5 Best Free Online Quiz Competition With Certificate

When quiz began in the mid-19th century, it was done offline, but today, free online quiz competition with certificate is being organized by schools, academic organizations, religious groups, etc. In this article, we will bring to you some of these quiz competitions and other relevant information on how to participate in any of them.

Most times, the work of conducting quizzes and grading the students is left on teachers’ shoulders alone, and we all know how stressful this can be. Well, it will interest you to know that there are quiz makers that teachers can use for free, this is a tool that enhances learning and makes work easy for teachers as they help in conducting quizzes and grading the students accurately and effectively.

Education activities are gradually shifting from physical classrooms to online learning platforms, and there are lots of free online learning platforms where learners can enroll and kickstart any program of their choice, whether certificate programs or no certificate programs, they are all available 24 hours a day.

If you wish to participate in any quiz program online, then you should at least have a basic knowledge of how to use computers or maybe mobile phones, and know some time management tips because each question you are to answer during the quiz has a limited time allocated to it.

Before you go to any quiz competition, you have to prepare yourself, yes! You can do that by going through past quiz questions, using mnemonic devices for memorization, setting time for yourself, and answering questions with respect to it. Do whatever doable you can to get yourself ready for D-Day.

Now let’s quickly get to know what a quiz is all about.

What is Quiz Competition?

Before we go straight into defining quiz competition, let us first understand what a quiz is. Quiz is an acronym for the quest for universal intellectual zenith. It is a test of knowledge, especially as a competition between individuals or teams as a form of entertainment.

A quiz competition is a type of contest in which the knowledge of participants is tested by asking them questions. Normally, in every quiz competition, a specific time is allocated to each question, and the participants answer questions with respect to the time.

There are several levels of the quiz competition, it could be
Zone level
Local government level
Federal level, e.t.c.

Quiz contests are always interesting especially when it is done in the form of games. The rounds here may differ from one school or state to another, but in general, a quiz competition always has about 4-5 rounds.

Right now you might be very interested in this already and can’t wait to participate in one. Hey! you have no problems, just read on to find out about some free online quiz competitions with certificates that we have provided just for you.

Free Online Quiz Competition With Certificate

Free Online Quiz Competition With Certificate

The free online quiz competition with certificate that you are about to read up on is mostly organized by schools or sites. See them below

  • Priyadogra Biotechnology National Quiz Competition with E-Certificate
  • LC Free Online Quiz With Certificate
  • MSMSPUNE National Level E-Quizzes With Certificate
  • NACFUN Free Online Quiz Competition With Certificate
  • Campuzine PCRA Conservation Quiz With Certificate

1. Priyadogra Biotechnology National Quiz competition With E-Certificate

This free online quiz competition with certificate is organized by Padala Thirupathi, the assistant professor in the Department of Botany and National Service Scheme, Govt. Degree College for Women, Jagital, Telangana State, India.

This interesting quiz on biotechnology and its applications has 20 questions. It is a self-evaluation test, and it helps you improve your ability in real-time biology.

After partaking in this quiz, you will be awarded an NSS Free Government  Certificate.

Apply here

2. LC Free Online Quiz With Certificate

This free online quiz competition with certificate in Online Learning Techniques” is organized with the view of creating awareness among students, teachers, professors, principals, head of the department, or any post professionals, about Online education, classes, etc.

This e-quiz competition is totally free for everyone, and anyone from any class, university students, high school students, primary school students, teachers, assistant professors, principals of any college, school, individuals, etc. can participate in this competition. You will be issued a free certificate after the successful completion of this e-quiz.

Apply here

3. MSMSPUNE National Level E-Quizzes With Certificate

The quizzes here are organized by, the School of Educational Foundations, the School of IQAC, both in the Matrix School of Management Studies. The free online quizzes here include; the National Level E-Quiz on Principles of Management, the National Level E-Quiz on Financial Accounting, the Online Quiz on Digital Learning Resources, and the Online Awareness Quiz Programme About COVID-19.

The quizzes are planned for both graduate and undergraduate students. After completion of the quiz competition, students who score 60% and above will be issued a certificate of completion. Interested?

Apply here

4. NACFUN Free Online Quiz Competition With Certificate.

Nacfun Keith Keller’s free online quiz is open for students, kids, and adults. The Quiz Master contest has thousands of quizzes including MCQ quiz, subjective quiz, picture quiz, and puzzle and riddles

NacFun has fun and interesting online quizzes on vast topics and subjects for all classes from kindergarten to 12th grade, college students, and any adult including parents and teachers. NacFun online quiz includes General Knowledge GK Quiz, Science Quiz, Maths Quiz, English Quiz, Hindi Quiz, History Quiz, Geography Quiz, Space Quiz, Animal Quiz, Frog Quiz, Plant Quiz, Flora and Fauna Quiz, Holiday Quiz, Environment Quiz, General Academics Quiz and more!

Keith Keller Quiz Master Certificate is awarded based on all points earned in MCQ for the month. Interested in this free online quiz competition with certificate?

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5. Campuzine PCRA Conservation Quiz With Certificate

The Quiz is being organized by the Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, India. The competition is open to all Indians from all age groups.

It is a timed quiz with 10 questions to be answered in 120 seconds. These questions will be randomly picked from the question bank. Winners will be adjudged on the basis of a maximum number of correct answers. In case of multiple participants have given the same number of correct answers, the winner will be selected by a Lucky Draw. The quiz will start as soon as you click the Start Quiz.

A reward of E-Certificate will be issued to participants after successful completion of the quiz.

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Free Online Quiz Competition With Certificate – FAQs

Is There Any Online Quiz Competition With Certificate?

Yes, there are lots of online quiz competitions with certificates. We have written about some of them already, you can scroll up to find them.

Participation in most of the quizzes is totally free, but some will require you to pay a little fee for purchasing a certificate of completion.


We have provided you with some of the best sites for free online quiz competition with certificate, go ahead to apply for any quiz of your choice. You can as well go through this blog post to find out a few things you need to know before applying for any quiz online.


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