3 Best Free Online Elocution Lessons

Have you always wanted to enhance your speaking abilities and pronounce words correctly? Join the free online elocution lessons curated in this post to learn effective communication styles that you can apply in all parts of your life.  

This article on the 3 best free online elocution lessons will teach you how to get good at elocution, why these online elocution lessons are important, and where they can be found, taught, or learned.

Some sources defined elocution as ‘the art of public speaking, especially of voice production, delivery, and gesture.’ From another source, I have that elocution is the style and manner of speaking or reading in public. And I add, ‘Elocution is a skill that can be learned by anyone where the person learns to pronounce words correctly and clearly.

Elocution lessons are the lessons in which students are taught to speak clearly and in an accent that is considered to be standard and generally acceptable by society. So, there are free online elocution lessons that are taken by elocution coaches in different professions like actors, singers, or anyone else who wants to improve theirs. It can be learned and practiced. Proper elocution involves speaking clearly with a neutral accent.

An example of elocution is displayed when a president gives an extremely inspiring speech and delivers that speech well enough in a way that everyone respects. Another example is seen when a baby begins to speak clearly and correctly when he starts schooling. You can remember that initially that all the baby could do was crawl, shake, laugh, and make unclear sounds.  

As the baby grows, he starts speaking slowly though in an unclear language. And, as he advances in age and starts his pre-nursery education, everyone around him hears him. This is because he heard other children and his teachers speaking well. He learns faster and soon becomes a pro.

There are more than six (6) sites were paid or free online elocution lessons can be learned. In no special order, they are:

  • Ashley Howard;
  • Udemy;
  • SkillShare;
  • CambridgeshireElocution;
  • ExecutiveLanguageTutors;
  • FAT;
  • UK Speech Academy;
  • Superprof;
  • British English Pronunciation, and
  • Voice Training.

Elocution became popularly known in England in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and in America during the nineteenth century. At the time, men and women gained from it in many ways because they learned how to become better and more persuasive speakers. They also understood well enough how to reduce errors in written and spoken English.

Moreso, History taught us that elocution has its origination in Ancient Greece when Demosthenes (an inspiring orator) stuffed his mouth with rocks from the seashore and shouted loud enough to be heard clearly above the crashing waves. All his practice paid off. The Roman statesman Cicero once commented after hearing a speech given by Demosthenes after his training, that the lad was indeed a great and powerful speaker.

Well, to say that elocution lessons these days involve neither shouting at the sea nor stuffing one’s mouth full of marbles or rocks tells how fortunate we have become. And with that, paid and free online elocution lessons are fast developing many people into who they have dreamt of themselves to become career-wise.

The beauty of these paid or free online elocution lessons lie in their learning. This is because they not only teach how to speak but what to speak, where to speak, and when to speak. So, one can improve one’s elocution. And this can happen with a little effort and constant practice.

There could be reasons why a person may take paid or online elocution lessons. They are:

  • To develop language capability in people who are autistic and those with Down syndrome;
  • To combat and overcome a speech disorder such as stuttering;
  • To recover full speaking ability after a stroke;
  • To combat and overcome a speech impediment like lisping, rhotacism, eliding vowels, and so on, and
  • To manage a medical condition such as ALS or apraxia.

What Are Elocution Lessons?

They are a range of selected courses that have been put together to help students who are deficient in the formation, articulation, and pronunciation of speech. They can be used to enhance the speaking abilities of already made English students. 

These lessons help students to develop their self-expression and confidence as well as exhibit their oratory skills.

Benefits Of Free Online Elocution Lessons

  1. Articulate your sentences: The online elocution lessons involve doing a lot of articulation exercises. The person also learns how to use sentence stresses and pause to make his or her messages precise and powerful. The person learns which words are to be stressed and which should be ignored.

  2. Pronunciation: The paid or free online elocution lessons involve doing a lot of articulation exercises and learning how to pronounce vowels and diphthongs.

  3. Attention span: It is in human nature to make quick judgments about a new person or experience. When you first meet someone, it only a few seconds to form an opinion about the person based on his or her body language, etiquette, and attire. The key to a positive first impression is an awareness of yourself and your behavior.

    A person should consider his or her manner of dressing. What is appropriate for the occasion? They should be on their best behavior like being well-mannered, attentive, courteous. Elocution lessons help one to project all these.

4. Professional opportunities: Elocution lessons will cultivate skills that will help the student to give compelling and interesting presentations. Speech coaching can teach one to calm one’s nerves, speak more clearly, and make their points hit home every time they give a presentation. 

These courses teach us to work with diverse clients too. Learning how to speak more professionally can open doors that you are ready to walk through.

