10 Sites To Read Free Books Online Without Downloading

You don’t have to download a book online before reading them, there are websites where you can just read a book online without downloading them. In this blog post, I have uncovered a number of these sites to read free books online without downloading them.

Some people find it stressful to download a book before being able to read it. They just want to start reading it off their browser without downloading it. If you are among these types of people then you will find this article most useful. And for those who never knew that something like this exists, well, you’re welcome because henceforth, you won’t have to download a book before reading.

This is a service that is offered by a few websites, and yes, they are legal. These websites have hundreds of books that allow you to legally read them for free without downloading them. However, some sites have features to either download and then read or not to download but just read it off your browser, then you can choose which one you want to do.

Also, since they are free, that means no charges whatsoever, aside from using your mobile data. And, again, yes, they are legal. These sites to read free books online without downloading offer varieties of books on a wide range of genres. While some of the sites specialize in free online comics and novels, other sites are for free college PDF textbooks.

There are also a few of them, about a handful though, that encompass all of the above.

Benefits Of Reading Books Online Without Downloading Them

There are already enough advantages that come with e-books but are there any benefits that come with reading books online without downloading them? Let’s find out together…

I personally think that one of the biggest benefits of reading books online directly from the browser is the management of storage space. Since you aren’t downloading the e-book, then it won’t take up any storage space on your device and this is most crucial when you seem to be running out of space and suddenly stumble upon a series of e-books you’ve been looking for in a long time.

In a case like this, reading directly from the browser pays off. And you can just save it to your bookmarks on the browser so you can access it whenever and wherever you want.

Another benefit is that it saves time or stress, for some people, of downloading the e-book. Many readers prefer not to download an e-book if they can, which offers them the convenience they seek. Another perk is that you may not need to go through the tedious task of creating an account on these sites where you can read books for free without downloading.

Signing up for an account can be tiring most times, you just want to get the info that you need and be on your way within a short time. Most of these sites where you can download free e-books offer you the convenience to get the book you want and be on your way in a matter of minutes.

       What Kind Of Books Can I Read Online Without Downloading?

The kind of e-book you can read without downloading cuts across various genres from marvel comics and religious books to novels and student books. There is a wide range for you.

Is It Illegal To Read Books Online For Free Without Downloading Them?

No, it is not illegal to read books online for free without downloading them. It is simply a service or feature offered by online libraries where you can get a variety of e-books.

Requirements To Read Books Online For Free Without Downloading Them

These requirements include what you already have and using it right now to read this article. They include;

  • Smartphone/laptop/tablet/iPad
  • Mobile data or Wi-fi connection
  • The free website where you need to read the book
read free books online without downloading

10 Sites To Read Free Books Online Without Downloading

Curated here are the free sites where you can read books online without downloading them.

  • Project Gutenberg
  • Bookboon
  • Google Books
  • Internet Archive
  • Free-Ebooks.net
  • Wattpad
  • Bookrix
  • ManyBooks
  • International Children’s Digital Library
  • Read Any Book

1.     Project Gutenberg

If you are familiar with e-books then you must know Project Gutenberg. It is among the most popular and largest online book libraries consisting of e-books across a wide range of genres. The site allows you to read any book of your choosing for free without downloading them and one of the perks is that the site is incredibly easy to use.

No need for registration – which is also another perk – and no special app is required to read books on Project Gutenberg. You can browse for a book by author, title, language, type, popularity, etc. making it easy for readers to quickly find a book of their choice.

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2.     Bookboon

Bookboon is a popular site among college students and working professionals. It is a large online book library focused on textbooks, self-development, and business books that you can read directly from the site without downloading them. These books are written by professionals from top universities and organizations from different parts of the world to help make high-quality books easily accessible to those who need them.

Unlike Project Gutenberg, you have to register for an account on Bookboon to get access to the book library. Users can either search for the book they want or go to the categories section and pick out a book to read.

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3.     Google Books

Google Books is basically the Google search engine you know but in this case, you only search for books. So, whatever book you’ve been searching for for a long time and you just can’t find on any site, then you should search for it on Google Books, the search engine dedicated to books.

When you search for a book on Google Books there will be results matching your search and you can just easily click on it and gain access to the book. You may even read the preview of the book to ensure it’s the right one before going ahead to select it. Google Books is easy to use and fast.

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4.     Internet Archive

This website, Internet Archive, is just a befitting name for this site because it is exactly what it is. The site contains millions of books, videos, software, images, and audio. There’s basically everything on the internet on this platform and it’s no joke. The book library aspect provides millions of free books you can read online without downloading or signing up for an account.

The books cover a wide range of fields, there are college textbooks, a K 12 student library, and other collections. To start reading, you may either search for a book or go to “collections” and select one. Click on the book and start reading.

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5.     Free-Ebooks.net

From the name of this website you already know what to expect, yes, the books there are free to read but there’s even more. Free-Ebooks.net has a wide range of e-books that covers almost every category such as tech, business, science, education, engineering, law, health, and many others. There are also novels both fiction and non-fiction alike across various genres including romance, mystery, and horror.

You can either search for a book or browse the categories to pick a book of your choosing. College students, high school pupils, and business people will find this site useful. However, to gain access you will need to sign up for an account.

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6.     Wattpad

Wattpad was the first platform I discovered when I newly started reading novels online. I like that I could just open the app, scroll through, pick a book and start reading it online without having to download it first. This made the platform very popular and there were so many interesting novels to read in a wide range of genres.

We cannot discuss sites to read free books online without downloading and not including Wattpad. One of the perks of the platform is that it is easy to use and has millions of great books for your reading pleasure.

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7.     Bookrix

I discovered Bookrix while researching this blog post and I tell you from first-time experience that it is simply amazing. In less than 2 minutes I got a free book to read online without downloading and it is super easy. I opened the website, clicked on “books” and instantly gained access to nearly 10,000 books to read for free without signing up.

The site allows readers to search for a book in the language they want in a wide range of categories such as history, medicine, fiction, travel, horror, essay, cooking, bibles, art, computers, architecture, and so much more. Each e-book on Bookrix has a preview directly beneath it with the genre, language, number of words, and age that can read it. When you select a book, you can either read it online or download it.

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8.     ManyBooks

ManyBooks has over 50,000 books that you can read online for free without downloading but there is also a download feature for those who want to. The platform has a wide variety of books on fantasy, romance, science fiction, non-fiction, horror, children’s, mystery & thriller, action & adventure, biographies & history, literary fiction, and many more.

Even college students will find books here that will help them learn better especially art students. Users can search for books on ManyBooks by title, author, or keyword. Also, it is easy to use.

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9.     International Children’s Digital Library

Parents and older siblings looking for a site where their kids or younger ones can read free children’s books online should make use of the International Children’s Digital Library. Unlike other sites that offer children’s books along with other books which could be 18+, this website is completely for children and they will find it interesting to read from there.

There are nearly 5,000 free books to read from this website in different languages and they are all for kids. So, when you show this website to your kids you don’t have to worry about them checking something else out of curiosity.

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10.  Read Any Book

Read Any Book is another great platform to read books for free without downloading and I also discovered it in the process of researching for this blog post. I saw a book by Prince Harry and the sitcom star, Matthew Perry of Friends, and I read them completely for free on the browser without downloading them or signing up for an account.

There are many other books on the site and I even found one Harry Potter book. You can search for a book either by title or author name and read it instantly without signing up.

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This brings an end to this blog post and I hope they have been useful to you, dear readers. With these sites, you will never have to worry about paying for a book before reading them or downloading a book before reading.