18 Best Fashion Schools in New York

Do you love fashion? And you wish to advance your fashion career in New York? Then, this article on fashion schools in New York is a great start for you to make a choice.

New York is a Big city where many activities have been done and people who live here are ambitious and always want to stand out in all they do.

One way to stand out is through your dress. To do that, you need to dress smart and unique.

New York is ranked the 7th most fashionable city in the world.

The city holds its fashion week every fall and spring of the year. Fashion designers from all over the world troop to this event to showcase their designs and prowess in the fashion world.

Fashion in New York is generally important because it is the place where various people all over the globe source all kinds of fashion products. And also as a result of their long history of fashion from ancient times.

One has to acquire a degree in school in other to be specialized in it. For anything you want to delve into, you need to acquire a degree to go far with it. Whether you attend a school in cosmetology, an esthetician school, or any other beauty school, what matters is that you have full-on training on it.

Education in fashion is essential because it enables one to get prepared for anything fashion related and also really get into the work of fashion perfectly well.

How Much do Fashion Schools in New York cost?

The average cost in fashion schools after aids is $10,389.

The average cost before aids is $25,113.

How to Get into Textile Schools in New York

The following are ways to get into textile schools in New York

  • Submit your school transit or GED result.
  • Complete an application form.
  • Pay an application fee
  • Write an admission essay
  • Submit SAT or Act score
  • Submit recommendation letters
  • Show your portfolios.

fashion schools in New York

Best Textile Schools in New York

The following schools have been handpicked as the best clothing schools in New York. They come highly recommended by students who have passed through the school and have remained the very best in the fashion industry.

  • Parsons New School of Fashion Design
  • New York School of Design
  • LIM College
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Esaie Couture Design School
  • The New York Sewing Center
  • Cazenovia College
  • Cornell University
  • CUNY Kingsborough community college
  • Fashion Institute of Technology
  • SUNY Westchester Community College
  • The Art Institute of New York City
  • Marist College
  • Nassau Community College
  • Syracuse University
  • Wood Tobe- Coburn School
  • Pratt Institute-Main
  • Villa Maria College
  1. Parson New School of Fashion Design

This is one of the best schools in New York. It was founded in 1896. The school is known to have produced a large number of educated successful designers who enrolled in several degrees, programs, and diplomas.

They engage in fashion designs and marketing practices which enables them to competitively place graduates professionally. It is one of the fashion schools that weaves project-based methods.

They organize studios and seminar programs like Fashion Design (AAS), Fashion Design and Society (MFA), Fashion Management Online(MPS), and Textiles (MFA).

At Parsons Fashion School, students who are not financially buoyant to pay their tuition fees receive financial aid through scholarship opportunities.

2. New York School of Design

This is one of the clothing schools in New York that’s single-minded in fashion career education.

This school meets the expectations of students despite their fields of interest. It gives room for the study of different fields in fashion.

New York School of Design is an internationally recognized school of design and one of the famous fashion colleges in NY that provides students with effective hands-on training in fashion and design.

This school unlike other schools gives necessary entry points at the foundation, certificate as well as expert levels.

3.       LIM college

This is one of the clothing schools in New York where students graduate with a degree, experience, and connections to launch into an appropriate career in their field.

LIM College is a private college founded in 1939 in Midtown Manhattan. It is an exceptional private education that provides you with the skills and knowledge that you will need to mark your ground in the fashion business.

One of the things that distinguish this fashion school from others is that various companies related to the fashion industry provide opportunities for graduates in this fashion school.

Some Degrees like Business of Fashion, (BBA), and International Business,(BS), can be obtained at LIM College.

LIM College students have received several internship opportunities almost in all aspects of fashion ranging from e-commerce production to trend forecasting.

4.       Rochester Institute of Technology

This institute was founded in the year 1829. It is privately owned and is one of the top fashion colleges in New York at the heart of technology, arts, and design.

They have varieties and cooperative individuals who are engaged and intellectually curious.

Rochester Institute of Technology is known for creativity and professionalism. They offer a bachelor of fine Arts degree in metal craft and jewelry.

More so, students who are not handy to cater for financial involvement, as well as the deaf and hard-hearing students, benefit from the scholarship opportunities provided by the school.

