7 Philanthropy University Free Online Courses

What if I asked you if you knew about the top philanthropy university free online courses? To clear your doubt about this subject, this blog is written to help you identify them and know how you can enroll in any one of your choices.

The world today is suffering from the effects of different negative situations ranging from wars, disease outbreaks terrorism, child trafficking, and the list goes on. With all these taking places, there is a need for help, especially for under-developed states and poor citizens. This help however comes from rich individuals and developed organizations who have dedicated themselves to this course.

These acts of service are what is known as “Philanthropy”. The individuals and organizations are all described as ” Philanthropists”. Well, there are under-resourced public organizations that engage in very critical, life-saving work in every society, in every nation, across the world.

What if these organizations are allowed to access practical sessions, a verificatory network, and aids to achieve more within a limited period?  Technology has made it possible for these individuals and organizations to achieve out there. One of the platforms that offer this opportunity is Philanthropy University. It is an online learning platform that puts effective courses and knowledge-sharing communities.

Why Philanthropy University Offers Free Online Courses

It is good to establish the fact that these philanthropy university free online courses are not the usual jokes. They are taught for many reasons. This teaching comes in handy, by combining a series of top-notch world-class practicable learning moments with innovative technology to achieve their vision.

Some of the reasons why philanthropy university offers free online courses include:

1. To ensure that every philanthropy-practicing individual and organization can have higher access to the basic resources that they need to grow their impact despite functioning in an under-resourced community.

2. To help different philanthropic teams to develop the skill sets that make them fit to better operate better and innovate.

3. To support upcoming communities and individuals that want to extend their philanthropic services to the global community so that they can get to the end of their mission – sustainable change.

Benefits Of Philanthropy University Free Online Courses

The philanthropy university’s free online courses have many benefits the philanthropic-practicing individuals and organizations are gaining from. Those benefits are these:

1. They are great to change stimulators

Philanthropy University free online courses are very inspiring courses to learn from because they are great tools to trigger the mind to work and achieve more. These courses educate folks working for social good on how to transform the world easily. This is made possible by the leading instructors and professionals that are teaching the free online courses in the philanthropy university. 

They achieve this through intensive lectures, relatable resources, and diverse communities. Not to mention the least, the philanthropy university free online courses will help them accumulate results, boost their reach, cultivate their skills and heighten their purpose.

2. Jobs are created and opportunities are seized

One simple thing about the philanthropy university free online courses is that they can expand visions and ideas, thereby leading to job creation and new technologies. To be able to turn their ideas into reality, these individuals and organizations establish lasting institutions. 

The students learning these courses learn bigger and better ways to develop and launch their social ventures. These social ventures show students how social entrepreneurship can be one of the considerable forces for favorable differences in the world. Most times, the stories narrated by great men and philanthropists captivate the hearts of their students and in turn, elevate their ideas.

3. Strategies are better developed

One way to achieve more and attract people with the same vision is to develop better strategies. These philanthropy university free online courses help the students to put their strategies to useful use.

Employee’s performance is enhanced. Professional development is relevant. These courses are suitable for leaders learning about how to build and grow their teams.

The free online courses help their students to organize their goals in a short time to achieve long-lasting social change in their social ventures. They also help their students to put up and develop profitable programs to accomplish their social goals.

How To Create An Account With Philanthropy University

For every educational institution whether online or offline, there is one way to start the registration process first. That way is filling up a registration form. This registration form can be created using form queries to enhance the registration process of the aspiring student. 

The steps to create an account with philanthropy university include:

To create an account with Philanthropy University, the student will need to create a username. The username is the name with which other users will identify you on the philanthropy university learning platform. Most people may decide to use part of their names when they are creating a public username. For example, Grace123.

It is important to know that immediately a student registers the new account, he or she cannot change the public username. The student should not activate the account with the incorrect email. Else, the registration will be rejected.

To create an account, the student will have to go to the registration page. He will enter his correct email and the associated account information that is requested on the platform. Then, click submit and check his inbox for the activation email.

After submitting the Philanthropy University registration form, he will receive an activation email in his inbox from the account he signed up with. He is expected to click the link in the email to finish his account activation.

7 Philanthropy University Free Online Courses

In no special order, below are a list of the free online courses that are offered in philanthropy university

  • Fundamentals Of Project Management Course
  • Girl Centered Design Course
  • Fundraising Strategies Course
  • Advocacy Course
  • Leadership: Ten Rules For Impact And Meaning Course
  • Results-based Financing Course
  • From Data Collection To Data Use Course
  1. Fundamentals Of Project Management Course

This is one of the philanthropy university free online courses. It is a 4 module course that teaches the students the art of project management for social impact. The students get to learn practical, field-tested skills for project management and acquire valuable project management tools. 

The students also hear from project managers experts who are working to improve social impact issues around the world. The students in turn respond to the unexpected challenges of their endeavor. 


