6 Free Honorary Doctorate Degrees Online

Several institutions are issuing free honorary doctorate degrees online which we will be bringing to your notice in this article. Honorary degree certifications are awarded to people in recognition of their life experiences, generosity, or major contributions to the schools, or society and not necessarily academic feats.

If you still want to put in some effort to acquire a degree, there are some free online degree courses for international students, provided by one of the best open universities, or even take advantage of some other online programs.

Thanks to these accredited universities offering free honorary doctorate degrees, it has made it possible for more people to receive these awards regardless of their financial stability, and geographical area.

Before we list these Honorary Doctorate Degrees, let’s first deeply understand what an honorary degree certificate is.

What is an Honorary Degree Certificate?

An honorary degree is given to a person as an honor, rather than through the completion of academic requirements.

They are mostly given to those who have made major contributions to a certain field or as a ‘Thank You’ to those who have made large donations to the institutions.

A person does not have to be an alumnus of the school; they receive awards based on generous and philanthropic actions towards the school.

These beneficiaries often make use of the title–Dr, though they may not have completed a doctoral program. It’s still not a bad idea to get a doctorate or an online Ph.D. program within a year.

What are Some of the Honorary Degrees that I can Find?

Here below are some examples of honorary doctorate degrees you can acquire.

  • Doctor of Humane Letters: This degree acknowledges academic distinction
  • Doctors of Laws: This degree is awarded to professionals in the field of law
  • Doctor of Science: This degree recognizes revolutionary scientific research and discovery
  • Doctor of Fine Arts: This degree is conferred primarily to musicians, actors, architects, and artists.
  • Doctor of Divinity: This degree is bestowed upon exceptional religious figures.

Let’s get started with this list

Free Honorary Doctorate Degrees Online

Here in this section, you’ll find some of the notable schools offering free honorary doctorate degrees.

Please do well to read to the end, perhaps you may become the next beneficiary.

1. Abide University Free Honorary Doctorate Degrees

Abide University issues free honorary doctorate degrees online without any study or qualifications.

They provide their beneficiaries with their degrees, who in turn study and contribute to their knowledge base, journals, and other publications and forums.

However, you should note that Abide University is not accredited.

2. Berkshire University

Berkshire University awards individuals with free honorary doctorate degrees online as an expression of the University’s appreciation of outstanding contributions made by the individual in certain areas.

They also have doctoral programs available for those who want to conduct advanced academic or professional studies. Just like Abide University, Berkshire University is also not accredited.

3. Global Human Peace University

Global Human Peace University honors both those who have excellent academic accomplishments and have important contributions to peace and human advancement. Their honorary doctorate program is free for eligible candidates.

One of their eligibility includes giving outstanding contributions in the sciences, humanities, and professions in which the University itself is active amongst other requirements. This is among the few free honorary doctorate degrees online that are provided by an accredited institution.

4. Newport University Free Honorary Doctorate Online Degrees

Newport University may not provide a totally free honorary doctorate because they use the program to raise funds to support the “Tuition Free Education for the Deprived Citizens around the World” project. 

One of the reasons I love their honorary doctorate is because they believe that this honor shouldn’t only go to the rich and famous, but also to those who have contributed to their nation, society, education, and scientific work in a low geographic location.

That reminds me of some people who weren’t recognized for their achievements just because they didn’t make a news headline. Newport University Honorary Doctorate Degree is more like a solution to those people.

5. American Trinity University

American Trinity University now offers several paths to their doctorate degrees. Below is a list of free honorary doctorate degrees offered online by this university:

  • Doctors of Letters may be awarded for community achievements and a commitment to reconciling science and religion.
  • Doctor of Divinity (D.D) may be awarded for achievements in ministry and community service.
  • Legum Doctor in Cannon Law (LL.D.) may be awarded for achievements in policymaking favoring religion, or legislature, judicial, or government success in advocating religion and community service.

6. Abdul Kalam University

AKU doesn’t only offer free honorary doctorate degrees online, but it also offers all their bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in all provided disciplines for free. They don’t charge you for tuition, for exams, not even for certificates, nor have any hidden fee.

It grants honorary degrees based on past accomplishments and competencies and will be done on an individual basis by qualified experts. Also, they are accredited so you don’t need to be scared of their programs.

Key Takeaway

One of the things you should avoid while getting a free or very cheap honorary doctorate online is that the institution is not a diploma mill – an institution that awards several educational degrees based on inferior education. 

We ensured that none of the free honorary doctorate degrees on our list were diploma mills. That’s why they are very few.

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