Top 10 Geotechnical Engineering Courses Online

You can enroll in any geotechnical engineering courses online to pursue a new career opportunity, brush up on existing skills, or go up the academic ladder. The courses listed in this article are offered 100% online and may come as free or paid, which have been indicated in the details of each of the courses.


What is Geotechnical Engineering?

Geotechnical engineering is a branch of civil engineering that deals with the engineering behavior of earth materials. The area of study combines the principles and methods of soil mechanics for the solution of engineering issues and the design of engineering works.

Many people have not heard or do not know of this branch of engineering, well, it is a good thing you’re reading this now. This article sheds light on what geotechnical engineering is, how you can study it online, and even begin the classes as soon as you are chanced to.

Geotechnical engineering and civil engineering works hand in hand. A civil engineer cannot begin their work without a geotechnical engineer in the team. Let’s learn what these guys do.

What do Geotechnical Engineers do?

The job of a geotechnical engineer is to research and study soil to be certain it is suitable for laying foundations of a construction. This includes investigating and assessing construction sites, make structural designs, supervise construction, and write and present reports.

You know to understand what the geotechnical engineers do and how much of a vital role they play in the construction field and civil engineering as a whole.

If you are a degree-holding civil engineer who may be a master’s or bachelor’s degree you will find this article important for your career growth. With knowledge in this unique branch of civil engineering, you will stand above your colleagues, be able to lead a team, and have an opportunity for a promotion in your organization thus a raise in salary.

If you are in another branch of engineering you may also find this post useful, there’s no harm in gaining knowledge outside of your field of study. The more knowledge you possess, the more places you are bound to go.

So, even if you aren’t in any of the engineering fields you can equally enroll in the courses listed here to get an idea, knowledge of what geotechnical engineers do and who they are. It may also boost your morale in getting a career in the field, it is a high-demand skill after all and with that you are placing more value on yourself.

Interested in being a geotechnical engineer? Here’s how you can proceed.

How can I become a geotechnical engineer?

Now that you have shown interest in becoming a geotechnical engineer, you can become one by acquiring a bachelor’s degree in the civil, geotechnical, geological, or environmental engineering program. You may also want to get an advanced degree in geotechnical engineering as most employers prefer such candidates.

Also, an advanced degree like a master’s focuses solely on geotechnical engineering when you go for it. It lasts for one to two years of study to get the master’s but it will explore the in-depth practical and theoretical study of the course and make you much better than a bachelor’s degree holder.

Can I learn geotechnical engineering courses online?

You can learn a wide variety of geotechnical engineering courses online which are offered by top universities and colleges from all over the world, which are free and paid.

However, these courses only provide you with basic knowledge and skill which is okay for students who are “testing the waters” before they study the main thing. Or for those who are already degree-holding civil engineers and want to upgrade their skills and knowledge in geotechnical engineering.

Yes! You can study geotechnical engineering online but it’s better you get a degree for it which you can get online or at a regular higher institution.

Is geotechnical engineering hard?

According to reviews which we got from various sites, about 75% of geotechnical engineering graduates say it is not a tough field but actually fun-filled. The rest of the percentage says it is tough and unpredictable.

If you are really passionate about studying geotechnical engineering, there’s no way it will be tough for you.

Since you do not have access to getting a degree you can start with some top geotechnical engineering courses online and kick start your career in civil engineering.

Top Geotechnical Engineering Courses Online

Below are the top 10 geotechnical engineering courses online, specially picked out by us at Study Abroad Nations to suit your interest.

  • Geotechnical Engineering II Foundation Engineering
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Earth Pressure Theories (Beginner Course)
  • Basic Geotechnical Engineering
  • Earth Pressure Theories (Expert Course)
  • Specialist, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctor – Geotechnical Engineering
  • Geology and Engineering Geology
  • Fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering
  • Geotechnical Numerical Analysis
  • Basics of Geotechnical Engineering Design

1.  Geotechnical Engineering II Foundation Engineering

The Indian Institute of Technology is offering these foundational geotechnical engineering courses online at the undergraduate level. The course is intended for civil engineering students at the undergraduate level, but anyone without this prerequisite can equally enroll.

The course is free and takes 12 weeks to complete and there is also an available certificate which you can get for a little fee. The course takes students through a series of important geotechnical engineering topics such as soil-structure interaction, advanced foundation engineering, and more.

The course is 100% online and taught in the English language.

