6 Best Fashion Schools In Florida And Their Fees

A fashion school will equip you with adequate fashion and design skills and provide you with resourceful opportunities to enter the ever-competitive fashion industry. Curated in this blog post are the best fashion schools in Florida and their costs which will help you make informed decisions on which fashion school to attend.

Fashion and design are one of the most popular forms of art and you can easily find them as academic programs across art schools and colleges anywhere in the world. If you do not want to attend a fashion-focused school, then you may consider an art school or university offering degree programs in fashion and design. None is better than the other, they’ll both train you to achieve success in the ever-competitive and ever-evolving fashion industry.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest in the world, currently valued at 3 trillion dollars, and contributes up to 2% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) according to Fashion United. This industry is highly competitive and there isn’t a single design that stays for long. Graduating from a renowned fashion school and continuous learning are among the ways to be successful in such a competitive industry.

At Study Abroad Nations we are continuously providing resources for you to make the former easier, the latter will be by your own hands. You can find other articles we have written on the fashion schools in Ghana and fashion schools in Nigeria if you want to learn fashion and design in Africa or fashion schools in Germany if you want to study in Europe.

We also have a wide range of articles on free online courses. As a budding fashion designer, our post on free online fashion design courses will be highly beneficial to you. And when you become a well-grounded fashion designer, you can decide to go for an MBA degree to have a strong foot in the industry and even go on to take up leadership and managerial positions at fashion institutes.

To give you a wider option of fashion schools to look at and ultimately apply for, some of the best fashion schools in Florida have been curated in this post. Without any further ado, let’s get into them.

Is Florida A Good Place To Study Fashion?

The US state of Florida is not recognized among the best places in the US to study fashion but there are also good state-recognized fashion schools in Florida. Some top US universities in Florida are offering fashion programs.

If you are a student from another country, getting a fashion education in Florida will bring you so much hype in any organization because it is from the US and any education there holds prestige compared to other parts of the world.

Another thing you should know about Florida and fashion is that there is an annual Fashion Designers Expo held in the state where you can meet and create a network of connections with other fashion designers from far and wide to keep up on the latest trends in the industry.

How Much Is Fashion School in Florida?

The cost of a fashion school in Florida varies by school, program offering, and student residency status. Tuition can range from $2,483 to $26,112, with an average tuition cost of $15,325. One of the perks of the fashion schools in Florida is that they are not expensive compared to others in the US and around the world, like the fashion schools in Australia, and they offer generous scholarships and grants.

How To Get Into Fashion Schools In Florida

Whether you want to study fashion design, merchandising, or marketing, there are schools in Florida that can serve you and here is how you can get into them.

Completed Secondary Education

You must have completed your secondary education and take subjects related to the fashion field, your teacher or parent should be able to help you out with this. You should also be part of a club in your school, especially one that has to do with design and creativity like a theater or acting club where you are part of the costume team.

This will give you a basic or background experience of fashion designing and can boost your chances of getting accepted into one of the fashion design schools in Florida. And it also puts you ahead a few steps compared to those who do not have this necessary experience.

Meet Entry Requirements

This is a general thing for every institution whether it is an online college or law school, there are usually requirements set in place by the admissions board for applicants to meet. Through these requirements, you will be evaluated and given a response. And requirements usually vary between fashion schools and universities offering fashion and design programs in Florida.

But a general requirement between both is that applicants must submit recommendation letters, have some experience in the fashion industry, and submit a portfolio of their work. International applicants may be required to take English language proficiency tests and submit scores along with other requirements.

Begin Your Application

Of course, you’ll apply to a fashion school you find suitable and whose requirements you have met. Applications are typically done online and there might be an in-person interview or online interview via Zoom, or telephone call. Ensure that your application is strong that means writing powerful essays or statements of purpose, getting strong recommendation letters, and having proof of relevant work experience in the fashion industry.

Send in your applications earlier so that they can be carefully reviewed.

Be In Contact With Your Host Institution

This is one of the many things that prospective students never do. Whichever fashion school in Florida you will be applying for, the first thing you need to do is be in contact with the admissions officer. This way, you can get firsthand information on things like full requirements, tuition and other fees, financial packages like scholarships, the admission application process, and deadlines.

Although these details can be found on other resources like blogs the chances of them being incorrect or outdated are high so, contacting your host institution grants your fresh details on anything you may need to facilitate your admission into that fashion school.

Finally, the average acceptance rate across fashion schools in Florida is about 69% therefore you do not have to worry about overly-stringent admission requirements.

How Long Is Fashion School In Florida?

