10 Best Marine Biology Colleges In The World

This article highlights the best marine biology colleges in the world in which you can enroll if you have a thing for marine biology. It further contains various undergraduate and graduate marine biology programs, the duration, and many other things you need to know.

To become a marine biologist, you certainly need to undergo training from good colleges in order to acquire the skills, knowledge, and experiences needed to carry out your job efficiently and effectively.

You may decide to use the online marine biology courses that are free or enroll in traditional colleges for proper studies. There are also related courses such as oceanography programs which helps to teach you the behavioral patterns and interactions of marine animals.

Now, before I go on to list the various best marine colleges, and programs highly recommended, let us see the definition of marine biology properly. According to Wikipedia, it is the scientific study of the biology of marine life, i.e., organisms that live in the sea.

The above definition is very clear, so I will be going straight to show you the various marine biology programs you can enroll in, and the schools offering them. You can take a look at this article on online genetics courses if interested.


Best Marine Biology Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor Of Science In Marine Biology- Newcastle University
  • B.S Marine Science- University Of Maine
  • Bachelor’s Degree In Marine Biology- University Of Miami
  • B.S In Marine Science- Samford University
  • Bachelor’s Degree In Marine Biology- University Of California, Los Angeles
  • Bachelor’s Degree In Marine Biology- Dalhousie University
  • Bachelor’s Degree In Marine Biology- the University Of Melbourne

Best Marine Biology Graduate Programs

  • Masters In Marine Biology- James Cook University
  • MSc In Marine Biology- Ocean University Of China
  • MSc In Marine Science- University Of Queensland
  • Masters In Marine Biology- University Of Tasmania
  • Masters In Marine Biology- Aarhus University
  • MSc In Marine Biology- Sorbonne University
  • Masters In Marine Biology- University of Porto

The above-listed programs are the best undergraduate and graduate programs you can enroll in. let us now explore the best marine biology colleges in the world.

Best Marine Biology Colleges In The World

The schools below are the best marine institutions in the world. I will list and explain them for you to gain full insights. Do follow me closely.

It is important to note that our data is gotten from deep research about the topic on sources like all study guide, global scholarships, and individual school websites.

  • James Cook University
  • University Of Miami
  • Boston University
  • University Of California
  • Samford University
  • University Of Queensland
  • University Of Tasmania
  • Aarhus University
  • University Of Porto
  • Newcastle University

1.      James Cook University

James Cook University is the first on our list of best colleges to study marine biology in the world. The university is reputed as one of the world’s best universities that equip students with the knowledge of marine science.

Students of JCU learn how to carry out research and develop innovative methods of running sustainable aquaculture and fishing industries. The school also provides adequate learning environments, and research stations to aid the students in learning.

2.      University Of Miami

The University of Miami is next on our list of best institutions that offer marine biology programs in the world. This school gives students adequate training on how to thrive in the field of marine biology. The department of marine biology and ecology is located near the beaches of Southern Florida.

3.      Boston University

Boston University is another high-performing university across the globe that teaches marine biology. This university offers marine biology as one of the biology core research areas. The program is open for Ph.D. students who have undergone adequate training in biology and chemistry courses.

Boston university also provides students with a biology research building and a science & engineering library to effectively carry out their research and training.

4.      University Of California

The University of California is a public university recognized globally to be one of the top institutions for marine biology. The college holds a strong reputation for its exploits in research, and it gives students the opportunity to explore all that marine biology has to offer.

The students are also taught by expert instructors and professors who guide them to conduct their various research projects.

5.      Samford University

Samford University is another one of the best marine colleges in the world. It is a Christian university located in Alabama, and gears at equipping students with the best skills and knowledge needed to start out as marine biologists.

Students have access to personal coaching from world-class instructors, and also carry out marine field research which helps them massively in the field of marine biology.

6.      University Of Queensland

The University of Queensland offers undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. programs in marine biology. The university’s center for marine science is a top-notch research institute for those interested in marine science.

The programs are taught by expert marine instructors who collaborate with one another from all walks of Australia and have constantly helped to promote and develop approaches in the marine science field.

7.      University Of Tasmania

This institution holds a strong reputation for its excellence in research and education. It aims at giving students adequate preparation to become world-class marine biologists.

The University of Tasmania has been constantly ranked among the leading marine science universities globally. It has programs for undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. marine biology students.

8.      Aarhus University

Aarhus University is situated in Denmark and was established in 1928. The university’s department of Ecoscience started in 1989 and aims at providing quality education to marine biology students.

The college is globally recognized as a top institution for studying marine science as its graduates are changing narratives in the field of marine biology.

9.      University Of Porto

The University of Porto is another one of the best marine colleges in the world. It provides students with research and training facilities to enhance the learning process.

The programs are taught by highly-qualified researchers, and there is the availability of undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. marine biology programs in the school.

10.  Newcastle University

Another best college on our list is Newcastle University which has consistently ranked among the top marine biology colleges globally. The program is recognized by the Institute Of Marine Engineering, Science, And Technology (IMarEST) because of the standard and quality of curriculum used in teaching.

Here, marine biology students are given adequate training and guaranteed immersive research study.


These schools listed above are among the best marine colleges in the world. They ensure that students are given intensive training on all it takes to kickstart a career as marine biologists.

Do find the one that meets your specification and apply for it.

Best Marine Biology Colleges In The World- FAQs

Here are some of the vital frequently asked questions about the various best colleges that offer marine biology programs. I have highlighted and answered them correctly. Do check them out.

Is Marine Biology A Good Degree?

Yes, marine biology is one of the best degrees one can study.

What Is The Best Country To Study Marine Biology?

Costa Rica is known to be one of the best countries to study marine biology as it is the most biologically intense place on earth.

How Long Does It Take To Earn A Bachelor’s In Marine Biology?

It takes about four years to complete your bachelor’s education in marine biology.