My Phone For Free?

Yes, you can make use of your smartphone with a data or Wi-Fi connection to download an e-book.

What Are The Dangers Of Downloading Free E-books Online?

Downloading a free e-book online becomes dangerous when it is a pirated copy because by doing this, you have breached the Copyright Law which could land you in serious legal issues. You may either face jail time or pay a fine or both. This is why you need to avoid sites with pirated books like Torlock, Ebookee, and Bookos. Rather download from legal sites like Project Gutenberg, Many Books, Wattpad, and Internet Archive.

Another danger in downloading a free e-book is that you risk downloading malware, virus, or spyware into your device thinking it is an e-book you just downloaded. And you already know what happens when any of these gets into your device.

Are Books Downloaded Online For Free Pirated Copies?

Not all free e-books are pirated which is why you need to download them from trusted websites and avoid illegal websites. Some e-books are free to download or read online either because the copyright has expired or the author has given their consent for websites to upload and share them.

Can A Free E-book Download Site Steal Sensitive Information From My Phone?

Yes, a free e-book download site can inject malware or spyware into your phone via the e-book you download and steal sensitive information from your device. This is one of the reasons to avoid downloading pirated books or visiting sites with pirated e-books.

download any book PDF for free

How To Download Any Book PDF For Free

Firstly, to download any book PDF for free you need to have a site which you will be downloading the e-book from. Not just any site but a legal one that does not offer pirated copies that will get you in trouble with the law.

The top 7 websites to download any book PDF for free are:

  • Project Gutenberg
  • ManyBooks
  • Open Library
  • Internet Archive
  • Bookboon
  • Bookrix
  • Wattpad

Some of these websites require you to sign up for an account before you can have access to the contents while others do not require sign up. So, when you get to your preferred website to download the PDF, you may search for the book you want if you have a specific one in mind or go to the “categories” section and pick one.

Click on the book you want to download and look around for the “download” button, you can’t miss it. Click download and your PDF will start downloading instantly. Of course, a data or Wi-Fi connection is required for all of these to happen starting from visiting the site to downloading the free PDF.

Free Ebook Download Sites For Mobile

You can download free e-books on your smartphone from any of the following sites:

  • LibriVox
  • International Children’s Digital Library
  • ManyBooks
  • Bookboon
  • Read Any Book
  • Project Gutenberg
  • Library Genesis
  • Feedbooks
  • Internet Archive

Free Ebook Download Sites For PC

The following websites are best for PC users to download free e-books:

  • Obooko
  • Scribd
  • Feedbooks
  • Project Gutenberg
  • Centsless Books
  • Overdrive
  • Library Genesis
  • PDF Books World
  • eBookLobby
  • Free Computer Books
  • Amazon Free Kindle Books
  • Internet Archive
  • Google eBookstore

With the information here, you now know how to download any book PDF for free and the right websites to download from and avoid pirated books at all costs.