How to Quickly Learn to Write Without Mistakes – 3 Simple Tips

Writing is an essential skill applied daily. Personal and business communication was transferred to a smartphone and everyone writes dozens of messages and makes posts on social media every single day.

No matter what you are doing for a living or maybe still studying, you will face a need to write essays, reports, analyses, or draft documents to perform your tasks. Grammar in the writing is an indicator of intelligence and professionalism, therefore it makes sense to improve the written language.

Below you can find 3 simple tips to perfect your writing within a limited time. 


Fight Evil, Read Books

There is a joke, that even if you don’t understand a book, at least you will know the way the words should be written. But jokes aside, literature helps to strengthen the language.

Besides basic and obvious advantages like enlarging vocabulary, learning words spelling, noticing punctuation, and grammar rules, it does a tremendous job to develop a sense of writing. 

Why is reading resulting in writing quality?

  • It develops critical thinking. This is an ability to analyze the text, come up with conclusions and suggestions. In practice, it helps to express the thoughts more logically and to make them structured. 
  • Polishes the writing style. Classical literature will show how to write more formally, using cold tones, but at the same time more sophisticated vocabulary. Modern literature is not that demanding in terms of language as it tends to be simplified. Different genres will help you to come up with a unique combination, which terms to be your writing style. 
  • Learn how to communicate your message. Many people struggle with the inability to express their ideas, doing it in a written form even complicates the task. Reading clarifies how to form the ideas, to make them more understandable, and to communicate to your readers. 
  • If writing is a part of your job, then reading may become a source of inspiration for you. 

Checking Spelling Errors As a Habit

Even if you follow all the grammar rules, put commas appropriately, and used to be a winner of spelling competitions, still our brain can space out and we don’t notice the mistakes we make, even if we read the text twice.

Sometimes we are just short on time and it’s impossible to review and correct the text. In such cases checking spelling through special online services come to the assistance. This is the best option for busy people to have a language fixer on the go. 

With a spell checker, you don’t need to worry whether your words are spelled correctly. All you need is just to paste the text in the special text box and run it through.

Just in a few seconds special spell checking software will detect all the errors, typos, misspelled word forms and offer suggestions to substitute them. Some checkers like Grammarly even offer synonyms, advice on tone, and clarity.

To make usage of such software more effective just do not accept all the corrections blindly. A small analysis will help to identify the blind spots of your written language, therefore to find room for improvement. 

Find a Tutor

Working on your written language requires time and dedication. Very often we don’t have enough spare time to take an extra step in detecting our mistakes, analyzing them, then find the proper grammar rules.

Also, it takes a lot of effort to practice, which may be pointless if no one is out there to check the exercises, give some suggestions, and point out the gaps.

This is a scenario for working with a language tutor. On opposite to other options, this one demands some financial investments as good tutors may charge good money per hour, but instead, you get:

  • A personal approach aimed to detect the pain point and eliminate them.
  • Worked through methodology, which was tested on other students and will work for sure.
  • No need to spend your time searching for the rules and practicing exercises. A tutor has done this job for you and will try to diversify the complexity of levels, find the most suitable vocabulary. 
  • And the biggest pros of improving the writing with a tutor is the ability to receive quality feedback. It helps to stay motivated and to measure progress. 

Mistakes can be left unnoticed when you speak, however in the written language they are very visible and it is just inexcusable to write with errors, having so many options for improvement. Let your grammatically correct writing form a positive and professional image for you. 

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