19 Free Online Questionnaire Maker

Why should you create a survey with a free online questionnaire maker? In simple terms; Growth, whether it is business growth or personal growth.

Imagine boosting your sales, reshaping your brand, understanding your customer the more, or even creating an extraordinary event. That’s what a free online questionnaire maker can help you to achieve.

I have been in your shoes over and over again because I’ve used these questionnaire makers to understand what our customers want and focus on serving them according to the survey result. A recent incident was what happened to our over 300,000 Facebook group.

Lots of people are making money with legitimate online surveys.

We took a survey to see if what we were publishing was actually what our customers needed. To our greatest shock, we were running amiss. What the masses needed was published on a low scale, so we had to respond according to their desire, and since then we’ve seen a worthy engagement.

A free online questionnaire maker can go a long way to help you grow your business, with that local event or improve your employee engagement, or even increase your followers. With a poor questionnaire maker, you or your team might end up struggling to create the right survey for your business growth.

You need a stress-free and simple-to-use questionnaire maker. That’s why we have created these free online questionnaire makers. But first, let’s learn to understand what a questionnaire is.

What is a questionnaire?

You have probably seen or participated in a simple survey that asked you a question about a product you recently purchased, or an influencer that asked you a question on their book or branded shoe. That, my friend, is a questionnaire.

A questionnaire is a research tool that consists of different kinds of questions that can be used to gather information from a specific audience. It can be seen as a simple interview. 

A questionnaire helps you to see the quantitative and qualitative data of an audience. That is, you’ll be able to know the number of people that responded, the number of people that responded positively, and those that responded negatively. 

Then the qualitative part explains a little bit about the numbers gathered. You can choose to; 

Publish your questionnaire online

The online questionnaire is what we would be focusing on in this guide because of how cost-effective it is and the number of people you can reach within a few minutes.

Telephone Questionnaire

With a telephone call, to your respondent, you can ask some well-constructed questions to your audience and grab some data that is relevant to your research and goal.

Face-to-Face Questionnaire

The receptionist at the grocery store might have asked you some shopping questions, or you have seen or participated in a questionnaire from a random guy on the street. That’s how a face-to-face questionnaire can come. 

With a well-structured questionnaire, you can grab enough data about a product, service, school, government, or event from a large or small audience. And, using a free online questionnaire maker come at little or no cost, but the result is massive.

How does a questionnaire maker work?

A free online questionnaire maker has a simple approach to creating any questionnaire. Basically, you need to;


Most free online questionnaire maker will require you to register before you can start using their platform to create a questionnaire. In addition, none of them requires you to add your credit card while registering. The registration enables you to store your data and be able to access it even on other devices.

Design Survey

You can choose to start creating your questionnaire from scratch or use one of the templates provided by the survey maker experts. Further, some questionnaire makers have options to build the questionnaire for you, all you’ve to do is to tell them your survey goals and they would do the magic for you. 

Add Questions

You can choose to add fresh questions to the options or use one of the suggested questions from the free online questionnaire maker. You can also choose the question type from the options given.

Save & Share

When you’re done creating your survey, you can save your result and share it with the channels you intend to participate in the questionnaire. You can choose, social media, email campaign, or your website.

See Live Result

You can see the results of the progress of your survey as it is happening, and you can decide to act according to the result according to the time and manner you feel is right for your business.

Benefits of free online questionnaire makers

Free to use

The fact that these online questionnaire makers are free to use, even the freemium ones, is cost-effective when compared with the cost of telephone questionnaires, or one-on-one questionnaires.

Easy & Convenient

Decades ago, for a business to get a survey of their product or services, they would rely on creating paper forms that their customers would need to fill once they have purchased a product. Some businesses go as far as calling their customers on the phone to ask a series of questions.

They are not wrong approaches, but they can be tearing and you would not reach a lot of audience with that approach. But, a free online questionnaire maker helps to relieve the stress of sending questionnaires to your customers.

Making both parties get what they want easily.


You and I can access these questionnaires from any device, which gives room for a broader audience.

Easy to Create

You don’t need a special understanding to create a survey with a free online questionnaire maker, they are intuitively designed. So a newby can come to it and know how to navigate through it without any external help.