5.       Esaie Couture Design School

This is one of the best textile schools where everyone has the opportunity to learn at their own pace and gain global experiences.

It is a unique fashion school that allows one to have access to online fashion design and sewing courses at any time.

The school has an in-house workshop where once u register u get exposed to beginners sewing, draping, and pattern making.

Their online courses are a lot but some of them include:

  • Sewing courses
  • Technical Designs
  • Pattern Making
  • Embroidery
  • Fashion Merchandising

6.       The New York Sewing Center

The founder of the New York sewing center is Kristine frailing who is known to be an old woman wear designer and an instructor based in New York City.

He Graduated from Missouri state university with an education in fashion design and merchandising.

Kristine has a series of experiences within the fashion design industry. She has her own clothing business sold in many stores all over the world. She believes that her sewing skills strengthen women and build confidence.

This school has raised many fashion pros around New York City. They give their students one on one attention and their private lessons can be taken either at home or in their studio.

7.       Cazenovia College

This is the college that provides students with quality education at an affordable price. It has an atmosphere conducive to learning and provides students with opportunities to be engaged and involved in the campus community.

It is one of the best clothing schools in New York that offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

They help develop creative and technical skills in students so that they can create patterns and develop strong concepts and most especially make them able to use modern digital technology to represent their fashion line.

8.       Cornell University

This clothing design school is unique and concentrates only on the fashion design process.

They are known as one of the best schools in New York because of their ability to renew conceptual design thinking with skills and design methods. This university was founded in 1865 by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White.

Cornell is one of the few private land grant universities. This made him operate a cooperative extension outreach program in every county of New York and receives annual funding from the state of  New York for certain educational missions.

Cornell university started with three semesters of apparel and textual foundation courses, followed by a collection studio sequence that helps student develop their vision when it comes to fashion.

An internship is been done by students for them to have opportunities to explore aspects of the industry and gain much-needed experience.

9.       CUNY Kingsborough community college

CUNY Kingsborough community college is good at what they do. They prepare students for a perfect career in fashion design as well as costume design for theatre and film.

It is the only community college that’s located in Brooklyn New York. It was founded in 1963 and began its program in 1964.

The school began with a less number of people but today has over 18,000 students and they believe that education is necessary for a better life.

Kingsborough college comprises 23 colleges and universities in New York. It is the largest urban university and the third in New York.

They offer students certificate and degree programs through vocational and career training which prepares them for work immediately  in their field of study after graduation and ways in which designers create their collections are been learned as well like draping, sketch pattern making, etc

10.   Fashion Institute of Technology

This is the second top university in New York City. It is located on west 27th street between the 7th and 8th avenues in the neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City.

The fashion institute of technology was founded in the year 1944 and accredited in the year 1957. It is internationally recognized for its expertise in designs, arts, etc. Some fashion-related program in this school includes; fabric styling, illustration, menswear, etc.

They also offer scholarship opportunities for students who are not capable enough to pay their fees.

11.   SUNY Westchester Community College

SUNY Westchester Community College is more than just the largest educational institution in New York. It was founded in 1946 as the New York state institute of applied arts and science and has a large number of students.

It offers courses for people of all ages and also puts their career choices, personal development, and customized training for businesses into consideration.

Most  Students in college receive scholarship opportunities that come as financial aid. They run on a semester basis and have a full-time instructional teacher. They offer degrees like Master’s Degree, post Masters certificates, and Doctor’s degrees.

They ensure the security and safety of their students and allow them to meet their different goals and targets.

SUNY Westchester Community College has a lively atmosphere, complemented by the surrounding nature and architecture. The classes are fascinated by great professors who inspired the students to remain motivated and dedicated to obtaining success in classes.

They have programs that enrich students’ life and assist the college to fulfill its Mandate to provide attainable and quality education.

12.   The Art Institute of New York City

This institute offers a degree program that helps people learn new generated skills. It was founded in 1980 as the New York Restaurant School and was renamed in 2001.

It was accredited by the accrediting council for independent colleges and schools. It was shut down in 2017 and was later re-open in July 2021. It opened for-profit art colleges with several branches in North America. The president of this institute was Jennifer Ramey.

