8 Free Printable Activity Books Pdf

These free printable activity books pdf make it very fun for kids to learn, and also help to keep them busy as they will be trying to analyze puzzles, play games, do some coloring, and many other things.

In general, the activity books enhance your kids’ intellect as they identify numbers, colors, letters, etc. They also improve their pen control when they engage in the coloring of different shapes and figures.

Printable activity books carry interactive activities such as quizzes, games, puzzles, coloring, and many other things. They keep kids busy just like the kids’ online stories and still serve as great learning materials.

Follow me closely as I list the various free activity books pdf that can be printed. You can also look up this article on online drawing classes for kids if you are interested.

Free Printable Activity Books Pdf

Here are the various free printable activity books pdf that helps to keep kids busy, and also improve their recognition of letters, colors, numbers, etc. I urge you to stay glued as I list and explain them.

It is important you note that our data is gotten from deep research about the topic on sources like fliphtml5 and plbfun.

  • Summer Packet Kindergarten.pdf
  • Dr. Seuss Activity Book.pdf
  • Kindergarten Worksheet Bundle.pdf
  • Children Book Activity for 4-5 years.pdf
  • My Little Activity Book
  • Shine On! Workbook
  • Kid’s Box 1 Activity Book
  • English Sight Word Practice.pdf

1.      Summer Packet Kindergarten.pdf

Summer Packet Kindergarten.pdf is the first on our list of printable activity books pdf. It is a workbook that requires that the users must have some vocabulary knowledge before using it.

The book aims at helping kids to attain great reading skills, understand comprehension exercises, and practice sentence structures. It is an advanced activity book available for older kids.

Summer Packet Kindergarten.pdf has 80 pages, with an A4 page size. The file size is 11.6 MB

2.      Dr. Seuss Activity Book.pdf

This is another activity book that has 20 pages, with a file size of 1,863 KB. The book is a colorful one that carries fun activities for color recognition, spelling, phonics, simple mathematics, and many others.

The exercises are designed with animated characters to make it fun while reading.

3.      Kindergarten Worksheet Bundle.pdf

Kindergarten Worksheet Bundle.pdf aims at helping kids to enhance their recognition of numbers, coloring, reading, and writing. It has 46 pages with a file size of 6.1 MB.

It covers different exercises which cut across numbers, shapes, alphabets, words, and many others.

4.      Children Book Activity for 4- 5 years.pdf

Children Book Activity for 4- 5 years.pdf is also among the free activity books that are printable. The book contains coloring exercises and uses real-life items as examples for proper understanding.

Children Book Activity for 4- 5 years.pdf also carries problem-solving exercises to enable learners to know how to use their brains to think. It has 62 pages and file size of 2.1 MB.

5.      My Little Activity Book

My little activity book has 30 pages and file size of 8.8 MB. It was designed with drawing and tracing exercises to help children practice lettering and also recognition of numbers. The book design is very colorful such that it attracts a kid by mere looking at it.

It is a digital activity book that makes learning fun and is created with FlipHTML5. You can check it out through the link below

Click Here

6.      Shine On! Workbook

Shine On! Workbook is another one of the free printable activity books pdf. It was designed to bring fun amidst learning. The book contains things such as coloring exercises, how to count, parts of the body, animals, etc.

The book also explores family & its members, holidays in a month, and many other basic things the kid needs to know. The book has feedback sections where learners are asked to say what they have learned so far in the course of going through the chapters.

It has 68 pages and file size of 11.7 MB.

7.      Kid’s Box 1 Activity Book

Kid’s Box 1 Activity Book is a black and white workbook PDF that carries a very good number of drawing exercises cut across different topics. It is an 85-page thick activity book that is accessible by phone or tablet by clicking on the link.

It was designed with FlipHTML5 to make it web-friendly and allows for conversion into a flappable book. It is truly a great learning material with a spice of fun activities for kids.

8.      English Sight Word Practice.pdf

English sight word practice.pdf is another free activity printable book. It was designed to help kids master pen control, number recognition, etc., as it carries a lot of cutting, tracing, and coloring exercises. The book’s main focus is on word learning and letter writing.

It has 70 pages and file size of 9.9 MB.


Getting kids any of these activity books listed above is a great way to broaden their knowledge and help them master coloring, letter writing, common sentence arrangements, number recognition, and many others.

These books can truly play a big role in their early-stage learning. Thank you for reading through!