5 Free Nursing Schools with their Admission Requirements

Free nursing schools are hard to find as very few of them exist, in this blog post, I have outlined and discussed the free nursing schools and their admission requirements.

Nursing schools are almost as expensive as medical schools and the cost discourages many individuals that want to enter the nursing field. However, if you do your research before considering applying for admission into a nursing school, you will find out that there are scholarships that you can apply for towards your prospective nursing education.

Aside from scholarships, you can also look for tuition-free schools that offer nursing programs and also apply to them. Since they are tuition-free schools, you won’t have to pay for the nursing program at the respective institutions, but you have to ensure that the school offers a nursing program.

Another option you may want to explore are free nursing schools, they are rarely considered by anyone and it is because it sounds untrue that they exist, and they actually do, although very little and rare, but they surely exist. In this article, you will join me to explore the list of free nursing schools and their admission requirements.

Is nursing school free in the UK?

Nursing school isn’t free in the United Kingdom but home students and EU students pay lesser why international and Non-EU students pay higher.

Where can I study nursing for free?

The places you can study nursing for free have been compiled in this blog post. Keep reading…

5 Free Nursing Schools

University of Agder – Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences

The University of Agder’s (UiA) nursing program is a comprehensive, integrated professional education. Based on current knowledge, professional fitness, and respect for human anatomy and participation, the study program qualifies candidates for practicing compassionate and professionally sound nursing.

It entails meeting people’s fundamental needs, promoting health, preventing and treating illness, alleviating pain, and ensuring a dignified death. Candidates who complete the program will be prepared to cooperate across disciplines, interact at all levels of health care, and contribute to the development of fair, patient-safe, and knowledge-based services.

The Norwegian university houses one of the free nursing schools in the country and you don’t have to pay tuition to complete the program, however, you must pay semester fees that cover public transportation and expenses of the student association.

The program scope is full-time and has a total of 180 credits. Applicants must satisfy the admission requirements which include the higher education entrance qualification or prior learning and work experience as well as an average of a minimum grade of 3.0 in Norwegian (393 hours) and 3.0 in mathematics (224 hours).

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The University of Stavanger – Department of Health Studies

The University of Stavanger is a public university in Norway established in 2005 and offers tuition-free education and the nursing program here is also free, but you may pay other charges but no tuition. The faculty which provides the nursing degree and the university as a whole is one of the free nursing schools in the world.

The nursing program at the University of Stavanger requires three years of full-time study to be completed. The subjects within the nursing science program are natural sciences (anatomy, physiology, and pathology) and social sciences (pedagogy, psychology, law). Nursing competence is developed in the interplay between theory and practice.

The forms of work and teaching vary between lectures, group work, supervision, practical studies, as well as simulation and skills training in the nursing laboratories. During the study, it is possible to complete parts of the practice abroad.

The admissions requirement for the nursing program at the University of Stavanger is an average grade of 3 or better in Norwegian (393 hours), and an average grade of 3 or better in mathematics (common subject 224 hours).

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Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences – Faculty of Social Sciences and Media Studies

The Bremen University of Applied Sciences is a German university that dates back to 1799 and currently has approximately 9,000 students enrolled in 66 degree programs enrolled in economics, nursing, and social sciences.

The school is one of the free nursing schools in the world and the course duration is 8 semesters including the bachelor thesis and a compulsory one semester period spent in a foreign country during semester 5.

The entry requirements are a general university entry qualification or restricted university entry qualification or classification test/special admission.

This is one of the free nursing schools that award the International Degree Programme in Nursing B.Sc. and it teaches competencies for self-care and process-oriented care of people of all ages and in all care sectors. Graduates are capable of critically reflecting on their actions in light of scientific results, developing them further, and taking on new tasks and challenges on their own initiative.

The program leads to two unique qualifications: a Bachelor of Science degree and state-recognized vocational training in nursing.

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The Hamburg University of Applied Science – Department of Nursing and Management

The Department of Nursing and Management at Hamburg University of Applied Science is one of the free nursing schools that charge no tuition but students will pay a semester fee of less than 350 EUR which goes to student services and student government. The faculty offers five degree programs including a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Nursing and a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Nursing which is a cooperative degree program.

The admission requirements for both programs are different. The entry requirement for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing includes providing a higher education entrance qualification and a two-week internship in a setting delivering patient care.

The admission requirements for the M.Sc. Nursing program includes a completed first degree or bachelor’s degree worth at least 210 credit points, a license to practice in any of the nursing fields, at least one year of professional nursing experience, and provision of other documents such as a letter of motivation and CV.

International students can also apply to any of the programs but the language of instruction is in German, so, you must be fluent in it before applying.

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The Arctic University of Norway – Faculty of Health Sciences

On our final list of free nursing schools, the Arctic University of Norway is the world’s northernmost university and is the largest research and educational institute in northern Scandinavia. The university offers both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in nursing to domestic and international students.

Application into the program is open to students from all walks of life they also boast of a large international student body that goes as high as 10% of the total student population. The nursing education here is designed to prepare nurses with advanced skills to fulfill the needs of the health care system in both general and specialty care settings.

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These are all of the available free nursing schools, unfortunately, there aren’t many of them, but there are other alternatives you can use to study free which I mentioned in the beginning of this blog post. There are a number of tuition-free colleges and universities that offer nursing programs which you can apply for and study nursing for free.

The popular tuition-free colleges are:

  • Barclay College
  • Berea College
  • City College of San Francisco
  • College of the Ozarks
  • Deep Springs College
  • Webb Institute
  • Alice Lloyd College

These colleges offer free education and nursing programs, you should utilize the opportunity. Also, you can check out resources on practical nursing agency or you may want to consider enrolling in free online nursing courses although these courses won’t offer you the knowledge and skill to become a licensed, practicing nurse but it will help in sharpening your nursing skills, if you are already in the field, or help you “test waters” before going to nursing school.