8 Easiest Private Medical Schools To Get Into

The easiest private medical schools are usually not the ones with standards set so low but the ones with very realistic expectations of applicants’ performance and very relaxed rules and regulations. Your search for the easiest private medical schools to get into just ended! If you have been in a frantic search for the easiest private medical schools to get into to kickstart your dreams of becoming a medical professional, you’re in the right place!

The medical profession is that which specializes in the knowledge of medicine and that which has a duty of service to place patient care above self-interest. It provides patients with preventive medication and also enlightens people on general health issues.

This profession is for the empathic at heart because literally, the professionals in this field are gods on earth. Without dedication and years of studying, it is very difficult to become a good medical professional.  While medicine is a very tasking profession, you will be rewarded with huge earnings. But first things first; we have to get you into a med school.

When it comes to which med schools especially private medical schools to apply to, did you know that before you get into any medical school in the world, there are certain criteria each school should pass before you apply? The question now becomes, what are the easiest private medical schools to get into? The real truth is that med schools are not the easiest to get into in any part of the world because of the highly competitive nature of the course.

Darling, everybody wants to be a physician abroad. You have thousands of applicants vying for just 70 spots or less a year depending on the school. Most times, even a low GPA can withhold you from applying to your dream college. You can check out my other blog post where I discussed colleges that accept low GPA  

This does not mean that this post is a mash-up of disreputable universities. This post is geared towards providing you with adequate information there is on the block. This list of easiest private medical schools to get into may not be in the rank of Johns Hopkins University, and Harvard University but they are still very much recognized all over the world for their input in the medical degree program and other programs.

 Before you apply to any medical school, you have to look out for the major following factors in your school of choice:

  • Medical school acceptance rate
  • Accepted GPA (Grade Point Average)
  • Accepted MCAT score (Medical college admission test)

This curated list of the easiest private medical schools to get into checks the list above. These schools are well-researched to give you the right information that you seek. Whether you are a local or an international student, whether you are a citizen or you have a residency permit, you will surely find the right school of medicine that suits you.

8 Easiest Private Medical School To Get Into

Easiest private medical school to get into

This curated list of the easiest private medical schools to get into checks the list above. These schools are well-researched to give you the right information that you seek.

There are, without doubt, other factors that you should consider while applying to a medical school, especially a private medical school such as their admission requirement, tuition fees, the overall performance of the school in terms of students’ well-being, research, and teaching methodology.  Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

  • American University School of Medicine Aruba (AUSOMA)
  • Howard university college of Medicine (HUCM)
  • Mercer University School of Medicine (MUSM)
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • San Juan Bautista School of Medicine (SJBSM)
  • Duke university school of Medicine
  • Vanderbilt School of Medicine

1.      American University School of Medicine Aruba (AUSOMA)

Located in Ajman UAE, this school is one of the easiest private medical schools to get into. It was established in 1998. It is also one of the top Caribbean medical schools and if you have ever wondered if it is accredited, the answer is yes. It is accredited by the Middle states commission on higher education. You can practice in the U.S., the UK, the Middle East, or your home country.

This school provides a 4-year MD program. Its medical school acceptance rate is a 4 out of 10. The accepted GPA in AUSOMA is 3.0 and above. The accepted MCAT score is 512 out of 528.

AUSOMA establishes great student-professor relationships by creating an interactive environment that affords students the opportunity to connect with colleagues and their teachers. At AUSOMA, students’ well-being is as important as their academic success.

 The application fee costs $100(nonrefundable) and the registration fee costs $1000(one time on admission which is also nonrefundable). The total tuition fee which is an exclusion of other additional fees costs $88,000 for a 4-year MD program and $104,000 for a 5-year pre-med MD program.

To get started at AUSOMA, enroll here

2.      Howard University College of Medicine (HUCM)

Founded as far back as 1868, the HUCM is located at the Howard University Health Science Center in Washington D.C. The college has trained a very good number of African-American physicians practicing in the U.S. and they are known for training physicians who are dedicated to providing healthcare to disadvantaged communities. They are also known to produce physicians who are knowledgeable in the principles of modern medical science.