Free Online Questionnaire Maker

1. Google Forms

Google forms is a free online questionnaire maker that is very easy to use. With their simple pick-and-drop website, you can create a questionnaire as if you’re writing a document.

With Google Forms you can customize your questionnaire to suit your company brand, you can add images, change fonts, and add colors. You can use the chart to view your response data update, or you can use Google Sheets to get a broader view of the analysis.

With Google Forms, anyone can respond to your survey from any place in the world, and they can do this with any device. When you’re done creating the questionnaire, you can share the forms through email, link, or website.

Most importantly, Google Forms is one of the few free online questionnaire makers that is 100% free to use, and it also provides lots of features at no cost.

2. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is another easy-to-use and reliable free online questionnaire maker. In fact, 20 million questions are answered using SurveyMonkey. Also, SurveyMonkey has well-written questions and templates that can help you easily create a questionnaire.

You can choose from their more than 250 templates which questionnaire best speaks to your intention whether it is from the educational, healthcare, employee, or your customers. You can also choose to filter the templates to the category that you need.


With Zoho, you can create a survey in just a few minutes. This is a free online questionnaire maker that you can access your audience on any device and also graphically view your result in real-time.

Zoho has more than 25 question types, you’ll see the popular multiple choice question type, dropdown, rating scale, NPS, matrix choice, etc. When you’re done, you can easily share your surveys with anyone, you can either use social media, email campaign, or website.

Most importantly, Zoho’s SSL makes sure that your questionnaire remains safe and private in its database. When your audience is responding or has responded to your questions, you can view the result through a chart or import it to Google Sheets, for deeper understanding.

4. Typeform

Typeform has one of the best user-experience free online questionnaire makers. Typeform helps you to create questions that resonate with your audience and most importantly make them properly engaged.

Typeform is free to use and it doesn’t require a credit card or is there any time limit for free users. With TypeForm, you can create quizzes that can help grow your business, improve your personal brand or grow your professional career.

TypeForm can be used intuitively, but if you don’t know your way around it, they prepared a quick guide to help you through. Further, there are lots of templates that can guide you through creating your questionnaire.

You can choose a template that meets your goal or the company’s goal.

5. Hubspot | Free Online Form Builder

This is a free online questionnaire maker that is best for those that want to generate leads from their website. When an anonymous visitor gets to your website, with a simple question placed at the right place on your website, you can convert this visitor into a customer.

Creating this online form builder requires a simple drag-and-drop method. You can customize it to match your brand design and personality.

6. SurveySparrow

With this free online questionnaire maker, you can create interactive questionnaires of any type, whichever purpose you intend to, and in any language. With SurveySparrow, you can get more responses to your questionnaire.

SurveySparrow is trusted by big brands like Opera Mini, Grant Thornton, Honda, RIVA, XEROX, etc. In the free version, you can ask up to 10 questions in a survey.

7. ProProfs Survey Maker

This free online questionnaire maker has gotten more than 4 million respondents and more than 50,000 surveys have been created with ProProfs. With their over 100 templates designed by industrial experts and more than 100,000 ready-to-use questions, you can create a questionnaire within 60 seconds.

In addition, you can customize the colors to your brand personality, and add a logo to it. ProProfs is trusted globally and used by top brands like; Amazon, American Red Cross, NASA, Hilton, Oracle, Stanford University, and Walt Disney.

Also, more than 272 million questions have been answered using SurveyPlanet, which makes them one of the most trusted free online questionnaire makers. There are already-made themes that you can use to create your questionnaire or you can start from scratch to create a theme that matches your desire.

When you upgrade to the pro version, you’ll have access to lots of features including adding images to your questionnaire, or even at your opening and closing messages.


Crowdsignals is a very simple tool to create a survey but produces a shocking result. With their drag-and-drop tool, you can create a survey exactly the way you want or imagined it.

Crowdsignals also have a Likert scale question type (a form of closed-question), that you can use to ask questions and allow the audience to easily answer. In case of any issue, their 250 customer service team is ready to attend to you 24/7.

It is trusted by reputable companies like FedEx, Allianz, Thomson Reuters, CISCO, and PayPal.


With this free online questionnaire maker, you can ask your audience as many questions as you feel like, and you have access to unlimited surveys with the help of their 20 question types. Their platform is designed so that you can get the answer to your desire by asking the right question.

