11 Free Online Books For Third Graders

Parents and third-grade teachers gather here. This article curates a list of free online books for third graders that teachers and parents can recommend to their students and children without spending a dime out of their pocket.

Having a third grader as a bookworm is normal, it shows how curious they are and how fast they want to learn about the things around them. As a parent or teacher who has noticed this curiosity in them, it is your job to feed their curiosity with the correct information. The fun way to do this is to introduce this third grader to books that are within their capacity of understanding.

The typical age of a third-grade student is usually 8—9 years old and at this age, they already have basic reading and writing skills which makes them want to read nearly everything around them including sensitive materials even though they don’t understand it. Parents and teachers alike can take responsibility for this and find books that fit their class limits.

Also, encouraging kids to read helps improve skills such as language and literary, critical thinking, and cognitive abilities, etc. they develop a sharper brain and faster mind.

Getting your kid to read books does not have to come at a cost because there are varieties of free books online available on the internet. Just as there are free books online for high school students there are also free online books for third graders. Once you find ways to download an e-book for free then getting to download just about any book, whether for toddlers or adults, becomes simple and quick.

However, when going through sites to download e-books from, avoid visiting illegal sites with free e-books so that you don’t get into trouble with the law.

Now, I understand how confusing and even stressful it can be to pick up a book for a third grader. You probably don’t know what they like nor where to start looking and the internet can be a confusing place if you can’t pinpoint what you are searching for.

This is one of the reasons why I have published this article, to help parents and teachers quickly and easily find a book befitting of a third-grader student without any hassle. You simply come here, scan through each of the listed e-books, and from their brief details know if it is best for your third grader.

Once you find a befitting one, you can either go ahead to download it immediately or have them read directly online. What will be needed is a smartphone or tablet with a stable internet connection to have access to free online books for third graders.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the main topic.

free online books for third graders

Free Online Books For Third Graders

The following are free e-books for third grade students:

  • 50 Facts About Mountain Goats, Bighorn, Sheep, & Pronghorns
  • Bruce Larkin’s Favorite Jokes (Volume 6)
  • 50 Facts About Bison
  • Don’t Be a Bully – Be Nice
  • The Mood Crew – Emotional Intelligence for Elementary Children
  • Forward to the Moon
  • A Fairytale About Climate Change
  • Billy Boy Comes Home
  • My Wild Life
  • Job Wanted
  • Our Land – Stop Ocean Debris!

1.     50 Facts About Mountain Goats, Bighorns, Sheep, & Pronghorns

Everyone likes to read facts because of how short and precise they are. Facts hit the nail on the head concerning a particular subject and move on to the next and kids love them a whole lot. You can keep your third grader occupied with these 50 facts about mountain goats and other different types of goats.

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2.     Bruce Larkin’s Favorite Jokes (Volume 6)

Everyone enjoys humor and needs it in their daily lives and kids aren’t left out either. You can introduce this book to third-grade students to help them understand jokes and learn how to make one so they can help put smiles on the faces around them.

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3.     50 Facts About Bison

Here is another fact book written by Bruce Larkin. This one is facts about Bison, how there are different kinds, where they breed, and so on. It is another fun and exciting recommendation for third graders.

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4.     Don’t Be a Bully – Be Nice

From the title of this book, you must have already known its purpose. It is a short simple storybook for young children that promotes anti-bullying. Reading this book to a toddler will instill in them the values of being nice and indiscrimination.


5.     The Mood Crew – Emotional Intelligence for Elementary Children

I probably didn’t mention it earlier but reading books helps children develop emotional intelligence and empathy which are personalities that society needs. The Mood Crew is an excellent guide on emotions for children in grades 1 – 6 helping them improve their emotional intelligence.


6.     Forward to the Moon

This is a book from NASA designed to keep up the interest among third graders who have an interest in space. It is an activity book that provides run recognition, word, and other information about space flight. Don’t worry, the words used are basic enough for kids to find fun, exciting, and easy to understand.


7.     A Fairytale About Climate Change

In third grade, it isn’t too early to teach kids about climate change. Mother Earth is the only world they’d probably ever live in and they ought to start learning how to care for it. A Fairytale About Climate Change is a book that creates awareness about climate change and helps kids understand it.


8.     Billy Boy Comes Home

Billy Boy Comes Home is one of the free online books for third graders which you can either decide to start reading away or download on Free Kids Books. The story centers around a failed sheepdog that escaped the farm and found himself in a home for hounds. Read the story to see how his life turned out from there on out.


9.     My Wild Life

This is a free online book for third grade students that talks about wild animals living in their house with them. This book will help third graders learn about sounds, and improve their vocabulary and spelling as they will learn how to write and spell different names of animals and their sounds.


10.  Job Wanted

Job Wanted is a story about a dog that wanted a job. So he goes up to a farmer and asks for a job but the farmer won’t give the dog a job because he believes dogs just eat and don’t give anything back. But the dog wouldn’t back down and instead brings up a clever plan that may help him get a job from the farmer.

This is an illustrative storybook offered for free on Epic! And it takes about 20 mins to complete the reading. If you are looking for some humor books to gift your child, add this one to your list of options.

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11.  Our Land – Stop Ocean Debris!

This is a story that creates awareness among kids about the consequences of littering the ocean and how it affects life in the ocean. Reading this book to third graders will make them more aware of their surroundings, appreciate nature, and do their best to care for it.



As a parent or teacher, it is important to encourage your child to read books as it will help them develop cognitive abilities and other skills. These books listed here are free of charge, and you can easily access them anywhere and anytime.