Why Studying Abroad Is a Life-Changing Experience

Studying abroad is not just about getting the piece of paper known as a degree. Because as a college student you can get that same degree by staying in your own country. However, there is a very good reason why the number of students who decide to educate themselves outside of their country continues to rise.

Due to some research, in the last 25 years, the number has tripled over, and currently, 100.000 more students from America educate themselves abroad compared to the previous decade. After we read some essays and paper examples with titles about life experiences from those students, we completely support the ones who choose to do it. Because in almost every single essay sample with topics related to students traveling abroad, we found statements in which they say that those life experiences drastically changed their lives and helped them become better as a person.

Although the most interesting part of those essay examples is that all of those students share a different experience, and they talk about what does study abroad means for them individually.

However, the following four things are what all of them have in common. So, let’s dive a bit deeper and see what makes studying abroad so different and much more existing, and how the studying abroad experience changes the students’ lives.

Studying abroad means exploring.

One of the biggest reasons students decide to take this step is to see the world. Students who get to study abroad have the chance to experience and explore a new country with new customs, activities, and outlooks.

Of course, no student is limited to traveling, which also allows them to explore the neighboring countries. Thanks to the opportunity to witness a completely new way of life, they start to understand better other nations and cultures.

The best part about it is the fact that in the meanwhile the students also have the opportunity to make lifelong friends from different cultural backgrounds, such as from the host country or students that also are a part of the study abroad from all around the world.

Studying abroad promotes personal development.

In many parts of the world, students are rarely seen living alone. So, choosing to study abroad allows for personal development that would not be possible by staying to study at home.

Traveling and living alone gives the students a greater sense of independence and drastically expands their world views. It teaches them to become explorers and allows them to discover their curiosity. It may be overwhelming for them to be in a new place all alone and do everything on their own for the first time in life.

However, that tests their ability to adapt to diverse situations and gives them the opportunity to discover themselves.

Studying abroad offers different education.

Another reason why students decide to take this step in life is that they want to experience a different style of education.

There are even some cases in which students take this step in a search for a better-quality education. But whatever the case, studying abroad allows the students to experience different learning methods, have different courses, and get the knowledge they can’t get at home. Because every country has its own different education system. Meaning that those who decide to study abroad, besides the base knowledge, need to continuously learn and adapt to new things.

Studying abroad means better job prospects.

When the study program is done, students return home with many life experiences, a new perspective on culture, a great education, new skills, and a lot of willingness to learn.

Nowadays employers are looking just for that kind of employee because the international experience besides all the skills, also, provides people with a new level of cultural and global understanding. Which, at the end of the day, opens many career doors.


The international student’s experience can be more important in the long run than what students learn in the classroom. It helps students develop intercultural skills, teaches them to be independent, and helps them learn about themselves. All in all, it is described as a powerful or life-changing experience that stays with a person forever. 


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