12 Best Sites To Read Comics Online Free

You don’t have to visit a bookstore to purchase your favorite comic book when you can easily go to a website and read that same comic book online for free. Here in this blog post, you will find a list of sites that allows you to read DC, Marvel, and anime comic books without paying a dime. Let’s go.

If you read my bio you wouldn’t miss where I mentioned that I am an anime lover but it doesn’t end there. I have always been a huge fan of anything “toons, ” including animations, comic books, and manga. To date, I still don’t know which one I prefer most, the anime itself or the manga, the cartoon/movie, or the comic book.

But I tend to draw towards the direction of comics and manga because of the originality of it and compared to cartoons/movies, comics are raw. There’s a deeper storyline for characters that are mostly neglected in the movie, almighty power scaling, and actions that honestly cannot be acted even by the world’s best actors and stunt performers but just has to be imagined there in your mind and in your head – the greatest place for every comic lover.

I started reading comics at an early age probably you too but I never bought any, well, I was a kid, my little pocket money went into toys, and these comic books were quite expensive and they still are. But I had rich kids as friends who would buy and I’d borrow from. I also didn’t know what the internet was and even if I did, the internet wasn’t popular then so I doubt there were any Superman or Aquaman comics on the internet at the time.

But hey, you are well within the digital era and thanks to that there are thousands of comic books and manga on the internet that you can find on the internet with ease. I’d recommend you read online because of the ease of access to get them, I mean, you really do not need to walk to the bookstore when you can just sit on your couch, lay on your bed, or sit on the toilet with your smartphone and pull up a comic of your choice to read.

What’s more about reading comics online?

You can bookmark the page to easily find where you stop whenever you take a break, comic book prints have gone out of style and, for the best part, there are many sites where you can read any comic of your choice absolutely for free. As a kid who grew up borrowing comic books to read, this would have to be my life’s biggest achievement if I got to know about reading comics online for free.

Here, in this blog post, I have exposed some of the top 12 best sites to read comics online free and they are easy to use for people of all ages whether you are a kid, a teenager, or an adult. Let’s dive into these websites and learn how they work.

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Having said that, we can now dive into the best sites to read comics online free…

best sites to read comics online free

Best Websites To Read Comics Online Free

From action and science fiction comics to fantasy and superhero comics, whichever genre you are looking for, you can find them from one or more of the sites discussed here and they are all free. I have also made sure to select free sites that are easy to use.

  • Digital Comic Museum
  • GoComics
  • Internet Archive
  • Read Comic Online
  • GetComics
  • Graphite Comics
  • ComicExtra
  • ReadAllComics
  • Comic Book Plus
  • View Comic
  • DriveThru Comics
  • Tapas

1.     Digital Comic Museum

I guess you can say I am a bit archaic for putting Digital Comic Museum at the top of my list. This website offers comic lovers a wide range of old comic books from old publishers like Ace magazines and D.S publishing. Another perk of this site is that you can read any comic of your choice without going through the stressful process of signing up for an account.

However, if you want to download a comic you will then have to sign up for an account. As a user on the platform, you can publish and upload your own comic book on the website if the book has met public domain status. There is also a community within the platform where users can talk about their favorite superheroes and comics, recommend comics to one another, play games, and discuss other subjects.

2.     GoComics

GoComics is one of the sites to read comics online for free and here is how it works. It was built in 2005 and boasts of being the largest comic strip site for online classic strips in the world. For comic lovers who want to read up to 5 or more different comics in a single day, GoComics is the site for you. The site has a wide offering of short comics in various genres.

Although not completely free because it has a premium plan, which is, of course, paid and gives you access to a wider selection of comics. But then, the free plan is all you need to read comics on GoComics.

3.     Internet Archive

Unlike the others on this list, Internet Archive is not designed just for comics but rather for all books which happen to be a downside because there aren’t many comics here. However, you can still find a comic of your choice by using the search bar to look for it. All comics on the site are free and you can download them or just read them online without any hidden charges.

4.     Read Comic Online

Read Comic Online is one of my top 12 best sites to read comics online free, it could be yours too, and here’s why. On the website, you will find comics coming from different top publishers including Marvel and DC. You can read comics of your choice without registration and set the quality to low or high which can help you manage your data. Pretty cool, yea?

5.     GetComics

GetComics takes reading comics online to another level and this makes it one of the best sites to read comics online free. Here, you will find comics of different genres from top publishers like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, IDW, Valiant, etc. that you can download or read online without any tedious registration process.

6.     Graphite Comics

Was there a particular comic book you’ve been looking for online and couldn’t find it anywhere? Head to Graphite Comics website or downlaod the app and search for it, chances are you’d find it there. The platform has a knack for having comics that are hard to find and you get to find them here and read them for free. You can also find comics from top comic publishers.

7.     ComicExtra

ComicExtra is among the popular websites where you can read comics online for free. It is filled with popular comics of different genres and frequently updated with new comics all of which are free to read online. The platform is also easy to use which makes it one of the simplest places to read comics online.

8.     ReadAllComics

Yes! Just as its name says is exactly how it is. ReadAllComics have both old and new comics that you can possibly think and it is also updated regularly. There are over 9,000 pages of comics ranging from action and adventure to horror and romance, you will find all genres here.

What’s more?

You can search for a comic, request comics, and report errors without creating an account. There is also an active forum where interesting topics are discussed but to join, you have to be part of the community by creating an account.

9.     Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus is quite similar to Digital Comic Museum. The website provides only Golden and Silver Age comic books which are more than 40,000 in number making it one of the largest online libraries with Golden and Silver Age comic books. You won’t find modern-day comics on the site but old ones that will show you how comics evolved.

Aside from comics, the website also provides comic strips, newspapers, and magazines which come in other languages like French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, German, etc.

10.  View Comic

I personally do not like View Comic due to its poor user interface but then, it has tons of comics that you can read online for free which means it has to be here and you might like it. Aside from the interface, the website is filled with varieties of popular comics from DC, Marvel, Vertigo, Image, etc. which users can read in high quality.

11.  DriveThru Comics

DriveThru Comics is among my top 5 sites to read comics online free. It houses a wide collection of comic books, manga, novels, and magazines for kids and adults of all ages. The platform is also easy to use. However, the downside is that you won’t find DC and Marvel comics here, and if that is okay with you or not what you are currently looking for at the moment, then DriveThru Comics is a great place.

12.  Tapas

And last but not least is Tapas, a site where you can read comics online for free. Although it does have a premium plan you don’t have to subscribe for it to read your favorite comic on the platform. Also, there are indie creators on the platform that get paid when they put up their books so you may want to support them by going for the premium plan so they can earn as well.

This wraps up our list of the 12 best sites to read comics online for free, which ones will you be trying out immediately?