Best 6 Fashion Schools in Singapore

The fashion business is booming in “the Lion City,” over the past decade, especially after the revolution in 2014, and, according to Statista, the Singapore fashion market is said to increase to US$3.09bn in 2025. Statista also reported that the fashion segment will reach US$1.90bn in 2022, so you see, enrolling in one of the fashion schools in Singapore could be your best career choice.

This small Island nation, Singapore has different kinds of fashions, mostly because different popular countries are residing in the country, you will find the Chinese, the ethnic Indians, and even the Malays. These different countries will bring in their traditional apparel, and their culture, making fashion an ever-growing industry in the country.

Whether you’re seeing popular women on their Baju Kurung, which is a well-known dress for Singapore and Malaysia, I think some parts of Indians also wear it. The guys mostly go for Baju Melayu. 

One of the interesting things about these fashion schools in Singapore is they have varieties of options, you can choose to focus on a 3-year diploma, a 4-year, or a 3-year Bachelor of Art in Fashion, and they even have some short courses that you can enroll and complete with few days. To stay on the safe side, you can enroll in any free online fashion classes it will help you to understand fashion more before committing your finance to a long-term program.

But, if you intend to enroll in any of these online fashion classes, try and have the best online tools for your education, some of them will help you to stay focused in your classes. 

Before we go straight to what we have, let’s see how much it can cost you to study in one of these fashion schools in Singapore.

How much is fashion school in Singapore?

The cost of these fashion schools differs, but one common thing is that Singapore citizens will always pay lower than permanent residents and international students. Also, another thing that determines the fee is the kind of program you want to enroll in and the school. So the price for a diploma program is lower than the cost of a Bachelor’s degree program, whereas the price for a short course is the least. 

Therefore, the average tuition for a Singapore citizen that wants to enroll in a diploma program is S$5,020 annually whereas an international student will need to pay an average of S$9,300. Also, the average tuition for a citizen of Singapore enrolling in a BA (Hons) will need to pay an average of S$9,780 annually whereas their international counterpart will pay an average of S$19,000.

Paying these fees outrightly from your pocket might not be so simple, especially for international students, so most of these schools offer scholarships, and here are some other scholarships in Singapore for foreign students.

How to get into fashion schools in Singapore

If you intend to enroll in short courses in these fashion schools in Singapore, you just need to pay to enroll, there is no requirement needed. But if you want to partake in the diploma or Bachelor’s program there are certain rules you have to follow to be admitted, and they include; 

  • A good grade in your O-level result
  • A good grade in your A-level result
  • You might take an admission test
  • You might be required to submit some portfolios of your recent exceptional works
  • You might be called for an interview, depending on the school.
  • If you are not from a country that has English as their native language, then you will be required to submit an English Proficiency Test Result.

fashion schools in Singapore

Fashion Schools in Singapore

Singapore doesn’t have a lot of fashion schools, but these few were carefully selected, here is the list, plus their tuition fee.

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1. Lasalle College of Arts

This is a fashion school that is so addicted to your success, both in Singapore and the World, they encourage you to develop your fashion language and be creative with your design. Lasalle helps you to bring a simple idea, an idea that a lot of people would have ignored, but produce a great impact with it.

The school carries out lots of research to remain updated, and you will be undertaking important projects within the curriculum or co-curriculum. One of the methods of Lasalle is to find a way that fashion designers won’t just work, in the art industry, but even extend their creativity to work with scientists, doctors, mathematicians, and engineers.

You won’t just be focused on design in your classes, you will also be exposed to other disciplines, this helps you to have a broad understanding of other niches. This is one of the fashion schools in Singapore that will be teaching you about the country’s culture, and their food, even reminding their students how they were brought up.

Lasalle offers a 3-year diploma in creative direction for fashion, which will require a 360-credit point to complete. They also offer BA (Hons) in Fashion Design and Textiles, and BA(Hons) in Fashion Media and Industries.

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2. Nanyang Academic of Fine Arts (NAFA)

This is a diploma in Fashion Design that majorly focused on the practical lesson of fashion, they will be teaching you the best way to craft a design, the ways to make proper fashion design research, and even how to develop your work through 2D. 

