How to Encourage Students to Study Philosophy

Philosophy is a fascinating discipline that not many people choose to study due to certain stereotypes. This article will touch on ways to encourage students to explore the field of study.

Over the years, observation has discovered that philosophy is one of the least studied courses in the university system and specialized colleges. Well, that is not without reason. Most career coaches and parents seem to advise young people to pursue professional degrees in law, engineering, and medicine.

Many people believe that it isn’t as lucrative as other disciplines and, therefore, not so valuable for them. However, with proper orientation on the benefits of studying this discipline, students will be more interested in philosophy studies. There are several philosophy of education essay examples on the internet. These free essay samples can serve as a means to motivate young people.

This article will highlight some of the benefits attached to encourage prospective college students to study this discipline. Let’s dive right in!

Massive Career Advantage

Many people underestimate the importance, and higher edge Philosophy study gives career-wise. Many companies and employers love employees that are critical and great problem solvers.

Philosophy is a discipline that mixes quite well with other specialized fields. The knowledge acquired from the study of philosophy will prove invaluable in whichever future career you might choose to specialize in.

While a Philosophy Bachelor’s degree makes a perfect blend with a more specialized field of study, you would need to attain a Ph.D. in philosophy if you plan to venture into academics.

Knowledge of Various Disciplines

Philosophers love to engage in discussions about various ideas related to the interest of humans and the environment. Different disciplines such as Religion, History, Biology, sociology, humanities, medicine, and many more are studied. This study gives students knowledge about a bit of everything as various topics will be touched critically.

Philosophy asks critical questions about a field of study, like its concepts, ideologies, and relation to other disciplines.

Enhances Critical Thinking

A Philosophy graduate once remarked, “It was in this majors I learned rigorous critical thinking, a skill that is priceless when creating art.”

The study of philosophy helps with the development of critical thinking and analytical reasoning in various aspects of life.

A few philosophy classes on various schools of thought, logic, ethics, will help you view the world and happenings around you more logically.

Philosophy combines several disciplines at once and that’s great. For example, essays on physical education show that philosophical thinking skills are necessary for any person in any career in the long run.

Discussion of Fascinating Topics and Mental Experiments

A lot of people might view philosophy as a dull, uninteresting course. On the contrary, it is pretty exciting. For instance, you could pick an intriguing movie such as “The inception” and discuss the philosophical ideas that influenced the film. Studying this subject will give you a deeper insight and leave you fascinated by specific ideas you probably wouldn’t have noticed.

For some time now, certain experimental situations and hypothetical scenarios have been created to test a particular philosophical idea, eventually leading to practical application to real-life scenarios.

Remains Modern Subject

Unlike some other disciplines, philosophy is still a modern subject and applicable to our everyday lives. It remains advantageous to society who study it as it also serves as good training for the brain.

Modern Philosophy continues to serve an excellent purpose to society. Philosophers continue to raise critical questions on pressing concerns and topics such as climate change, child education, and gender disparity. Only critical thinking can produce long-lasting solutions to these problems.


Philosophy is a massive underrated field of study for most students. Most people simply don’t understand its benefits in diverse aspects of life and career advancement.

There are also a lot of priceless life-related lessons you can learn should you choose to study this course. Every “lover of wisdom” out there, will no doubt have fun studying this discipline!