How To Get Admission In Canada For MBBS | Full Guide

This is a full guide on how to get admission for MBBS in Canada as an international student or even as a Canadian resident. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is regarded as a professional degree in the field of medical science and a person holding the MBBS degree is a certified medical practitioner.

As a student who wants to study for an MBBS degree in Canada but does not know how to go about it, this guide will help you with all you need to know from scratch to finish.

You should know that an MBBS degree obtained from a reputable Canadian university is recognized all over the world.

Admission In Canada For MBBS

If you want to get admission for MBBS in Canada, there are steps you need to go through. I will give a shortened bulleted list of these steps below while you can read the details further down on this page.

How to Get Admission In Canada For MBBS

  1. Ensure you have proof of completion of Bachelors degree in Biology or Health Science course
  2. Ensure you have TOEFL or IELTS certificate or written order from your university confirming that you have received formal education in English
  3. Apply and participate in the Medical College Admission Test
  4. Submit every necessary document as would be required of you if admitted.

As a popular study location, Canada has some of the best universities in the world and the country itself is one of the nations with outstanding academic performance. Any degree gotten from Canada is usually recognized by any country in the world also the cost of studying here is cost-effective.

Canada is a safe country with a low crime rate, amazing health benefits for students, lots of scholarship grants both for its student citizens and international student.

So, if you are an international student who wants to study abroad but scared of your safety or the environment, Canada is the perfect place for you as the country poses no risk to everyone.


MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery are duo bachelor degrees in one domain gotten as an undergraduate, first professional degree in medicine which may last 5-6 years to complete but in Canada, it is known as MD – Doctor of Medicine.

As a matter of fact, Canadian universities do not offer courses in MBBS directly to students after completion of schooling instead they provide MD courses thus the MD degree is gotten after completion.

To get enrolled for an MBBS (MD) in Canada the following are necessary;

  • Completion of undergraduate or Bachelor degree in Biology or science from a known university
  • A language proficiency test must be taken and you can choose either TOEFL or IELTS exam to validate your language proficiency.
  • Score requirement of TOEFL exam should be a minimum of 80 for the undergraduate student and a minimum of 90 for postgraduate students.
  • Score requirement for IELTS exam should be a minimum of 6.5 for undergraduate students and 7.0 for postgraduate students.
  • Participation in the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) entrance exam although it varies with universities.

The requirement outlined above are recently updated but it is still advisable that you contact the admissions officer of your preferred school or visit the university’s website for more information.

To help you further we have compiled a list of universities in Canada where you can study for your MBBS/MD degree.

List Of Medical Schools In Canada For MBBS

  1. Cumming School of Medicine
  2. The University of Manitoba, College of Medicine
  3. The University of Alberta, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
  4. The University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine
  5. Northern Ontario School of Medicine
  6. Queen’s School of Medicine
  7. Dalhousie University, Faculty of Medicine
  8. Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine
  9. The University of Sherbrooke, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  10. The University of Saskatchewan, College of Medicine
  11. The University of Montreal, Faculty of Medicine
  12. Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry
  13. The University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine
  14. The University of Toronto, Faculty Of Medicine
  15. Laval University, Faculty of Medicine

These schools are really great at what they do and have been known to be among top universities providing the world’s best doctors and surgeons. You can go ahead and make further research on these schools and go for the one that suits you best then you can begin to make contacts on how you can apply for an MBBS.

Conclusion on How to Get Admission In Canada For MBBS

Canada is one of the best places to study in the world and the highly recommended country to get an MBBS degree from as it is also recognized anywhere on earth. Tuition fees and cost of living are cheap and you also get to enjoy other student benefits.

The cost of studying for an MBBS in Canada is about CA$40,000 – CA$55,000 which covers both tuition fees and living expenses and compared to other countries it is very much affordable.

While this guide is just on how to get admission in Canada for MBBS, you should also know that there are many MBBS international and domestic scholarships you can apply for online.

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