Top 8 Black Pilot Scholarships

If you are black and dream of becoming a pilot, there is a scholarship for you that can help fund your pilot training academy. In this blog post, I have curated a list of black pilot scholarships that you can apply for to help cut down on the cost of your aviation studies. Let’s get started.

The expensive aspect of aviation studies is flight training, that is, for those who want to become pilots. In some cases, it can even cost more than the aviation degree itself. Yes, flight training is costly and, unfortunately, this has killed the dreams of many who aim to become pilots.

According to ATP Flight School, it costs $96,995 to become a pilot when you have no previous experience or $75,995 when you have a Private Pilot License (PPL). While the huge cost involved in becoming a pilot has scared off many potential pilots from pursuing their dream don’t allow it to scare you too. There is hope for you which is presented in this article, keep reading.

I recently published two articles on free pilot training programs and fully sponsored pilot training programs where you will find opportunities that will greatly reduce the cost of your flight training. As you already know, pilot training is costly but the truth is that all of the funds don’t have to come out of your pocket.

There are scholarship opportunities like the ones I cited above and this one on black pilot scholarships that you can get and make your pilot training program much cheaper. Aside from seeking aviation scholarships, you can also seek STEM scholarships or typical scholarships offered by institutions and apply them toward your aviation studies.

These are valuable scholarship tips that can help make your flight training programs much cheaper. Having said that, let’s get into the main topic.

black pilot scholarships

Black Pilot Scholarships

If you are an aspiring pilot who is black, you can freely apply for any of the scholarships listed here.

  • Fantasy Wings Black Pilot Scholarships
  • OBAP Scholarships
  • The Aviation Council of Alabama Scholarships
  • EEA Flight Training Scholarships
  • Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology
  • BPA Scholarships
  • AOPA Foundation Scholarship Program
  • Red Tail Scholarship Foundation

1.     Fantasy Wings Black Pilot Scholarships

Fantasy Wings aims to give black, Asian, and minority people, as well as women, the opportunity to excel in the aviation industry or become pilots. They aim to achieve this through workshops led by professionals, conferences, mentoring, and real flight training.

Aside from this, Fantasy Wings is also offering opportunities to fully sponsor Private Pilot License (PPL) for three lucky students. Note that those who want this sponsorship must be a member of Fantasy Wings and either be black, Asian, a minority ethnic group, or a woman.

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2.     OBAP Scholarships

The Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP) is a popular organization known for supporting minority ethnic groups who want to pursue careers in the aerospace industry. The organization offers scholarships annually to black people who want to become pilots or engineers in the flight sector.

Interested candidates must be US citizens or permanent residents of the US enrolled in a US-based flight training program. They must also be a member of OBAP and meet the requirements of any of the scholarships they want to apply for. Since many scholarships are offered, candidates are encouraged to apply for more than one to increase their chances. If you missed OBAP scholarships in the current year, don’t worry, they would be available the next year.

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3.     The Aviation Council of Alabama Scholarships

Prospective pilots from black backgrounds looking to enter the aviation industry as pilots but cannot fund the huge flight training cost can look into the scholarship offered by the Aviation Council of Alabama. The scholarship is aimed at high school and college-age students in the US state of Alabama who want to pursue careers in the aviation field.

To apply for the scholarships, candidates are requested to complete the application form, submit two letters of recommendation, a school transcript, and a 250-word essay describing their goals, achievements, and financial need.

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4.     EEA Flight Training Scholarships

This flight training scholarship from EEA is not specifically for black people but it is an opportunity that they shouldn’t miss. It is open to individuals from all backgrounds who want to become pilots but cannot fund their training. This scholarship is offering a minimum of $5,000 to recipients of the award to help them find their training and help them achieve their dreams.

Candidates mustn’t be from the US, they can be from any country but the award must be used at a flight training school either in the US or Canada. However, candidates must be at least 16 years of age to apply for this scholarship and they do not need to be a member of EEA. The scholarship is also provided annually.

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5.     Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology

This scholarship is not specifically for pilot training per se but it can be used for it and here’s how. It is a scholarship for black students in scientific or technical fields studying at a Historically Black College or University. Now, since aviation is a scientific or technical field, black students can apply this scholarship fund towards their studies.

To be eligible for the scholarship, candidates must be African-American students pursuing a major in a technical field and they must be US citizens. Applicants are selected based on financial need, recommendations, academic achievement, and a personal essay describing their goals and extracurricular activities.

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6.     BPA Scholarships

Black Pilots of America (BPA) is an organization in the US that aims to train and support black youths looking to enter the aviation industry as pilots thereby increasing the number of black pilots in the industry. BPA has chapters all over the country that interested candidates for the scholarship must be a member of to win the scholarship award.

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7.     AOPA Foundation Scholarship Program

This is one of the black pilot’s scholarships that offers awards from $2,500 to $14,000 for primary flight training, advanced ratings/certification, and aviation maintenance. You must be a member of AOPA and a US citizen or a permanent resident to be eligible for the scholarship.

Applicants must at least 16 years old at the time of application and possess excellent academic achievement.

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8.     Red Tail Scholarship Foundation

Red Tail is a flight academy that also has a scholarship foundation that provides opportunities to succeed for aspiring black pilots. To achieve this, the academy through its foundation provides scholarships, mentorship, and other helpful resources that will help cadets achieve their dream.

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These are the 8 black pilot scholarships but I’d advise you to apply for others. You can also apply for other pilot training scholarships that are for everyone. By doing that, you increase your chances of winning multiple awards that will drastically reduce the cost of your flight training program.

Some of such scholarships are;

  • NGPA scholarship
  • Global Air Aviation Scholarship, and
  • Women in Aviation International Scholarship

Applying for these scholarships will aid your pilot training career.