10 Best Free Online Media Courses with Certificate

If you’re looking to improve your career prospects, then you should definitely consider getting a free online media course with a certificate.

These programs are created by universities and colleges around the world and can help students learn everything from basic video editing skills to more advanced topics such as creating visual effects for TV shows or movies.

The best part about these courses is that they are 100% free! Plus, there are no prerequisites, so anyone can enroll at any time. 

If you’re ready to take your media career to the next level, then check out this list of 10 Best free online media courses with certificates.

About free online media courses with certificate

Free online media courses are becoming more popular these days. Many universities, colleges, and other institutions now offer free educational materials through a variety of platforms, including video tutorials and ebooks. 

If you want to learn about digital content creation but you don’t have money to spend on tuition, here are 10 free online digital content creation courses that can help you jumpstart your career.

The aim of these free online digital content creation courses is to help students and professionals improve their existing skill sets or learn new ones. 

Because they are mostly provided by universities, all of them include a module that teaches you how to carry out research and cite your sources properly, which can come in handy if you want to pursue a career in communications, project management, or any other related field.

The topics covered in these courses vary, but they mostly deal with digital marketing, content creation, web development, and communications skills. 

Regardless of your background, you can use them to learn how to create SEO-friendly content, optimize images for social media or choose the right wording for your press releases.

This knowledge is useful whether you’re a freelance journalist or working for a large corporation.

10 Free Online Media Courses With Certificate

So, right here are some of the best free online media courses with certificates. You can take a cruise around to look at them.

1). Journalism -TV Reporters, News Anchors Look Great on TV

This TV journalism course is delivered primarily through spoken lectures. Because the skill you are learning is speaking-related, it only makes sense that you learn through speaking.

The skill you will learn in this class is not primarily theoretical or academic. It is a skill that requires physical habits. And you will be asked to take part in numerous exercises where you record yourself speaking on video and then watching yourself.

Learning presentation skills is like learning how to ride a bicycle. You simply have to do it numerous times and work past the wobbling and falling off parts until you get it right.

Visit the link below to gain access to this free online media course.

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2) Professional Certificate in Web Design and Development

The Professional Certificate in Web Design and Development is a free, self-paced, competency-based training program for entry-level web designers and developers. 

The course is based on six major competencies defined by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Information Network (O*NET).

Students will learn by doing, working through exercises, and doing hands-on projects. 

They can also earn college credit, including a Professional Certificate of Achievement that prepares them for entry-level careers in web design and development.

Students can learn at their own pace and complete exercises that build on each other. 

After successfully completing all six courses, students will receive a professional certificate of achievement from Udacity and an optional certification that is recognized by industry leaders.

Visit the link below to get more information about how to access this course.

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3). Media Training Public Speaking Training for Candidates

Becoming a media public speaker is easy with this free online media course. 

In this course, you will learn how to speak to voters through speeches, presentations, debates, and media interviews. The course will help you develop a stump speech and learn how to master the media.

In politics, the better communicator usually wins. While paid advertising and deep pockets are still important, the most potent force in any successful campaign is the candidate speaking and communicating effectively.

So what will you achieve or be able to do after taking this Media Training Public Speaking course?

  • Create and deliver a stump speech
  • Hone your campaign messages
  • Speak to the media with confidence
  • Create and deliver sound bites

Visit the link below to become a media public speaker.

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4. Coursera – Social Media Marketing

If you’re looking to bolster your knowledge of marketing principles and apply them in your own business, Coursera’s Social Media Marketing course is an excellent way to do that right now. 

This course will give you a firm understanding of how businesses use social media.

Visit the link below to get more information about how to access this course.

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4). Online Digital Social Media Marketing & Sales Free Training

Do you want to learn how to master online marketing?

Are you completely new to this subject?

Do you want to understand the core concepts that will enable you to succeed in online marketing and sales?

Do you want to learn the basics in as fast a time as possible?

Then this course is for you!

What You Will Learn:

  • You will learn the difference between the Master Marketer and the Average Marketer.
  • You will lean the core principles of marketing online.
  • You will learn how the buyer journey works.
  • You will understand what branding really is.
  • You will learn how marketing campaigns work.

And you will learn the importance of listening to your target audience.

Visit the link below to get more information about how to access this course.

