How students can save money on food and eat well

Proper nutrition doesn’t have to be expensive. Of course, wealth expands the boundaries of choice, but you can eat well on a limited budget – if you spend this money wisely. Students save lots of time in managing their nutrition if they use the services of write my essay helper.

Minding seasonality 

Along with the development of agriculture and foreign trade, the boundaries of seasonality have blurred a bit.

At any time of the year, on the shelves in the supermarket, you can find products that, it would seem, should not be there – the time is not right. But the concept of seasonality exists for a reason (everyone who has experienced indigestion from half-green winter tomatoes knows this for sure!). And the cost of products during the period when they are available in abundance is significantly lower than out of season.

Solution: Get a quick freezer for fruits, vegetables, and herbs, which you can buy in bulk and at a good price in summer. Later, they can be used as bases for smoothies, compotes, jellies, omelets, frittatas, soups, or pies.

Cheap sources of carbohydrates

The best option: is whole grain cereals like buckwheat, barley, oatmeal, or millet. You can diversify cereals with cheese, herbs, vegetables, or soy sauce. Ordinary cheap pasta is better not to take: look for durum wheat pasta at discount prices. And bread is only made from rye flour.

Reducing the harm from potatoes is also quite simple: boil, bake, cook in the skin, and do not combine with fried meat.

Fiber and vitamins

There is only one piece of advice: buy seasonal and at discount prices. Cabbage and carrots are our best friends. In general, carrots can be cooked very tasty and in different ways, but it costs a penny. And from fruits – persimmons, apples, pears, oranges. Of course, freezing will help: the summer harvest of lingonberries and blueberries will help to hold out all the cold times. Lingonberries go well with morning porridge.

Some more helpful tips:

  • Lifestyle. Sit a lot – eat more light food, vegetables, and fruits. Professional essay writing service will help to release more time for managing your nutrition. Athlete? Don’t forget protein.
  • Diet. The easiest way is to eat at the same time, so you will be less likely to want to eat something harmful and expensive when you are very hungry. 
  • Chitmeal! It is possible and necessary to afford something harmful and expensive. Still, the simple pleasures of life have not been canceled.
  • Spices and herbs. Proper nutrition often seems bland. A variety of spices and herbs will help make food tastier (remember freezing healthy in the summer?).
  • Analyze what you throw away. Do not drink kefir or milk on time? Get a smaller pack. Have to get rid of the soup? Cook in a smaller saucepan. Bananas rot – we make them less.

The drinks

Fans of carbonated drinks and packaged juices know how hard they hit the family budget. And for health, such a diet is not very useful – especially for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. If you are used to soft drinks, replace soda and juices with iced tea and coffee. They cost a penny, and you can change the taste at your discretion by adding your favorite herbs and pieces of dried fruit.

Making lists

The likelihood that you will spend too much in the store is greatly reduced if you come there with a list prepared in advance. Moreover, you can plan the cost of purchases at home in advance. Let’s say you don’t want to spend more than a thousand rubles today.

Select in advance from the list the most necessary products, the cost of which does not exceed the limit you set, and strictly adhere to this plan. You can transfer the rest of the purchases to the next week when they really become necessary.

Proper storage

Think about how many times have you had to throw away rotten fruits and vegetables. Probably a lot. To exclude this item of useless expenses from the family budget, treat the storage of the crop wisely.

Do not store vegetables next to fruits, and also in large batches – one rotten peach can ruin a whole tray of crops within a day. Rinse perishable berries in a vinegar solution immediately after purchase – this way you will significantly extend their shelf life. Keep fruits and vegetables at the right temperature and well-ventilated, and check them daily to remove spoiled crops.