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2.  Soil Mechanics

Soil mechanics is an important area of concentration for individuals who want to become geotechnical engineers. With the knowledge, you become much better in the civil engineering space, as you will be learning particle size analysis, index properties of soil, soil classification, soil compaction, and others.

The course is offered online by Udemy and costs approximately $130 and comes with a certificate of completion which you can attach to your already existing CV.

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3.  Earth Pressure Theories (Beginner Course)

This is the course for you if you have zero knowledge of geotechnical engineering and want to begin a career in the field. It is also an ideal course for engineers and engineering technologists working as contractors or consultants.

If you are a beginner, taking this course has provided you the pre-requisite for taking the expert course. Earth Pressure Theories is one of the geotechnical engineering courses online and it is offered by Udemy at a flat fee of $100.

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4.  Basic Geotechnical Engineering

Upgrade your civil engineering skills by enrolling in this course, you will be learning various techniques that are important to your career as a civil engineer or a geotechnical engineer. Topics to be treated include the methods of calculating settlement, types of earth pressure and their calculations, piles and drift shaft, and more.

The course is not free, interested students are required to pay a sum of $168 which also comes with a certificate of completion.

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5.  Earth Pressure Theories (Expert Course)

This is an extensive course of Earth Pressure Theories, students who have completed the beginner course can go on to enroll in this one to gain more in-depth knowledge of the theories of earth pressure.

This expert course offers a more practical approach compared to the beginner course. You will gain insight into various terms, methods and also learn to solve various problems encountered by a geotechnical engineer in the field.

The course costs approximately $130, comes with a certificate of completion and you get to study at your own pace.

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6.  Specialist, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctor – Geotechnical Engineering

I mentioned in the beginning part of this article that you can get an actual degree, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate, for geotechnical engineering online without the need of going to a traditional classroom. After much digging, we were able to find it.

The course is offered online by Bircham International University and delivered online by the university’s distance learning platform. You can enroll for specialist, bachelor, masters, or doctorate degrees and gain geotechnical engineering skills from one of the top universities in the world.

The program accepts students from all parts of the world, interested students will have to apply for admission into the institution to enroll in the program of their choice.

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7.  Geology and Engineering Geology

You cannot be a full-fledged civil or geotechnical engineer without knowledge of geology and engineering geology. It is an important area of study to excel as a geotechnical engineer and enrolling in this course will offer you the knowledge and skill required to start a career in the construction field.

In this course, learners will explore ways to protect and use the earth’s resources now and in the future, gain skills in geological field investigation and learn the methods and techniques involved. The course is one of the geotechnical engineering courses online offered by Tsinghua University and delivered online by edX.

The course is taught in the English language, it is free but comes with a paid certification at a fee of $139.

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8.  Fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering

This course is for students with a background in civil engineering either in undergraduate or postgraduate levels of study. It explains all the basics one needs to know in soil mechanics, soil formation, clay mineralogy, and soil mass structure.

This is the course for you if you have no knowledge of geotechnical engineering or want to upgrade your knowledge portfolio. The course is sold at $20 and comes with a certificate of completion.

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9.  Geotechnical Numerical Analysis

Numerical analysis is important in site constructions and to be a better geotechnical engineer your skills of geotechnical numerical analysis have to be excellent. Enroll in this course to learn how to perform better at numerical analysis to help your job as a geotechnical engineer become better.

The course is 100% online and free but you’ll be learning a variety of handy skills and understanding including how to set up appropriate initial states and construction stages, select the right models and parameters to simulate ground behavior, and more.

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10.  Basics of Geotechnical Engineering Design

Geotechnical engineers are also involved in structural designs and since you want to begin a career in the field, it is of utmost importance that you learn it too. Using practical teachings, you will learn how to design pile foundations, pile caps, sheet piles, and more.

This course is one of the geotechnical engineering courses online offered by Udemy and it charges a flat rate of $40. It also comes with a certificate of completion which you can attach to your CV or Resume.

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These are the available geotechnical engineering courses online and also available for you to enroll in whenever you are ready.


These geotechnical engineering courses online are designed to equip you with better knowledge if you are already a civil engineer, the skills you will possess will take you much farther in the industry. And if you want to get a master’s degree in geotechnical engineering, these courses are a good way to start.

With a basic knowledge in the field which you must have acquired through the courses listed here, acing the course won’t be tough when you finally study it full time. You may begin with the free courses and work your way to enrolling for the paid ones and going to a degree program.

Since the courses are offered online, you won’t have to worry about stress and improper timing. These courses are flexible, designed to fit your schedule no matter what you do and that makes learning less stressful and convenient.