7 Free Pilot Training Programs

Are there really free pilot training programs? I’m sure that must be what popped into your head upon finding this blog post knowing how expensive flight schools are. Well, there really are free pilot training programs and we have uncovered them in this article. Keep reading…

Growing up, it was the dream of nearly every child in the neighborhood to fly the big white magical bird that we usually see far off in the sky both during the day and at night. Airplanes were fascinating to many as a child and even as adults who now understood the physics behind them, it is still fascinating.

And this fascination was why many kids wanted to become pilots so they can fly this big metallic bird. And while many weren’t able to fulfill this dream, a handful was able to and you must already know the major reason why most weren’t able to pursue that dream. If you guessed lack of finance then you are right.

Pilot training programs and aviation schools, in general, are expensive which must have made the topic of this blog post quite unbelievable. Well, shocking as it may, there really are pilot training programs that you can take for free just as there are also free flight attendant training programs.

The huge cost of pilot training programs has dwindled and even completely terminated the dreams of so many prospective pilots. If you are about to give up, don’t do that yet as there is still hope for you. There are various ways you can go about getting affordable, yet high-quality pilot training.

The first is to source for scholarship opportunities targeted at prospective pilots like the Emirates pilot training scholarship. Another way is to apply for aviation colleges and then apply for scholarships offered by that same college. And finally, you can seek for free programs like the ones discussed in this blog post.

Note that these free pilot training programs are not designed to make you a certified pilot, rather, they are to prepare you for the journey ahead and help you test the waters. You may also take the programs if you are a pilot in training, the courses will give you extra flying tips and equip you with other techniques that were not taught to you in class just like the free online aviation courses.

If you are seeking affordable places to become a pilot, you should look into the aviation schools in the Philippines and also the flight schools in Poland. They offer cheaper options for those who want to become pilots.

Having said that, let’s dive into the topic…

free pilot training programs

Free Pilot Training Programs

Here are pilot training programs and courses that you can take for free. The courses are taught by flight experts and technicians.

  • Understanding Aircraft Marshalling Signals
  • Your First Flying Lesson
  • Understanding the Mach Meter
  • Fly 8ma Free Private Pilot Ground School Pilot Course
  • Crosswind Landings Made Easy
  • Pilot Medicals and BasicMed Explained
  • Pilotinstitute Free Private Pilot Ground School

1.     Understanding Aircraft Marshalling Signals

I don’t know about you but I find aircraft signals very confusing and strange. Unlike road signals that you can look at and figure out even without reading about them, you can’t do the same with aircraft signals. I see these signals at airports and I feel so dumb for not understanding them.

Well, here is a course, a free one in fact, that teaches you all about the signals used in aircraft and their meaning. This is very important and necessary knowledge for prospective pilots to have before going to train as pilots so that the environment won’t look so new to them. The course is 100% free and offered online giving you the leisure to learn from home.

2.     Your First Flying Lesson

The name of this course already explains what you’ll be learning and shows what to expect. It is just the right course to take before you go into an actual pilot training program or flight school to train as a pilot. This free online course will introduce you to your first flying adventure explaining the process of preflight, takeoff, landing, and shutdown.

Engaging in programs like this better prepares you for flight school and when you get there, it won’t seem so new which will help you learn and assimilate things faster.

3.     Understanding the Mach Meter

Do you know what the Mach Meter is? Well, aside from knowing it has something to do with the speed of an aircraft, I really don’t know much about it either. But here is a free program that completely explains what it is all about.

The program is an online course that goes further to show prospective pilots how to read Mach meter. It also explains how the Mach meter adjusts itself during climbs and descents. The course is taught by aircraft experts.

4.     Fly 8ma Free Private Pilot Ground School Pilot Course

Whether you are a pilot in training or about to begin your pilot training, you should engage in this program. It is a free course that prepares you for flight training and also for the private pilot airplane written exam by equipping you with basic knowledge required of a private pilot.

The course is split into 20 lessons which cover lessons like aircraft stalls, types of airspace, aviation weather, night flying, etc., and a written test to prepare you. This program is offered for free by Fly 8ma, to get the full package and a recognized certificate then you will go for the premium course which is paid.

5.     Crosswind Landings Made Easy

This is another free program that those already flying aircraft will find useful. It is a course targeted at pilots who struggle to stay aligned with the centerline while landing in a stiff crosswind. The course is online which gives you the leisure to learn at your convenience and watch it as many times as possible till you hit perfection.

6.     Pilot Medicals and BasicMed Explained

Before you become a pilot, you must go through a medical program to gain some basic medical knowledge. Now, the type of pilot you want to become determines what kind of medical program you should go through. This confuses a lot of aspiring pilots as they don’t know which medical certification to go for.

Thankfully, this free course solves this issue by explaining the different medical certificates for pilots and helping you find which is for you. It also further explains the rules and requirements for the pilot medicals.

7.     Pilotinstitute Free Private Pilot Ground School

This is an 8-hour program offered for free for 30 days by the Pilotinstitute. The course is taught online which gives you the freedom to take classes wherever you want at your own convenience. Other perks of taking this course is that you will enjoy beautiful animation and graphics and you can watch the lessons as many times as possible.

And this wraps up the post on the free pilot training programs I hope they’ll be helpful in guiding you toward fulfilling your dream as a pilot.