This school runs six training programs which are anatomy, genetics and human genetics, pharmacology, biochemistry, microbiology, and physiology & biophysics with the medical degree program as the highest.

The acceptance rate at HUCM is 1.09%. The minimum GPA accepted in this college of medicine is 3.5 and the total MCAT accepted score here is 504. I might have to add that the admission statistics of this college of medicine are quite difficult for out-of-state and international applicants because they make up only 1% of each of the admission statistics.

But bear in mind that these statistics may change over time. In addition to the accepted GPA and MCAT score, a strong interview and supportive letters of recommendation are required in order for admission to be granted. Click here to get a detailed explanation of admission requirements at HCUM.

3.      Mercer University School of Medicine (MUSM)

MUSM is located in Macon, Georgia Savannah, Georgia, USA, and was established in 1982. This school of medicine is designed to educate physicians on administering primary healthcare needs to rural and disadvantaged communities. In the 2022-2023 edition of Best Colleges, MUSM is National Universities, #166.

The admission process at MUSM will require an applicant to beat the eligibility criteria and application requirements such as being a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and having an established residency in Georgia state for at least 12 months before matriculation. However, this should not deter you from pursuing your dreams at Mercer University School of Medicine. Compared to some other private medical schools, this could pass as one of the easiest private medical schools to get into.

The average overall GPA required to land admission to MUSM is 3.66 while the accepted MCAT score is 504.  The acceptance rate at MUSM is 10%.

4.      Baylor College of Medicine

This is a medical school and a research center in Houston Texas. This school’s mode of operation earned them a spot as 22(tie) in Best Medical Schools: Research and No 16 in Best Medical Schools: Primary Care.

One of the requirements to get a shot at Baylor College of Medicine is that an applicant must have completed no less than 90 undergraduate semester hours at a fully accredited college or university in the U.S. by the time of enrollment. If you are an international applicant, you must complete your undergraduate training at an accredited U.S. college or university to be able to apply to the medical school.

This school is most definitely the easiest private medical school to get into because they do not have GPA or MCAT minimum requirement to apply. Awesome, right? I know!

5.      Albert Einstein College of Medicine

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is a nonprofit, private research medical school located in New York City, United States. This school is ranked no. 37 in Best Medical Schools: Research and no. 56 in Best Medical Schools: Primary Care. This school was the first private medical school in New York to establish a department of family medicine in the academic field. They were also front liners in the development of bioethics as an academic discipline in medical school curricula.

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is a fully accredited school. For the new set of June 2023, only students who are citizens or who have permanent residence permits can apply.

The acceptance rate is 4.3%. the average GPA is 3.81 while the average MCAT is 515.

6.      San Juan Bautista School of Medicine (SJBSM)

SJBSM is located in Caguas Puerto Rico and was formally started in 1978. It offers the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Master in Public Health (M.P.H.), Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS), and Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees.

SJBSM requires a GPA of 2.5 and an overall MCAT score of 19 out of 45 to get in. How easy could it get?

7.      Duke University School of Medicine

Located in Durham, North Carolina, this school is reputed to be one of the nation’s leading institutions for medicine and biomedical research. Why choose Duke University School of Medicine? You might ask. This school is ranked sixth among medical schools in the nation so you would consider this a very good private medical school.

The accepted GPA in this school is 3.89 while the accepted MCAT score is 519. The acceptance rate is 2.9%. Quite high but you will agree with me that nothing good comes easy, so hey! Keep your chin up.

Tuition may differ from year to year but we are looking at around $69,756 for the academic year 2022-2023. The total cost of attendance which includes meals, books, and other living costs $97,328.

8.      Vanderbilt School of Medicine

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, this school is ranked 13th in U.S. News World and Report’s ranking for Best Medical Schools. They offer single and dual degrees in this school of medicine. The degrees include Doctor of Medicine, Master of Science in Applied Clinical Informatics, Master of Public Health, and so on.

To get into Vanderbilt School of Medicine, an applicant needs a GPA of 3.84 and an MCAT score of 520.

With any of these colleges, you will be well ahead on your journey to becoming the finest medical professional the world has ever known. Just make sure to apply to more than one school to get multiple shots at admission into any of these schools. Good luck!