The Art Institute of New York City is broken down into four main academic departments which are; Design, Fashion, Media Arts, and General Education.

The fashion department is the most popular in the School thus students in this program will be working towards an associate of applied science in fashion design as their final degree.

In this institute, students learn computer-generated techniques required in making very stylish apparel and they are equipped with skills that help them to promote or market their designs.

13.   Marist college

Marist college is one of the best when it comes to clothing schools in New York City because they have all it takes to study good fashion design.

This college was among the colleges that were listed by Forbes as one of the best colleges that shape the future of the fashion industry. This college is located on the banks of the historic Hudson River in Manhattan.

It is a broad institution specializing in arts and design. It aims to develop students for a successful careers in fashion and design. It also engages in initiatives that set them apart from peer institutions.

It was founded in 1929. They offer several programs for aspiring fashion designers. They also participate in an internship that enables students to work in any companies of their choice Calvin Klein, Chanel, and Many others.

The school prepares its students in merchandising, retailing, fashion promotions, planning, operations, etc.

14.   Nassau Community College

This college a more personalized level of education. Their tools and equipment are up to date and the college allows one to have the opportunity to learn more about their field.

It is a public community college in the garden city of New York. It was founded in 1959 with Maria confetti as the interim president. This college has provided an education that enjoys a nationwide reputation for academic excellence.

Courses are available in the daytime, evening, on weekends, and online. Small classes, usually taught by distinguished faculty dedicated to the teaching process, makes Nassau an excellent educational value.

In this college students had the opportunity to complete the Associate in Applied Arts (AAS) degree in the field of fashion Design. Fashion arts, draping, and garment construction will be taught using techniques employed in the industry.

Students develop the skills necessary to translate their original sketches into finished garments students are also encouraged to participate in industry-sponsored and community events.

During every spring semester, a fashion show featuring four-semester student projects provides a showcase of students’ achievements. Students also participate in internship programs in a design firm’s studio as part of the program.

The academic experiences gotten from this program provide basic employment as a designer or assistant designer, production or product development. Graduates may transfer to a four-year college to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

15.   Syracuse University

This is one of the textile schools that studies experimental textiles, the history of fashion and arts, fashion drawing, and some more. It was founded in 1870. In this institute, you will be given tools and opportunities that will help you flourish in your chosen area of study.

This university is a comprehensive highly residential research university. It is a private institute that’s known for its vibrant academics. It is located in Lima New York.

Scholarship and financial aids are available for students. The students are often seen studying with a trade magazine.

16.   Wood Tobe- Coburn School

This is one of the best schools that since its origination has been the first school in its country to focus on fashion education.

This school offers associate degrees and diplomas through career-focused programs. This school was established for fashion careers in New York City by Miss Tobe Coller Davis ( an internationally known fashion authority) and Julian Coburn a formal fashion editor.

This school was established in 1937 and they prepare their students for life in the fashion world through hands-on experience and exposure to many areas of fashion.

Wood Tobe Coburn School offers specialized training to their students which expands their skills. They have courses in pattern making a constitution, professional sewing techniques, design studios, etc.

17.   Pratt Institute-Main

This school offers several programs for aspiring fashion designers like BFA in Fine Arts, BFA in costume design. It was founded in 1887.

Students in this institute have opportunities to participate in annual design competitions sponsored by varieties of companies.

This institute is interdisciplinary in the sense that the study of fashion cross-pollinates with art and design disciplines. Students build their visions through improvisation, imagination, and curiosity. They communicate that vision through accuracy in materials, digital technologies, and traditional techniques.

Pratt is been recognized for its distinguished academic records. Graduates in fashion design carry the Hallmark of their department into the working world where they are recognized for their commitment and creativity, personal vision, and versatility.

18.   Villa Maria College

This is a private college in Buffalo. It was founded in 1960 by the Felician sisters. This college encourages students’ values and perspectives in their careers in fashion design and imagery.

Through experience, students develop the critical thinking and communication skill they need to succeed in the industry. It offers Bachelor’s degree in fashion and apparel design


These schools and more are the clothing Design Schools in New York that one can enroll in and pursue a degree in Fashion Design.

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions regarding textile Schools in New York and call this article a wrap!

Fashion Schools in New York – FAQs

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