  1. Girl Centered Design Course

This is one of the philanthropy university free online courses. It is a 4-module course that allows the students to practice some of the steps with their design team. 

Through this course, the students understand why girls are a major focus in many communities to help unravel the dilemmas in them. By working with girls, the students discover how to formulate a solution for the problems girls are faced within their community.


  1. Fundraising Strategies Course

This is one of the philanthropy university free online courses. It is 4-module coursework that is organized for the students to help them know whether their organization has a “sharp” profile before funders who will also contribute useful information for bolstering it.

Through this course, the students evaluate different strategies for fundraising, involving writing a grant proposal and scheduling a small-scale fundraising event. Also, the students get to hear from a competent guest speaker about leveraging their social media accounts to get traffic from their audience.


  1. Advocacy Course

This is one of the philanthropy university free online courses. Advocacy is a function that can be taken up at any time, especially in large-scale or small-scale businesses. An instance of advocacy advocates for the government to change policies or a student advocating for institution members to change behaviors.

It is 6-module coursework that is organized for the students to help them learn successful advocacy schemes and operations from the leading experts on the subject.

Through this course, students also watch and learn from Ruth Levine of the Hewlett Foundation and Rakesh Rajani of the Ford Foundation as they share real-world examples with them, and engage in interviews with extraordinary advocates to heighten the word “Advocacy”.


  1. Leadership: Ten Rules For Impact And Meaning Course

This is one of the philanthropy university free online courses. Creating a better world employs entrepreneurial leadership. It should be established that entrepreneurship is not about personal profit but a strategy that can incite long-term effects for greater results.

It is 6-module coursework that is prepared to help students understand the approach to profitable entrepreneurial leadership. 

It is a known fact here that profitable entrepreneurial leadership is fueled by the Ten Golden Rules for impact and meaning. students learn to apply the Ten Golden Rules through stories and cited examples, which in turn accelerates their organizational success.


  1. Results-based Financing Course

This is one of the philanthropy university free online courses. Often, when an individual is financed to perform a service, he is expected to deliver that service even if it is impractical. When funding is hooked to impacts, institutions or organizations can undertake unusual and contemporary ways to accomplish their results. 

In the same way, for a student to perform impactful results for a community that he is assisting, he will need to speculate with the utmost sense of positive expansion to facilitate discoveries. This course “Results-Based Financing” is the most suitable means to accomplish it.

It is 6-module coursework that is prepared to help students learn about the objectives of Results-Based Financing, the kinds of Results-Based Financing that are accessible, and the organizations that have achieved great success because they treaded the results-focused funding path.


  1. From Data Collection To Data Use Course

This is one of the philanthropy university free online courses. You have obtained funding and financing for our recent projects. Good. We have designed the project’s systematic framework and formulated a Monitoring as well as an Evaluation Plan. Next, it is time to put the plan into action.

It is 6-module coursework that boosts the Monitoring and Evaluation systems so that our team can be able to compile, manage, analyze, and manipulate data effectively. Before taking this course, you may want to consider getting prior knowledge of data science or data analytics if you don’t already. 

Fortunately, we have a credible post on data analysis courses for beginners which is free and held online. You may also find the post on free online data science courses useful in getting prior knowledge and experience.


7️ Philanthropy University Free Online Courses – FAQs

  1. How do I access the philanthropy university login?

A: – Firstly, you type the school’s website. 

– After which you navigate the “sign up” link. 

– You create your account. 

– Then, click on the “login” button on the site.

  1. How do obtain a philanthropy university certificate?

A: No student is eligible to receive his certificate except he has achieved a passing grade of 50% or more, and for 24 hours after the course has ended. 

So, the steps to obtaining your philanthropy university certificate are:

– In the course, navigate to Welcome Module > Orientation > The Course. 

– The student will find information on the course deadlines in the “Course Schedule” section. 

– To identify the specific date that the course ends, he or she refers to the date that peer reviews are due, which is the last day of the course. 

Note: If a student is taking a self-paced course, he or she may be able to access his or her certificate 14 days after he or she has completed all graded assignments, quizzes, and peer reviews.

And, to locate your certificate, you should visit the Help Center Article: “Where is my Course Certificate?” on the site.

  1. How do I find a list of all philanthropy university online courses?

A: – When you log in on the website, log in to your account by clicking on the “login” button. 

– After which, your dashboard is displayed.

– Then, you will have access to the programs that are offered and the categories in which they are placed.

– To take a look at them to register, you may have to click each category one after the other, until you get the one you want to go for.

To wrap this up, Philanthropy University is for anyone that falls under any of the categories listed below:

  1. Funders seeking to bolster the potentials of local organizations and refine the lives of people in the world;
  2. Nonprofit leaders who have dire interests to deepen their knowledge and skills, and will untie an incredible impact on their organization, and 
  3. Academic institutions and Social purpose organizations strive to promote locally-led development in contemporary and inventive ways.

Get enrolled if you fall under any of these categories. Good luck.