Education and Gaming: What You Should Know

Online gaming is part of the millennial culture for leisure and education purposes. Not only do your kids develop a teamwork mentality, but also, they foster intellectual strategies to solve problems and missions in the game. But the question is, how much do you know about the game that your child is playing?

While you contemplate this question, it is best to call your parental attention. But in the case of Roblox gaming, it is different.

For more than fourteen years, Roblox has been delivering great gaming experiences to most American players who are aged ten years old and above. As a provider of one the best gaming interfaces similar to Minecraft, Roblox encourages your child to develop strategies while teaming up with others in accomplishing levels.
Some of the games include delivering pizzas, to roaming a kingdom as a medieval knight, to even starring in a fashion show.

As a parent, you have to build awareness of gaming content and the costs of your child’s gameplay. Leaving them with no guidance brings burden. But don’t you worry, this article guides you and your child on the basics of Roblox — how it works and its nature.

What is Roblox?

In a nutshell, Roblox is an online gaming platform that enables millions of players to showcase their creative expressions in building their 3D games and experiences using Roblox’s proprietary game-developing tool.

At its core in teaching coding for kids, Roblox Studio tools are relatively easy for coding novices to learn. Meaning, you don’t have to be a coding expert to develop your desired game. Whether you are a STEM student, a teacher, or a professional software developer, the gaming space allows you to experiment, create, explore and succeed using your winning strategies.

Roblox is for free. You only have to sign up to access an infinite number of games, games, build and share creations, and social media engagements. 

How does Roblox work? 

There are two modes that your child can enjoy in Roblox: either by playing games or creating their own game. 

As already mentioned, you have to register for free access to both modes, varying unlimited supply of creative and fun challenges in different categories. You can visit, sign up and download the game. Or you can also download it from the Microsoft Store. 

Unlike other latest software gaming applications, Roblox is unique and different. The games are created by the members of other communities and not by the people who make the game. Meaning, random players can access and join the server created from a random creator.

Moreover, some contents in Roblox are for free. But if your children desire an advanced gameplay which involves clothes, accessories, gears for an avatar, special abilities, and bonus in-game content, you have to buy Robux.

Is Roblox safe for my child? 

Yes. Roblox is safe for your child as it has an ESRB rating of “E10+ for Everyone 10 and up for Fantasy Violence.” However, you still have to ensure that inappropriate content or forms of communication won’t reach your children. 

Today, Roblox is available on smartphones, desktop computers, tablets, the Xbox One, and some Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. Due to the influx of users, your child can talk with random people in the chat window. 

A BBC news report revealed that children’s safety in Roblox gaming was compromised, involving sexual slurs manifested through the exchange of words and pictures. In short, some children have experienced sexual abuse and perpetration with random players. 

If this sounds alarming, you’re not alone. But Codakid, an online gaming platform for kids, suggests ways to a safe experience in Roblox.

Tips for a Safer Gameplay in Roblox 

#1 Read and apply the Parent’s Guide

Roblox aims to build a safer digital world by involving the parents at the forefront of its mission. That’s why Roblox has created a Parent’s Guide for you to read. 

In the guide, Roblox underscores pain points that would affect children’s safety in gameplay, including:

  • Avatar Clothing Detection; 
  • Reporting System;
  • Chat Filters; and
  • Customizable Parental Controls. 

For more updates and guidelines to follow, you can access find the Parent’s guide here:

#2 Use a phone name

In creating for your child’s username, you have to use an alternative name, an alias, or a phone name. A phone name advances the protection of your child’s identity against identity theft. 

Here, you can choose a creative and fancy name. As suggested, create a username that doesn’t include any related information of your child’s identity, such as birthday, address, etc.

#3 Enabling Parental Controls

Account PIN 

As already mentioned, there is a Customizable Parental Controls in Roblox settings. Hence, you have to enable a PIN so that your child can’t change the settings. 

First, after creating an account, go to settings. Click on the Security bar, and search for Account PIN. 

Second, you’ll notice that the Account PIN is disabled. To enable it, you have to assign a valid email address to your account. 

Third, once you have assigned a valid email, the system asks you to input for a PIN. This pin will be used in times of changes in administration settings. In other words, your children can’t change anything unless they know your PIN. 

Account Restrictions

Moreover, you can limit the content that your child receives through Account Restrictions. 

Here, you only have to go to Privacy. Change the Contact Settings. From there, set the communication settings to “Off.” 

#4 Download the ConnectSafely Parents Guide 

For your convenience, here is a comprehensive digital copy for The Parent’s Guide to Roblox. Kindly see it here:

#5 Create an account for yourself and play with your child

The best way to know what’s going inside a Roblox gameplay is to create a user account and play together with your child. Just like the user experience on Facebook, you have to request an “Add Friend” to your child. 

Or, at the very least, you can sit with your child while he’s playing.

#6 Warn them with potential dangers 

The child’s curiosity ends when a bit of parental advice starts. They’ll listen to your expertise more than anyone else. By warning them with potential dangers, you’re establishing a direct discipline to your child from misguided, abusive gameplay. Be always straightforward when giving parental advice. As much as possible, don’t cease to check your children’s mental health in his Roblox experience.

Key Takeaways 

At the core of Roblox gaming lies a parent accountability and responsibility toward your child’s social and intellectual responses. Not only the game develops a teamwork mentality, but also advocates a content that would affect his outlooks in life. 

In today’s ever-changing information exchanges, the content and costs of a gaming experience call for parental attention. In other words, parents should not overlook the way video games shape a child’s character, competence, and confidence. 

Indeed, Roblox is a game for everyone – creating an opportunity to build and develop a desired gaming world. Through its free access, however, it brings a challenge to a child’s safety in content consumption and social interaction. 

That’s why as a parent, here are some tips to follow for a safe, effective Roblox gaming experience:

  1. Read and apply the Parent’s Guide
  2. Use a phone name
  3. Enable Parental Controls
  4. Download the ConnectSafely Parents Guide
  5. Create an account for yourself and play with your child
  6. Warn them with potential dangers 

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