5 Flight Attendant Free Training Programs

Being a flight attendant seems like a fun occupation to pursue, and it is, especially if you like socializing. A flight attendant free training program is a brilliant place to start.

If you love talking and cheering people up even on a rough day, then being a flight attendant should be a walk in the park for you. Sometimes, you need to calm the spirit of some people, especially those fellas that are scared of flight and throw up when they are above the sky.

And, being a flight attendant will make you a calm person even in pressured situations. Because you’ll always have some annoying people to deal with, and when you handle them, you mature the more.

There was no need for a flight attendant till passengers started traveling on air in the early 1920s. And, it started with the children of the investors that financed the airplanes.

It was first known as Courier. During the mid-1920s when the stock market crashed, these couriers were dismissed, and the job of attending to passengers rested on co-pilots.

So the co-pilot won’t just assist the chief pilot but also attend to passengers’ needs, provide food, snacks, and drinks to them. Then, during the early 1930s, things changed for the flight attendant world.

Western air made the first move to hire their first male flight attendants. They attended to many things like refreshments to passengers and pilots, making sure no one is smoking in the plane, helping passengers with their luggage.

Further, in the late 1930s, another flight company made a remarkable move, hiring female flight attendants. United Airlines was meticulous to go for registered nurses, to improve passengers’ confidence with the flight stewardess.

75% of flight attendants are female while 22% are male. This is one of those occupations that is dominated by women.

And I won’t blame it, because the male gender doesn’t always go for it. I won’t be surprised that ladies are the most people reading this flight attendant free training (sorry guys).

However, being a flight attendant can take you some nights away from your home, and you’ll spend 75-100 a month flying. 

To become a flight attendant you have to;

  • Be between 18 to 25 years (the airlines need fresh, young blood). Well, you’ll still see airlines that accept a 30-year-old flight attendant.
  • A high school diploma is the minimum educational level for you to be a flight attendant. But, some higher companies will demand your bachelor’s degree.
  • A B.A in public relations, international relations, and language is a plus.
  • Proper communication is important. You should know some of your passengers are not fluent in English, so you need to be able to communicate your thoughts in the best way they can understand.
  • Training in CPR and first aid.


What is the job of a Flight Attendant?

A flight attendant has many roles in the plane that many of us don’t know. They include;

  • Safety

A flight attendant will make sure to tell the flight passengers safety precautions, what to avoid, including smoking. Also when there is turbulence, they have to make sure the seat belts of passengers are fastened to avoid serious injuries.

They also need to ensure emergency equipment is working properly. In case there was an injury or someone fell sick, the flight attendant will make sure to take care of it according to the flight’s procedure.

Further, the aisle is properly cleared to avoid falling. These flight attendant free training programs we will list soon will show you how to do these.

  • Attending to Passengers

This is one role that we all know regarding flight attendants’ duties. They serve meals, fruits, drinks, to passengers.

Their service to passengers can differentiate why a customer will leave an affordable airline and pay a premium price to an expensive airline. Customer service is very important even in the airline company.

Some reputable air carriers go a long way to train their flight attendants on passenger service. Some even take it to another level, allowing their chief flight attendant to fly as a passenger to monitor and record their passenger service.

Most times, flight attendants don’t know their chief is sitting as a passenger, to provide a genuine evaluation. In case a flight attendant doesn’t meet the required standards, he/she will be warned and corrected.

But, if the failure persists, the flight attendant might lose his/her job. This is to tell you how important customer service can be and a flight attendant’s free training can help you prepare for that.

They also greet and answer passengers’ questions, and help them with their pieces of luggage. They give brief needful details regarding weather, and delays (if any).

 When the plane reaches its destination, they help their passengers exit the plane.

  • Security

The Association of Flight Attendants said that 85% of flight attendants have dealt with rude passengers in one way or the other at the beginning of 2021. Above all, some of these passengers tend to be a threat to their fellow passengers.

This made the Transportation Security Administration implement a self-defense program for flight attendants. This allows them to protect themselves and passengers against rude passengers.

Importance of Flight Attendant Training Program

Flight attendant free training program comes with lots of advantages. Here are a few.

Massive Application

There are lots of people going for the role of a flight attendant in the travel industry. In fact, history shows that out of 100 flight attendant applicants, only 1 will be hired,  that is a sad 1% chance of being employed.

Further, in 2019, an average of 1,500,000 applied for the role of a flight attendant. so the need for a flight attendant free training program is more than needed (a paid training is the best option, anyway).

Imagine someone that has a flight attendant education, and another person without it, who do you think the air carrier will employ?

You’ll understand the industry more

You will learn more about how this industry works, and the necessary skills needed to function properly in this industry.

