How to become a Cloud Architect [Complete Guide]

Among all cloud job roles, cloud architects have a different fan base. It has everything you require – a high salary, a better reputation, and professional stability. Do you know? Many cloud enthusiasts have cloud architecture as their end goal.

So, thousands of candidates desire to become cloud architects in the future. Unfortunately, they don’t know where to start to become a cloud architect.

Most cloud aspirants have zero knowledge on what to study and which skills to build to become a professional architect with a leading company. Eventually, they give up on their dream. For such people, we have prepared the perfect resource. So, you don’t have to forget your dream of becoming a cloud architect.

Here, you will get all information to become a highly-paid cloud architect, from required skills to study materials and relevant certifications. You will get immense benefit from this post, irrespective of your current professional background. So, let’s learn about getting a cloud architect job, building a robust skillset, and passing a cloud architect certification.

Who is a Cloud Architect?

Cloud architects are in charge of an organization’s cloud computing architecture, becoming increasingly sophisticated as cloud technologies become more complex.

Cloud computing architecture includes the front-end platforms, storage, servers, distribution, and networks needed to operate cloud ecosystems.

Cloud architects are IT professionals with the ability and experience to navigate complicated cloud settings, lead teams, develop and implement cloud strategies, and guarantee that cloud systems are up to date and running efficiently.

Moving on, let’s get more specific to your preparation strategy.

The essential skills to consider

A cloud architect is a warehouse of considerable skills. So, it’s better to build your skill sets before even thinking of becoming a cloud architect. Here are the top skills to consider:

1. Networking and Operating System

As an architect, you will commit to and work in various technical settings. Consequently, understanding how operating systems work is critical. You may also be assisting administrators, making knowledge highly essential to the role. It’s crucial to know how Linux and Ubuntu work.

Networking is the other critical vertical to focus on and consider. Because we’re talking about Cloud Computing, networking knowledge is essential.

2. Cloud Storage

Numerous storage options remain available in the cloud. Cold storage, hot storage, file systems, and Block and Bucket storage are all options. Knowing how these storages work is crucial for a Cloud worker. You can use it to plan what storage will help you save money on the cloud platform. 

3. Security

Another key feature of Cloud Computing is security. Many people believe that Cloud Computing is dangerous. Physical and network security are both ensured by the cloud.

Various services aid in the management of network security for different cloud platforms. You’ll need to understand how to manage identification and access and handle network security using firewalls, cryptography, and encryption.

4. Service Selection

As an architect, you should know and remain aware of the relevant services to your project. The combined offerings of Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform total 400+ services.

It’s critical to understand which platform to utilize and which service to select because these cloud platforms offer a wide range of services for practically every area.

5. Certification

Although it’s not a skill, becoming a certified cloud architect is an essential requirement you must fulfill to get a high-paying job out there. People having a cloud architect certification get the highest benefit in the industry. You can choose from multiple popular cloud certifications, which we will discuss below.

Types of Cloud Architect Certification

As already discussed, a cloud architect certification is an essential requirement to become an industry professional. 

So, here’s a list of all cloud architect certifications you can consider in your journey.

1. AWS Solutions Architect

AWS captures nearly 32% of the cloud market. So, having sound knowledge of architecting solutions using various AWS services is a plus. Becoming an AWS Certified Solutions Architect can benefit your career tremendously.

2. Azure Solutions Architect

The next contributor in the cloud sector is Microsoft Azure. Like AWS, Azure has released reputed cloud architect certifications for learners to verify their knowledge and become skilled cloud architects.

3. Google Cloud Architect

You can choose Google Cloud Platform to become a professional solutions architect. They have a highly challenging certification, which validates your knowledge and skills in the industry.

Steps to Becoming a Cloud Architect

Now, you are all set to learn about the steps to becoming a cloud architect. Here’s how you can achieve your dream strategically.

1. Clear the basics

The best way to become a cloud architect is by clearing the prerequisites. Getting a graduation degree and understanding the fundamental computer science subjects will benefit you. It will help if you know the preliminary requirements before even considering the cloud architecture syllabus.

2. Build relevant skills

Now, you are one step nearer to becoming a cloud architect. You can work on the specific skills mentioned above to become a skilled cloud architect with reputed companies in the industry.

3. Gain hands-on experience

Spend considerable time getting enough cloud architecting experience. Learning only the theoretical aspect won’t give you any practical exposure. And companies don’t prefer such candidates.

4. Choose a cloud platform.

Stick to a cloud platform when preparing to become a cloud architect. Considering all cloud vendors at a time will make you a jack of all trades but master of none.

5. Become a certified cloud architect

Depending on your chosen cloud computing platform, prepare for the company’s relevant cloud architect certification. You can register with online courses to concrete your concepts and crack the exams successfully.

6. Apply for jobs

Now, you’ve earned the cloud architect certification. It’s time to apply for relevant jobs in leading companies and become a highly-paid industry professional. 

Summing Up!

Becoming a cloud architect is simple. All you need is to prepare a fail-proof strategy and work on it consistently. Eventually, your dedication, commitment, and hard work will pay off. Finally, you will become a highly paid and skilled cloud architect in the blink.