5. Body language and confidence build-up: The elocution lessons help one to have a good body posture while building the person’s confidence. It opens one up and enhances one’s overall image which helps to open doors to greater opportunities for the person. Such a person will learn well enough how to breathe correctly to increase the volume or power of the person’s voice. 

This is very important to public speakers, especially for those whose voices are soft and people who are frequently asked to speak up in public. Elocution lessons also help one to recognize and correct bad body posture. Body posture is a huge part of making an excellent first impression. One’s posture and movements always project confidence in oneself. 

When in doubt, there is nothing like a smile to create good first impressions. Practice smiling warmly and pleasantly.

Requirements To Take Free Online Elocution Lessons

Like every other course, the free online elocution courses have a list of requirements to take the courses. These requirements are what anybody can provide. These courses do not take much other than:

  • A strong internet connection
  • A phone or Laptop
  • A jotter and pen

3 Best Free Online Elocution Lessons

  • English Course expressions (Upper – Intermediate Level)
  • Accent reduction classes
  • Public Speaking: A Crash Course on Elocution and Confident Speech
  1. English Course expressions (Upper – Intermediate Level)

This is one of the free online elocution courses. This free online English language course teaches the students to use words and phrases which they can use to describe things more accurately. It also teaches the correct usage of verb forms and pronouns as well as the role of subjects, objects, and agents in passive and active sentences.

It is also designed for upper to intermediate-level English learners who want to enhance their English skills for personal and professional advancement.

By ‘free online elocution lessons’, I mean the practice and study of formal speaking in pronunciation, style, tone, and grammar, as well as the practice of effective speech and its usage.

For more info, see this website

2. Accent Reduction Class

This is one of the free online elocution courses that teach the students how to produce six of the strongest British English speech sounds by accelerated learning either in the video, DVD or face-to-face live learning. The program is unique by its ‘Listen, Look, Repeat and Feel’ approach combined with the use of speech analytic software for PC users.

You can ‘Hear, Feel and See’ if your British English Speech sounds are correct by instant audio-visual feedback.

For more info, see this website 

  1. Public Speaking: A Crash Course on Elocution and Confident Speech

This class has one unpaid lesson and four paid lessons. There are other lessons as sub-units of the main topic. The courses include

  • Elocution Intro
  • Inflection
  • Projection
  • Clarity and Speed, and
  • Enunciation Exercises

This course also teaches students the essential skills of elocution. This course is recommended for new managers, actors, college students, and non-native English speakers. To make this course and practice easier, they included fun elocution exercises, sample speeches, and poems that can be used to refine one’s skills.

For more info, see this website 

Free Online Elocution Lessons – FAQs

  1. Free Online Elocution Lessons – Do online elocution lessons work?

A: The paid or free online elocution lessons come as an overall package, and by the time the student’s period of learning the subject is over, he or she will not just be fluent with his or her speech; they will gain more confidence in the process. Elocution is something that understands what an individual is capable of if given little training or push in the right direction.

Well, many people nurse the idea that elocution is a waste of time. But, it is untrue. It is mostly those who find public speaking difficult or intimidating that join these classes. However, others join these classes to enhance their speaking skills because anyone can always do better at any time.

  1. Free Online Elocution Lessons – How much do elocution lessons cost?

A: The average price of Elocution lessons is €33. The price of these paid or free online elocution lessons depends on several factors such as

  • The location of the elocution lessons (at home, online, or an outside location):
  • The experience of the teacher, and 
  • The duration of the elocution lessons.

The average cost of a 60-minute online elocution lesson is NGN 28,750.21, and the exact cost ranges from NGN 12,500.09 to NGN 52,083.71 per hour.

97% of teachers offer their first lessons for free. 

  1. Free Online Elocution Lessons – What is the difference between speech and elocution?

A: Notwithstanding, speech comprehension is the last category under elocution, there exist few differences between speech and elocution. 

You can also add that speech comprehension is basically how an individual understands or interpret what another person is saying or informing them.

The differences between speech and elocution are examined under three (3) sub-headings, which are:

  1. Their meaning
  2. Their definition, and
  3. Their elements.

Going through the differences, we have that:

  • Speech is an expression of ideas and opinions in an oral way while Elocution is the manner of delivering the speech to the public;
  • Speech is an oral expression of opinions and ideas that is made by a person who is speaking in front of a group of people while Elocution is the practice and study of how to speak audibly and in a way that is effective and socially acceptable, and
  • Speech can be delivered successfully if you have a good knowledge of elocution while Elocution is made up of elements such as articulation, accent, emphasis, pronunciation, inflections, and gestures.

Truly, elocution lessons are very helpful. But engaging in any of the free online elocution courses gives one flexibility from one’s comfort as one can learn at one’s convenience. Check out one of the free online elocution lessons written about in this blog post by clicking on the link, and improve your language and speaking capabilities.