4 Medical Schools In Massachusetts- Admission Tips

Looking for a top-notch country that is research-oriented to do your medical training? Then, this article on medical schools in Massachusetts was curated specially for you. What I am simply saying is that Massachusetts is among the leading countries whose medical schools are extensively involved in research.

As a matter of fact, the US News and World Report have ranked most of these Massachusetts medical schools among the top fifty medical research colleges. This is why there is a high inflow of students into these colleges from all walks of the globe.

Now, studying medicine in one of the medical colleges in Massachusetts is not that easy, but the stress is worth it as the course is among the college degrees that pay well. While I will list and explain the various schools, I will also do justice to how you can get into them. I need you to stay with me till the end of this article.

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Tips To Get Into Medical Schools In Massachusetts

Here are the tips you can use to gain admission into any of the medical institutions in Massachusetts.

Study What Makes Each School Stand Out

It is essential that while seeking to get into any medical school in Massachusetts, you should take a look at their various websites, and also talk with their students to know what makes them stand out.

This will enable you to know how to direct your essays, know the type of volunteering or internship opportunities they rate, and finally, helps you to start getting all the requirements ready before time.

Apply To Medical Colleges That Are Within The Range Of Your GPA/ MCAT

It is not a new thing to hear that each medical school has its own cut-off mark for admission. It is very important that you apply to the ones that fall within your GPA/ MCAT range. You can check out where your undergraduate GPA falls through MSAR or U.S. News.

While Harvard’s average GPA is 3.90, that of Tufts is 3.65. Do your research well before applying.

Connect With Medical Students At Each Medical College

While many people neglect this, it is an important factor that aids you to get into medical institutions in Massachusetts faster. The truth is that there is no way you can learn about the culture of any school without connecting with those there.

You can also reach out to your undergraduate alumni networks, friends, and relatives who are in the school or have graduated, to learn more about the school.

Outline Your Strengths While Applying

Bring in your strengths into your essays. State why you are the best fit for the admission, and how you intend to contribute to both the school and the medical profession at large after graduation.

Medical Schools In Massachusetts

Here are the medical schools found in Massachusetts. It will interest you to know that there are only four medical schools in Massachusetts, and they are ranked among the best medical schools all over the globe according to US News and World Report.

Like I said earlier, I will be listing and explaining them for you to get the full insight.

  • Harvard Medical School
  • Boston University School Of Medicine
  • Tufts University School Of Medicine
  • University Of Massachusetts Medical School

1.      Harvard Medical School

Harvard medical school is the first on our list of Massachusetts’s medical colleges. It is a private medical school located in Boston, MA, and focuses on equipping students with in-depth knowledge on all that concerns medical practices.

The school emphasizes leadership and gives the students a thought pattern on how they can become leaders in the healthcare and medical sector at large. The tuition fee is $62,000, and the average GPA and MCAT are 3.93 and 519 respectively.

2.      Boston University School Of Medicine

The next on our list is the Boston University School Of Medicine. BUSM helps its students to understand all it takes to thrive in the medical field. The students are being taught diverse Boston neighborhoods, healthcare disparities, patient populations, etc., upon their arrival on campus.

It is also important to note that students will complete the traditional two-year preclinical curriculum within a stated period before completing the two-year clinical curriculum. The tuition fee is $61,000, and the average GPA and MCAT are 3.77 and 516 respectively.

3.      Tufts University School Of Medicine

Another on our list of medical colleges found in Massachusetts is Tufts University School Of Medicine. It is a private university located in Boston, MA. The school updated its curriculum in 2019, and removed the preclinical years, thereby making it possible for students to enter the clinical curriculum at a fast pace.

Furthermore, the four core threads of medicine which are healthcare systems, population health, the patient experience, and professional/ personal development are integrated into the learning syllabus over the four years to be spent.

The tuition fee is $62,000, and the average GPA and MCAT are 3.64 and 513 respectively.

4.      University Of Massachusetts Medical School

University Of Massachusetts Medical School is a public university located in Worchester, MA. The school provides a standard curriculum that gives the students the to explore various opportunities in healthcare. There are also a good number of summer programs available for students in their first and second years.

The cost of the tuition fee is $61,000 (in-state), and $35,000 (out-of-state), and the average GPA and MCAT are 3.73 and 514 respectively.


Above are the four medical schools located in Massachusetts. They are well-versed in research, and never cease to give their students quality training in all that it takes to thrive in the medical field. Do check out the one within the range of your GPA/ MCAT, and shoot your application.

I wish you luck!

Kindly take a look at the frequently asked questions below for more insights about the topic.

Medical Schools In Massachusetts- FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about medical institutions in Massachusetts. I highlighted and answered the vital ones. Read through carefully.

How Many Medical Schools Are In Massachusetts?

There are four medical schools in Massachusetts.

What GPA Do You Need To Get Into The University Of Massachusetts Medical School?

You need to possess a GPA of 3.73 to get into the University of Massachusetts medical school.

What Is The Cost Of Medical Schools In Massachusetts?

The cost of medical colleges in Massachusetts is about $35,000 to $62,000.