With an internship, it can take 5 years of full-time study to complete fashion school in Florida.

fashion schools in Florida

Best Fashion Schools In Florida & Their Cost

From my research through sources across the web, the following are the best fashion schools in Florida and their tuition. Listed in no particular order, the following are the best fashion schools in Florida:

  • Fashion Institute of South Florida
  • THOS Fashion School of Design
  • South Florida Fashion Academy (SF/FA)
  • Miami International University of Art & Design
  • Lynn University
  • The Institute of Fashion

1.     Fashion Institute of South Florida

The Fashion Institute of South Florida is a vocational fashion school that trains its students in hands-on practice and equips them with industry-ready skills, this is a quality that makes it one of the best fashion institutes in Florida. The school is located in North Miami, Florida and one of the things I quickly noticed about the school is how easy it is to contact them.

I mean, you can contact them on Whatsapp, Telephone, or Email and get a response almost instantly and this is a great satisfaction among prospective students. This vocational fashion school offers a Diploma in Fashion Apparel and Design, Workshop programs, Short Fashion Courses, Summer Courses, and online fashion courses that you can enroll in from any part of the world.

The tuition for the diploma program is $11,000.

2.     THOS Fashion School of Design

If you want to learn fashion and design quickly and get working, THOS Fashion School of Design is the place for you, it is an independent fashion school that specializes in the study of fashion design and branding. THOS prides itself as a fashion hub that trains budding fashionistas to become fashion entrepreneurs quickly by disrupting the popular belief that a long-term program is a way to success in the fashion industry.

The school has been in the business of training fashionistas for more than 25 years and utilizes a strong curriculum with a no-nonsense approach to the business of fashion. The programs offered are The Business of Fashion, Fashion Garment Sewing, and Fashion Design Entrepreneurship. If you find this school suitable, you will have to put a call through to get started on the admission process.

3.     South Florida Fashion Academy (SF/FA)

The South Florida Fashion Academy is not your typical fashion school, it is more. This fashion school sets itself aside from the others in Florida by preparing students for professional excellence in art, fashion, and beauty through rigorous academic programs, experiential learning, and ingenious partnerships. The programs offered are Fashion Design, Makeup, Fashion Merchandizing, Cosmetology, Barbering, Skin Care, and Nail Tech.

You can enroll in two programs at once and gain both skills simultaneously. Students who find this school suitable will, together with their parents or guardians, meet with an admissions officer on campus where they will get all info on the admission process, requirements, and tuition. Students are accepted based on the successful interviews, submissions, and review of all documents.

4.     Miami International University of Art & Design

Now, this is different from the other fashion schools above because it is a university that confers a degree. One of the perks is that you get to enjoy financial packages such as scholarships and grants, unlike fashion schools that do not give any of these. The Miami International University of Art & Design is a university that offers a wide range of art and deign programs including Fashion.

Its fashion degree program areas are in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandizing which are further broken down into associate and bachelor’s degree programs. The tuition cost is $17,604.

5.     Lynn University

Lynn University is a private university located in Boca Raton, Florida that offers a Bachelor of Science in Fashion and Retail. The program explores fashion merchandising, retail buying and inventory replenishing, the evolution of fashion change, and styling and fashion forecasting.

The fact that this university will give me the opportunity to plan a large-scale runway show and even work behind the scenes at fashion events in South Florida simply makes it one of the best fashion schools in the state.

The program is only offered on-campus and there are plans set in place for you to complete it in 3 or 4 years. The total tuition is $55,250 for the program, funding options are available as well.

6.     The Institute of Fashion

This is a fashion school in Coral Gables, Florida that equips you with firsthand skills on how to sketch, sew, and design your collection from scratch. The Institute of Fashion only accepts students from ages 12-21. The programs offered are Annual Fashion Design, Winter/Spring Workshop, Summer Fashion Design Workshop, Private Portfolio Workshops, and Virtual Fashion Sketching Class.

And with this, I’m wrapping up the list of best fashion schools in Florida, not much of a long list but looking further into them, they can serve you and develop you to become a successful fashionista and get your big break in the industry.

Fashion Schools In Florida – FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Do fashion schools in Florida accept foreigners?” answer-0=” If you are from another country and want to study fashion and design in Florida, there are a couple of fashion schools there that will accept you as long as you meet the requirements.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is the most famous fashion school in Florida?” answer-1=” The most popular fashion school in Florida are the Miami International University of Art & Design and South Florida Fashion Academy.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”How many fashion schools are in Florida?” answer-2=” There used to be many fashion schools in Florida, but most have permanently closed and few are available now.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]