You stand a chance of being employed by major airline companies

Some of the flight attendant free training programs have connections with airline companies. There are chances they will refer you to one of these companies.

Flight Attendant Free Training

Here is a list of flight attendant free training programs

  • Cabin Crew Career: The Complete Introduction
  • Transport Management in the UK: Ports and Airlines
  • Medical Emergencies: CPR, Toxicology, and Wilderness
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Customer Service Fundamentals

1. Cabin Crew Career: The Complete Introduction

Cabin Crew is a general name for experts that attend to flight passengers. This is flight attendant free training offered by Udemy.

More than 850 students have taken this course so far. And it was created by Aviation Indeed, the first Indian aviation recruitment company.

They have had lots of experience over the years in the aviation world. And, have partnered with many companies to produce quality cabin crew professionals.

They have a strong vision and mission of helping aviation companies grow and empowering thousands of cabin crew aspirants with jobs, every year. So far, 3 of the courses they provided in Udemy have been taken by more than 2,800 students.

Cabin Crew Career is one of the flight attendant free training programs that will help you to examine the flight industry. You’ll also understand some of the challenges cabin crew members face.

Zig Ziglar once said, “the first step of solving a problem is recognizing it does exist.” So, understanding these challenges helps you to start providing means of either preventing them or solving them.

This program will also help you to dig deep into flight attendant life; what it means to fly consistently, and how to address your passengers. You’ll start getting acquainted with the skills required to become a professional flight attendant.

You’ll also learn the roles of a flight attendant, and how to perform these roles at your very best.

This course has 5 sections with 10 classes, which includes;

  • Introduction (1 class)
  • Cabin Crew as a career (2 classes)
  • Roles and responsibilities of a Cabin Crew (4 classes)
  • What it takes to become a Cabin Crew (1 class)
  • Getting a Job as a Cabin Crew (2 classes)

However, this course won’t award you any certificate upon completion nor can you ask your instructor a question or send a message.

Visit Cabin Crew Career Course Website

2. Transport Management in the UK: Ports and Airlines

This is a flight attendant free training program offered by Alison. Alison is an accredited online course provider that has one of the largest free learning platforms in the world.

Their courses train high school diplomas, undergraduate, graduate, professionals, and business experts. And they do this through their vision of providing free education to all, as long as you have access to the internet.

With their 15 years of experience in providing free courses to all (regardless of gender, location, background, and courses you intend to learn). They have served over 21 million students from 195 countries.

The course is a short course that runs from one and a half hours to 3hrs. And, more than 1,250 students have taken the course.

In this flight attendant free training program, you’ll start to understand important information regarding the UK’s air transport management. Understanding how British airlines work will give you an edge during the interview.

Also, you will learn how British airports work; what makes them different from airlines in other countries; what law governs them. Further, you’ll learn the pattern of international airways and domestic airlines.

You’ll get to understand how stakeholders operate in UK airlines. Additionally, this course will teach you route planning and rules that govern air freight in the UK.

The course has 2 modules with 13 classes. At the end of the course, you’ll be given an assessment that requires 80% or more success to test your knowledge. 

When you pass the assessment, you’ll be awarded a certificate. But you have to pay a little fee to receive the certificate.

Alison offers three kinds of certificates at different prices. 

  • The digital certificate is issued to you online, and you can download it in a high-quality pdf format
  • The printed certificate is freely shipped to you.
  • The framed certificate is covered in a beautifully designed frame. And, shipped to you for free.

Visit Transport Management In the UK: Ports and Airlines Course Website

3. Medical Emergencies: CPR, Toxicology, and Wilderness

This is a must-attend flight attendant free training program offered by Coursera. Coursera has been in the business of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for just 10 years.

And within this short time, they have made an impact on 92 million users. And their excellent work has earned them $293.5 million in revenue in 2020.

Over 200 partners are working with Coursera from 48 different countries. IBM and Google are also partnering with them (proof of competence).

MOOCs are online courses that are freely provided to anyone at any place at any time. If you can browse, you can study at Coursera.

Medical Emergencies: CPR, Toxicology, and Wilderness course runs for a strong 4 weeks. And, has 13hrs worth of materials.

Like I mentioned earlier, the flight attendant needs to have the medical knowledge to stand out. Because situations that might require their medical expertise on passengers, and if nothing is done, it might bring a bad reputation to the airline.

So your knowledge of this skill is expected.

This course goes a long way to teach you how to access specific kinds of passengers to make sure they are fit for traveling on air. Also, you’ll learn how to identify a passenger in shock through certain symptoms.