Just like every good fashion design school in Singapore, NAFA will start with the foundational skills in the first semester. Then in the second semester, you’ll be entering deeper into lots of elements in the fashion design world such as creative design practice, pattern-making, fashion communication, etc.

You’ll also be doing much work in the second year, and might as well be involved in both local and international competitions. You’ll be concluding your work and lesson in the 3rd year with lots of collections of outfits.

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3. Raffles College of Higher Education

Raffles does it differently in Singapore, instead of focusing on fashion alone, they decided to bring technical skills to the table. So, you won’t just be learning the creative method of designing a prolific cloth, but you will be adding technology to your artistic creativity.

You’ll also learn how to have a pinpoint look at the market for the best trends because Raffles believes that different generations will always demand different values, concepts, skills, and competencies. I believe Raffle wants to disrupt the world, with the way they are going, they have seen that the design world has not impacted so much to our environment, so they want to break the barrier through their programs. You won’t just be having lectures alone, you’ll also attend several seminars, presentations, practicals, projects, researchers, etc.

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4. Temasek Polytechnic – School of Design

TP school of design is one of the best fashion schools in Singapore, and they have proven its excellence by winning the Coveted Institution of the Year Award for the 5th Consecutive time at the national Crowbar Awards. Not just that, their students walked away with more than 80 awards and 29 finalist positions. 

TP has seen the demand for design in the non-design organizations, so they are working tirelessly to always allow their students to work with real clients on major projects, they even go ahead to encourage their students to pitch ideas, and build businesses. They have mentorship sections where industrial professionals teach them skills aligning with global change and they have to go for internships to practically learn more.

Their diploma in apparel design and merchandising is a 3-year program where you don’t only learn fashion design, you also learn the business in it, so you’ll have to learn how to market your products, how to construct your brand story and some digital tools you can use to create your designs. 

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5. Fashion Makerspace

Unlike other fashion schools in Singapore we have listed, this one is not a long-term diploma program but is separated into bit-sized courses such as basics, intermediate, and classes for kids and youths. They even have online classes where you can learn how to sew menswear bowling shirts, V-Neck Wrap Dress, Swing Skirt with Elastic Back, Unisex Bomber Jacket, and a lot more online courses.

The classes are very strict to time, so make sure to arrive 5 minutes before the class commences, but if you’re 30 mins late, you will need to reschedule your class because you must have missed a lot that has already been taught. Fashion Makerspace is so concerned with your learning, so they make sure to sit a maximum of 10 people per session, this helps you to have more one-on-one interaction with your instructors. 

Moreover, you don’t need to bring your own sewing machine, everything is in their studio, but if you prefer working on your machine, then you can come along with it.

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6. The Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre (

Since its inception in 1983, has been able to introduce lots of designs to Singapore, they were the first to teach footwear design in Singapore, and have so far launched over 170 professional courses. 

They offer diploma courses such as 

  • Diploma in Apparel Design and Product Development
  • Diploma in Fashion Business
  • Diploma in Footwear Design and Product Development
  • Diploma in Bag Design and Product Development

Their diploma programs are not so long, if you are participating in a full-time program, you can complete it within 4-5 months, whereas, if you planned to partake on the part-time program, 11-12 months would be enough to complete your program.

They also have other short courses that can be completed within 2-7 days. is one of the fashion schools in Singapore that lots of people have trusted, that is why more than 12,800 students have graduated from their programs, and more than 480 corporate trainees trust their expertise.

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As you can see from these fashion schools in Singapore, we arranged it from diploma and BA 3-year programs to short courses, but all of them still remain the best, it all depends on what you want.

Fashion Schools in Singapore – FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Do fashion schools in Singapore accept foreigners?” answer-0=”Yes, these fashion schools in Singapore do accept students from different countries.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is the most famous fashion school in Singapore?” answer-1=”Lasalle College of Arts is the most famous fashion school, with great Alumni surging from the school.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”How many fashion schools are in Singapore?” answer-2=”Singapore doesn’t have so many fashion schools, their accredited fashion schools are less than 10.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”How long to finish fashion school in Singapore?” answer-3=”It depends on the kind of program you enrolled in, for a diploma program, you can complete it within 3 years, and some BA (Hons) can be completed within 4 years.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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