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5). Complete Media Training Master Class – Confidence on Camera

Media training is not taught in schools but it is essential for anyone who has a message, product or service to communicate to the world today.

This Media Training course is nearly 10 times longer than other leading media training courses here on Udemy. With 550 lectures, nearly 30 hours of content, and five supplemental books, this course was designed to be your ultimate media training resource.

So enroll in this media training course if you want the following:

  • Look comfortable, confident, and relaxed in front of any TV or video camera.
  • Shape powerful media messages.
  • Answer reporters’ questions effectively.
  • Speak in sound bites and get the exact quote you want in any story.
  • Control your own social media video images and messages.

Visit the link below to get more information about how to access this course.

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6) Master Courses – Become a Software Engineer

Master Courses offer you a 5-course software engineering education for free. You’ll learn about Java, NET, C++, PHP and JavaScript. 

In addition to learning how to code in these languages, you’ll also learn best practices from industry experts who’ve been in your shoes.

Each course is self-paced, broken down into 4-6 weeks. 

The first course in Java can be completed in 4 hours, while each of the other languages will take around 10 hours to complete. 

Upon completing each section you’ll earn a certificate of completion and access to interactive study sessions where you can interactively ask questions and practice more with your peers.

Visit the link below to get more information about how to access this course.

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7) Learn Blockchain Technology & Bitcoin by Stanford University

Last fall, Stanford University launched a new course called Crypto Economics and Cryptocurrencies. 

To earn a certificate, students must complete both five video lessons and 10 hands-on labs. 

Not only do you get to learn blockchain technology fundamentals, but you’ll also explore bitcoin mining and peer-to-peer transactions as well as Ponzi schemes and distributed consensus protocols such as Proof of Work.

If you already have a firm grasp on blockchain technology and are interested in getting some practical experience, there’s a five-course series by Blockgeeks that teaches both development and entrepreneurial skills. 

You’ll learn how to set up your own Ethereum blockchain network, build a cryptocurrency exchange, and design smart contracts using Solidity.

Visit the link below to get more information about how to access this course.

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8). How to create better graphic design

How to create better graphic design 1 will cover the first five steps for better visual communication.

In this course, you are going to learn the essential parts of a design and how to enhance them. You’ll also learn to get the idea of your design, the communication in your design, the understanding of the elements in your design, the consistency of the elements of elements in your design, and the maximum threshold of elements in your design.

After this course, you will know, why an idea should be the core of your design, why it is important to communicate effectively in your design, how to make the message or idea in your design understandable, how consistency works in a design, and why it is important and why you should set a maximum of elements in your design.

Visit the link below to get more information about how to access this course.

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9) Udemy – Complete Ruby Programming Course Beginner To Advanced

This Ruby programming course has 28 lectures and will teach you all of the fundamentals needed to start programming in Ruby. 

Doing so will also provide a background to understand more advanced topics such as object-oriented programming. 

The course starts off with a detailed look at variables, operators, statements and expressions, methods and blocks, strings, arrays, and hashes. 

It then covers more advanced features, such as classes & modules; regular expressions; conditionals; loops; methods; threads and mutexes; testing & debugging.

If you need to brush up on your Ruby skills and want to learn about more advanced features such as testing, debugging, and threads, then Udemy’s Complete Ruby Programming Course is a great place to start. The course has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating from over 7,000 students and covers all of these topics in great detail.

Visit the link below to get more information about how to access this course.

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10) Code Academy – Free programming course by Microsoft

This course is useful for software developers, and also students of science and engineering looking to develop a deeper understanding of computer programming fundamentals. 

The course teaches you how to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. There are two tracks offered: Front-End Web Development, which focuses on the design and development of user interfaces; Back-End Web Development, which focuses on the development of services accessible through a browser or service-oriented architecture. 

No prior experience is necessary for either track.

If you don’t know where to start or have a hard time deciding what to learn, Udacity provides a Free Tech degree overview of their most popular and marketable tech skills including Android development, iOS development, Java programming, and more. 

The site also has individual modules in areas such as data structures and algorithms.

Visit the link below to get more information about how to access this course.

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In business, having a good understanding of tech is paramount to success. 

While we often think of advertising and design as being separate entities, in reality, they are intrinsically linked. 

Both parties need each other for their respective jobs to be effective and successful hence why a degree in digital design can provide you with all-around industry knowledge that is invaluable when searching for work.