6 Cheapest Colleges In Vancouver For International Students

We all know that college tuition is more costly for international students compared to citizens and permanent residents. However, there are a handful of colleges that still offer high-quality education at cheaper rates for such students and some of them are found in Vancouver which is discussed in this blog post. Keep reading…

Vancouver is a city in British Columbia Canada, a country that happens to be one of the top study abroad hubs among international students. This popularity is a result of quality education offered across universities and colleges across the nation. The degrees offered by Canadian higher education institutions are top-notch with qualifications that are recognized all over the world.

With such prestigious education comes great cost which is among the many reasons why some prospective international student continues to shy away from studying in Canada. However, there are options to make your education affordable which could be by applying for scholarships to study abroad or going to a cheap college, or combining both options.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the aspect of going to a cheap college which makes this topic a useful one for prospective international students. This blog post is a curated list of the cheapest colleges in Vancouver for international students which they will find useful and help them make better-informed decisions on where to pursue their educational goals.

And on the scholarship aspect, Study Abroad Nations have a wide range of Canadian scholarships that international students can find helpful and could help lower the cost of tuition.

Having said that, let’s go ahead to explore these cheap colleges in Vancouver for international students to see how much they cost and also how they operate.

cheapest colleges in Vancouver for international students

Cheapest Colleges In Vancouver For International Students

Vancouver is undoubtedly a beautiful place. It offers a scenic view of mountains and harbors, it is a popular filming location and a great place for artists. This, and many other factors, makes the city of Vancouver a popular tourist attraction and among the best places in Canada to live. It is also an ethnically diverse city with both French and English speakers but there are more of the latter.

While Vancouver is a great place to live it is actually very expensive even more costly than Toronto. And this is one of the most important factors that every student needs to consider before moving to a new environment. According to GEC Living, the living cost for students in Vancouver is between $2,700 to $3,800 per month.

Vancouver seems like such an extravagant place, would there really be cheap colleges in the city for international students? Well, we are about to find out.

Curated here is a list of the cheapest colleges in Vancouver for international students and what they cost. You can use it to compare the cost of other colleges in Canada or other universities in the US for international students. Let’s dive in…

  • University Canada West (UCW)
  • Simon Fraser University (SFU)
  • Vancouver Community College (VCC)
  • Emily Carr University of Art + Design
  • Vancouver Island University
  • Langara College

1.     University Canada West (UCW)

UCW is a new university founded in 2005 and widely recognized for its strength in business programs, especially MBA. It is also recognized for its graduate programs and is one of the best universities in Vancouver for masters. Programs are taught in the English language which makes it a great option among international students and also for its affordability. The institution offers online programs and awards scholarships to both domestic and international students.

The University of Canada West happens to be one of the cheapest colleges in Vancouver for international students which is why it is on this list. The tuition varies by degree program. The MBA tuition for an international student is $38700 while tuition for a bachelor’s degree is $76,800. And tuition for an associate of art for an international student is $38,400.

2.     Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Simon Fraser University is one of the largest universities in Vancouver with three campuses all in Greater Vancouver. Due to its size, the institution is able to offer a wide range of academic degree programs in the areas of health sciences, business, social sciences, engineering, and technology. This gives prospective students a wide range of program options to choose from or designs to their choice.

This is a university that offers quality academics on a wide range of programs with cheap tuition for international students. The undergraduate tuition for an international student is $23,827 while graduate tuition is $10,786.

3.      Vancouver Community College (VCC)

VCC is a public prestigious college in Vancouver that ranks among the top colleges in Canada for international students. Being a public higher institution makes it cheaper for students, especially for foreigners. The college is also the largest and oldest community college in British Columbia that has evolved over the years to become a citadel of learning and producing the best in their respective fields.

The college offers diploma programs, certifications, and bachelor’s degree programs. Being one of the government colleges in Canada, it is publicly funded thereby making it affordable to every student. Programs offered include business, culinary arts, esthetics, and health sciences. Tuition for international students varies by program, click here to see a full breakdown of the fees.

4.     Emily Carr University of Art + Design

If you are looking to study in an affordable art school in Canada, then you may want to look into the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. It is a public leading art school in British Columbia and in Canada as a whole. This institution offers exciting undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as other certificate courses.

Undergraduate tuition at Emily Carr is $19,385 per year while graduate tuition ranges between $37,975 to $44,164 depending on the program.

5.     Vancouver Island University

Vancouver Island University is a higher tertiary institution that prides itself as a center of excellence for teaching and research. It is a public college that offers high-quality and affordable programs to students from all backgrounds, thus, making it a good option for international students.

The college offers over 120 academic programs in undergraduate and graduate degrees which span across multiple disciplines. The tuition is around $24,000 per year.  

6.     Langara College

Finally, we have Langara College as one of the cheapest colleges in Vancouver for international students. It is a public prestigious college in British Columbia that provides university, career, and continuing studies programs to more than 23,000 students per year. The college offers innovative programs such as data analytics and other regular programs in the areas of engineering, social sciences, and health science.

Langara College boasts of having one of the most affordable tuition in the province which is common for a publicly-funded college. The tuition for international students at Langara College is $25,825 CAD which also includes textbooks.

These are the handful of cheapest colleges in Vancouver for prospective international students to put on their list and consider applying for them. Some of these colleges also offer scholarships for international students so you may want to enquire about them during your application process.

Cheapest Colleges In Vancouver For International Students – FAQs

Is Vancouver cheap for international students?

Vancouver is an expensive city to live in and is not cheap for international students.

What is the cheapest college in Vancouver for international students?

Langara College and Vancouver Island College are among the cheapest colleges in Vancouver for international students with tuition fees of less than $30,000 per year.