How to Make Training a More Positive Experience for Every Employee

Do you feel like your training program is a drag? Wouldn’t it be great if training could be fun and engaging instead of feeling like a chore? Every time you try to do something new, it gets in the way of your employees doing their job effectively.

Well, it’s possible – and it doesn’t have to be hard to pull off. In this article, we’ll show you five tips for making training a more positive experience for everyone involved.

Make it bite-sized

No one wants to sit through a four-hour training video, no matter how interesting the topic is. Breaking up training into smaller chunks makes it more digestible and less intimidating.

 Fifteen-minute sessions a few times a week can be as practical as one long session, and your employees will be more likely to stick with it. Also, try to focus on one specific skill or topic. 

This will help your employees retain information better and feel like they’re making progress.

Use a variety of learning formats.

Some people learn best by listening to the audio, others by watching videos, and others by reading text. The key is to cater to different learning styles by offering a variety of formats. This way, employees can find a format that works best for them.

In addition to traditional formats like lectures and videos, try incorporating interactive elements like quizzes, games, and simulations. 

These activities can make learning more fun and engaging and help your employees retain information better.

Show, don’t tell.

When presenting new information, it’s essential to focus on practical applications. Simply telling your employees what they need to do is not enough. It would help if you showed them how to do it.

For example, if you’re teaching a customer service representative how to handle a difficult customer, don’t just tell them what to say. 

Show them an example of difficult customer interaction, and then have them role-play how they would handle it. This will help them understand the concept and feel more confident when dealing with real customers.

Keep it interactive

Boredom is one of the biggest enemies of training. If your employees are bored, they will avoid paying attention or retaining information. So, it’s essential to keep things interactive.

One way to do this is to encourage employees to ask questions. You can also use group activities, like simulations and role-playing, to keep things interesting.

And, of course, make sure to incorporate some fun elements, like games and prizes. You can use an LMS like LearnUpon to help you track employee engagement and performance, which will give you a better understanding of how best to train your team.

Mix self-guided and instructor-led training

There’s no need to rely on instructor-led training all the time. Self-guided learning can be just as effective and is often more convenient for employees.

By offering a mix of self-guided and instructor-led training, you can give employees the flexibility to learn at their own pace. And, if you use an LMS, you can easily track employee progress and ensure they’re completing the training.

Think about the feedback you’re getting.

You want your employees to be satisfied with the training, so take a step back and figure out what’s not working. Is it positive or negative? If it’s negative, there’s a problem.

Maybe the training is too long or needs to be tailored to your employees’ needs. Whatever the issue is, addressing it will make training more enjoyable for everyone involved.


You can only rely on something other than employee training to happen automatically. You have to make it a priority and ensure that it’s effective and engaging for your employees. 

Also, LMSs can be a valuable tool for tracking employee progress and ensuring they’re completing the training properly. By incorporating these tips, you’ll be able to create the best training experience possible.