Tips for Improving the Learning Experience in a Digital Classroom

Building an engaging online classroom is challenging. It can be especially troublesome because many tactics that work for in-person instruction will not work for remote learning.

Experts in remote learning, such as Carissa Gray, have tried many methods for creating a thriving online learning environment. Anyone coming into these positions should review the experts’ tips and methods to reduce the stress of trying to figure it out on their own.

#1: Limit Outside Work

Even though many teachers believe that homework is a critical component of every class, it does not have to be. Students participating in remote learning for several hours per day will likely need a break from the computer and other materials. Being able to have downtime is always beneficial. 

#2: Keep Presentations Short

You may have dedicated time for class, but that does not mean you have to spend the entire time talking to the students. Make your presentation short and leave time for them to do independent work or conduct a question-and-answer session.

#3: Encourage Participation

Try to involve students in the class. This does not have to be intricate, but it should include considering each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Online classes are sometimes more difficult for students than in-person classes. Try not to make your class any more complex than what the subject matter requires.

#4: Take Frequent Breaks

Taking frequent breaks does not mean that you have to disrupt the class. You can give the students a few minutes after a segment of learning to grab something to drink or get up and walk around. This gives the brain a chance to decompress, which can improve their attention span when they return.

#5: Provide Feedback

Students in a traditional classroom can pay attention to social queues to find out how they are doing in class, but these might be nonexistent during an online class. Provide feedback to your students regularly, not only when something is wrong. Give them tips on how to succeed with online learning and try to help them find out more about their learning style.

Finding ways to engage students in the classroom can be challenging. Turning to experts like Carissa Gray to find tried and true methods is helpful because you can pull from their experience in this subject. Once you find a method that works for your classroom, you can fine-tune it to provide your students with an enriched online learning environment.