And you will also learn different kinds of shocks a passenger can have. You’ll learn to create a better plan for treatment so that the patient can successfully take the trip to his/her destination.

In this flight attendant free training program, you’ll learn to notice a passenger that has entered cardiac arrest and to apply the possible CPR to the passenger. This course will also enable you to notice a passenger on drugs, and a passenger likely to be violent.

There are 4 modules which are;

  • Cardiac Arrest and Shock
  • Toxicology and Substance Abuse
  • Not All Who Wander Are Tox
  • Blood and Guts

But, this course requires a little fee to get your certificate and access graded assignments.

Visit Medical Emergencies: CPR, Toxicology, and Wilderness Course Website

4. Emotional and Social Intelligence

This is another essential skill, in fact, it is one of the most important skills a flight attendant needs to have. Because, if you can’t handle your emotions towards passengers, that is a red flag to the airline.

And the company won’t take it lightly with you. This flight attendant free training program is offered by Coursera in partnership with the University of California.

Because of the quality of this program, 15,166 students have taken it. From this course, you’ll learn how to handle your emotions with passengers and co-workers.

If you can meticulously follow through this course, you stand a chance of being promoted easily in any career. The ability to handle emotions distinguishes a great leader from others.

Like every other skill, you can learn to handle your emotions. It might be a tough thing at the beginning, but with time, it will become your second nature. 

Then, your social skills are absolutely needed as a flight attendant. If you can’t socialize and don’t want to learn to socialize, then this career is not for you. 

Because the backbone of this career lies in socialization. Your current emotional and social intelligence will be accessed to enable your instructor to lecture you well.

A flight attendant can be a stressful job at some point, and this is reliable to affect your emotional and social state. This course will help you to respond rightly even when stressed.

The course is estimated to run for 12 hours in 4 weeks and has subtitles in English, Arabic, and Spanish. It has received a 97% upvote by 1,465 students for a great level of excellence.

In the first week, you’ll be introduced to the course, and will be able to understand the importance of this soft skill as a flight attendant. This is the moment your emotional reaction will be reviewed.

The first week has 9 high-quality videos plus 8 readable articles and 2 quizzes to assess your learning.

Week 2 takes you by your hand to teach you self-management. You will be introduced to an amazing technique known as  pause and write in a journal.

You’ll then learn how stress can affect your emotional state, thereby helping you to mitigate it. This week 2 class has 3 videos with 3 readings and 1 quiz.

Week 3 runs a social awareness and empathy class. This is a flight attendant free training module that shows you 3 stages of empathy. 

And also shows you the difference and similarities between sympathy and empathy. With practical examples, you’ll improve your skills in empathy.

There are 3 videos this week, 5 readings, and 1 quiz too.

In the last week, week 4 summarizes it with relationship management. You’ll learn how to build strong and great relationships at work and with passengers.

Further, you’ll learn how to listen very well, which will improve your communication skill. This concludes with 4 videos, 3 readings, and 2 quizzes.

Visit Emotional and Social Intelligence Course Website

5. Customer Service Fundamentals

This is a flight attendant free training course offered by knowledge accelerators through Coursera. You just don’t want to give poor passenger service no matter your mood.

There are 4 modules in this course, and a badge is awarded to you whenever you complete any module. This course runs for 4 weeks with amazing classes.

The first week takes you to a 7-hour class in communication skills, where you will learn the power of a positive tone. The class has 16 videos, with 5 readings and 12 quizzes.

Week 2 teaches you about personality, where you will learn good personalities a flight attendant needs. It runs for 6 hours, has 11 videos, 4 readings, and a shocking 14 quizzes.

Week 3 takes you on a trip to problem-solving. You’ll learn to create a process to solve your problems even as a flight attendant.

Week 3 has 12 videos to guide you in this class, 4 readings, and 10 quizzes.

Finally, week 4 teaches you about process control. This is where you gather what you have learned and successfully apply them.

This last week’s class takes 6 hours to complete, and it has 13 videos for your indispensable learning, 5 readings, and 8 quizzes.

Visit Customer Service Fundamentals Course Website


How much does flight attendant training cost?

On average, you need to pay between $3,500 to $5,000 for reliable flight attendant training.

What is the best flight attendant school?

There are lots of good flight attendant schools, here are the best of them;

  • AviationWays
  • One Air Aviacion
  • Sky people
  • Aerodynamics
  • airBaltic Training
  • Omega Aviation Company
  • EAS Barcelona
  • Active Aircrew Academy

Can you become a flight attendant for free?

Yes, you can become a flight attendant for free. But, the chances of becoming a flight attendant without proper training are slim, especially in the current airline modification. You need proper training to stand out from others.