10 Smallest Universities In the US

Are you the type of learner that wants to actively participate in class activities or solve problems? This blog post provides you with every detail you would be needing to find the smallest universities in the US, that offers a vast specialized curriculum, a one on one training with highly experienced professors, etc. If you consider studying here, read this post for more details to help you make a smart decision.

I’m very much aware that there are people who would be wondering by now why a university is called small, some would seek answers to questions like “if there is any such thing as the smallest university in the US and in other not to confuse you, I would give a detailed explanation of what the smallest university is.

According to the Carnegie classification, universities regarded as small universities are those with students less than 5,000, they are mostly private universities and sometimes colleges. A large university has more than 15,000 students in it.

Small universities are not much in circulation and just a few people are attending, sometimes due to their cost tuition fees but the good thing about universities like this is that your classroom is not crowded, and students are given opportunities to have one-on-one lecture with their professor, and the institution provides students with unsurpassed education.

The smallest universities in the US are not all that competitive and have a welcoming atmosphere toward international students, and their requirements are usually easy to follow.  We have on our site a few helpful articles like Smallest Universities in Canada, etc

Smallest Universities In The US

Below is a list of the smallest universities in the US, I have included in this post, the school’s admission requirements and cost of tuition, go through them carefully, and you might find a school that fits into your prerequisite in a small school.

  • American College Of The Building Arts
  • Art Academy Of The Cincinnati
  • Maine College Of Arts & Design
  • Compass College Of Film & Media
  • School Of The Musem Of Fine Arts At Tufts University
  • Cleveland Institute Of Music
  • New York School Of Interior Design
  • Cornish College Of The Arts
  • Vandercook College Of Music
  • New England College

1. American College Of The Building Arts

This is among the smallest universities in the US that engage students in traditional building and craftsmanship so as to encourage future artisans in preserving and understanding the heritage of architectural arts education.

The school offers carpentry courses on blacksmithing, classical architecture & design, plasterwork, timber framing, heritage masonry & stone carving, etc. the class size sometimes varies depending on the course you choose to study. The cost of tuition fee per semester is $9,936 while per time students pay $828 per credit hour.

          Admission Requirements

  • Students seeking admission to this college are to first pay an application fee of $50
  • You are expected to pass the schools entrance exams
  • You are to submit transcripts from all schools you have attended
  • You are to also provide letters of recommendation from people who are not related to you but know you well so they can recommend you as a candidate.
  • Aspiring students must submit a portfolio showing off their work or artistic ability

2. Art Academy Of The Cincinnati

This art academy is considered a small college with over 240 undergraduate students, the school has kept to its pledge of building rich innovation and excellence in visual arts.  Students in this college are being given the freedom to develop themselves and have also been given opportunities to construct an identity for themselves.

The college offers degree programs on bachelor of fine arts, a master of art in art in art education, and an associate of science degree. The Cincinnati art academy has paved way for so many international students to find their voice in an artistic world.

          Admission Requirement

  • You can apply in person or online through the school’s website or the common app
  • Students seeking admission here are to submit a portfolio of their original artwork
  • A high GPA is required in your transcript before you are issued admission
  • Passport photographs are necessary for identification purposes.

3. Maine College Of Arts & Design

This college offers its students the opportunity to develop their foundation in arts and play an important role in their lives ensuring they are committed to presenting highly influential work around the globe.

There are a variety of programs and degree programs for master of fine arts in studio arts, master of arts in teaching, bachelor of fine arts, pre-college courses, etc. Students are taught in an environment that helps promote their creative entrepreneurship and civic engagement. The full cost of an annual tuition fee is $39, 100. For further information about the school, Click here.

4. Compass College Of Film & Media

This is among the smallest universities in the US that are solely dedicated to educating and equipping students to become great filmmakers, storytellers, and impactful content creators. There are training programs available for Bachelor of fine and associate of applied science.

The school is highly competitive which has resulted in a high tuition rate, the average cost of tuition fee is $16,800.

5. School Of The Musem Of Fine Arts At Tufts University

This university is among the small university in the US that is well grounded in arts education, having professors with so many years of experience in the artistic field. The school offers many art academic programs from the post-baccalaureate in studio art, to the master of fine arts, etc.

The school has provided a welcoming atmosphere for international students and the average cost of tuition fees for undergraduates is  $63,804.

6. Cleveland Institute Of Music

These smallest universities in the US focus entirely on music performances, they have birthed graduates who are now celebrated as the world’s best soloists, most sought-after teaching artists, chamber musicians, etc.

Students from this institution have gained opportunities to visit world-renowned artists and conductors. There are also scholarship aids available for students to receive some level of financial assistance and the cost of attendance is $40,000.

7. New York School Of Interior Design

New york school of interior design is a small college in the us that educates its students on transformative and innovative interior design education. There are a number of best universities for interior design in the UK, with high enrollment and class size but the new york school of interior design has an enrollment of 381 undergraduates and a class size of 13.

Students who have graduated from this school are opportune to gain employment in jobs related to their discipline, there are also a variety of undergraduate programs on basic interior design, associate in applied science in interior design, and a bachelor of fine arts in interior design.

8. Cornish College Of The Arts

This is among the smallest universities in the USA that helps educate young practicing artists to become innovators in the field. The college has over seven departments and students sometimes use merit base aid to gain financial assistance from the school, the cost of tuition fees for all undergraduates is $36,844. For further information about the school, Click here.

9. Vandercook College Of Music

The Vandercook College of music is a college with a small class size in the USA  for the music industry. The college has the best experienced and very knowledgeable educators, there are also a variety of programs offered in this college, such as undergraduate programs, graduate programs, etc.

The average cost of tuition fees yearly is $27,670. Students aspiring to study here are expected to have had a trial sight reading exercise.

10. New England College

This small college is the most sought-after college in the US. It helps transforms students to become innovative in creative ensuring they are provided with the right academic program to prepare them for life after school.

At the New England college, there is room for everyone to grow, the learning environment is conducive for international students and the yearly average tuition fee cost is $40,178.


Over the years, the smallest universities are known to have more engaging and deep academic experiences, students here are taught programs fit to better their needs. Students who struggle to concentrate in a big class tend to stand out in class and have stronger connections with their lecturers in a small college.

If you wish to study in the US, the list above will help you make better choices about finding a small college that matches your requirement in a small school in the US.