SoGoSurvey is trusted by over 100,000 customers in 96 countries, and 79% of customers left a competitor to depend on their services. It is also trusted by lots of big brands such as eBay, YAMAHA, CISCO, and many more.

10. Survicate

Survicate is well-organized so that you can get your customers’ insight at any stage of the funnel. With this free online questionnaire maker, you can create a survey that focuses on a particular channel and understand the needs of that audience. 

You can set up your questionnaire within minutes, and when you are done, you can share it through email, link, and your website. There are more than 15 question types, and a credit card is not required to register.

Even in the free version, the whole world can participate in it, that is, it gives access to unlimited users and unlimited surveys. Survicate makes it possible for you to integrate your survey data with your other systems with one click.

Over 47,000 companies trust and use Survicate to manage their customer experience.

11. SmartSurvey

This free online questionnaire maker has lots of question types to enable you to ask your audience the right question. With one click, you can print your questionnaires, the responses given by your audience, and the analysis report.

This questionnaire maker allows you to see your audience’s responses in real-time, you can choose to act on the responses ASAP or wait for some time. Your audience’s privacy is well-protected with SSL encryption.

12. Supersurvey

This free online questionnaire maker is designed to start creating a questionnaire right from the website without registering. Supersurvey helps you to get survey results faster and it can be accessed through any device whether mobile, desktop, or tablet.

Since 2003, they have gotten over 15 million results and companies like HP and Coca Cola have helped them to make their platform simple and smart. Their defaults are designed to produce a high response rate.

Lots of people depend on Supersurvey daily. In fact, more than 1 million people in 130 countries use it every day. Including companies like RedBull, MERCK, SIEMENS, Yale, Apple, Shopify, hp, TED, etc.

13. AidaForm

AidaForm helps you to create elegant questionnaires that receive a high response rate which can help you to improve your product. This free online questionnaire maker helps you to ask questions that will enable you to understand how your customers feel about your newly launched product or what your students think about your class.

You can either use one of their ready-made templates to create a splendid questionnaire or start from scratch to have full control of your survey. In addition, AidaForm gave a brief guide on how to create a high-engaging questionnaire with their platform.

14. Qualtrics

With Qualtrics, you can create online surveys within minutes, with the help of their more than 50 online survey templates. This free online questionnaire maker is trusted by more than 13,000 brands and 99 of the top 100 business schools. 

Qualtrics is not just designed to ask questions, you can use your audience’s response to collect feedback regarding a product, or recently concluded webinar. Also, with their responses, you can understand how your customers felt, and what they want.

15. 123 Form Builder

With this free online questionnaire maker, you can handle your surveys and workflows in one place. The 123 attached to their name means you’re building an online questionnaire as easy as 1,2,3.

That is, you can easily create online questionnaires with this platform. In fact, the core value of their business is simplicity. You can make your questionnaires to be simple (and elegant) regardless of whether you’re a perfectionist or a newbie.

Nevertheless, this free online questionnaire maker provides a simple guide on how to create a quality survey with their platform. So there is no cause for alarm if you’re just starting.

16. Surveynuts

With Surveynuts’ simple tool you can create questionnaires using their diverse question types and templates. More than 100,000 thousand customers including Microsoft, Expedia, Stanford University, Tesla, etc trust their services.

17. Jotform

With Jotform, you can get research answers, all you need to do is choose a template from their over 280 options or create a new one, add your own questions, then share your survey to different channels as you desire. The privacy and security of your data are completely protected with a 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR compliance, and CCPA compliance, and you can choose to encrypt your forms.

With Jotforms, you can collect payment through your online forms with their over 30 popular payment integrations, and there are no extra charges for this transaction.

However, you can create only 5 surveys with Jotform, you need to upgrade to have access to more surveys, and accept more than 100 monthly responses.

18. Surveyplanet

This free online questionnaire maker gives room for unlimited access to surveys and responses. Which is a great choice for businesses that want to survey a large audience for free.

Their platform is used and trusted by millions of people and great companies, universities, and governments.

However, it is difficult to export data on this platform, or else you’ve upgraded to the pro version.

19. Surveyking

This free online questionnaire maker offers advanced question types all for free. Surveyking is one of the few survey makers that offer k-anonymity, which will make sure your audience’s identities remain unknown.