Have You Decided For What SSC CGL Job Post You Want To Apply?

If you think that clearing SSC CGL exam means you will be having a kind of particular job, you are a bit wrong.  SSC is not stagnant to a particular job post but it introduces a variety of vacancies under CGL Tag. Before applying for an exam, you need to make a decision regarding what job post you want to go ahead. 

If you are graduated then you may apply for the job vacancy and attend the exam. To get excellent SSC CGL Result, you need to do preparation in the right way by studying from the standard study material.

You may start preparation of SSC CGL exam since they are conducted every year to find out the best candidate for different job vacancies.

Income Tax Officer – One Of Most Popular Jobs Under SSC CGL 

Talking about the most popular job these days, it is IT (Income Tax), Inspector. In case, you are not interested in a hardcore serious job profile such as IT Inspector then you should SSC CHSL Apply Online.

As we also see movies or read in novels, the image of an IT officer is projected as an intellectual one. Therefore, you also need to be aware of surrounding things apart from following traditional study material.

It is hard to ignore that these job posts are highly reputed and that is why youth from all around the country want to appear in this exam so that they can have an officer rank government job. 

What If You Are Not Interested To Be An IT Inspector –

The post of Income Tax Inspector is quite popular and highly respected too. You do not need to get disappointed if you are not interested to be an IT Inspector.

You may apply for other fascinating job posts such as CE Inspector, Statistical Investigator, Preventive Officer Etc. To get any of these respective job posts, you need to clear this exam first. 

Stick To The Quality Study Material To Get Best Score –

Every year, a number of aspirants go ahead to apply for this handsome job post. That is why competition is also increasing day-by-day.

Most people also get confused regarding this job post since different platforms keep coming up with different information. Make sure that you accumulate information from a reputable platform only. 

Income Tax Inspector – Full Of Career Growth Oriented Opportunities :

If you are going to apply for this job post, you need to make sure that you accumulate information about it.

Aspirants love applying for this job post since it comes up with exceptional career growth. All you need to be curious to learn new things. In our society, IT Inspector holds an outstanding social reputation.

You might also be called in local award/school functions to motivate students and young generations. Apart from it, candidates who always wanted to be IT Inspector will find incredible job satisfaction. 

This job post is related to Group-C Post in CBDT. You might be wondering about CBDT. This abbreviation stands for Central Board OF Direct Taxes. This organization is responsible for collecting Direct Taxes in the country.

To put in simple words, they collect the tax and maintain the data to proceed further. Direct Tax is an official key term used for the charged tax under 

  • Wealth Tax
  • Corporate Tax, 
  • Income Tax etc. 

If you crack the exam and get hired being an Income Tax Inspector, you will truly love the work-related environment as seniors keep guiding the newly joined. Candidates will also be having excellent job-related perks and promotions accordingly.  

What You Have To Do Being A IT Officer – 

  • Stay Physically and Mentally Fit – The IT job includes field and office related duties both. It means you need to remain active physically and mentally both. 
  • Job Responsibilities As Per Job Assignment – An IT officer’s job related responsibilities depend upon the type of work they will be assigned. Moreover, it also depends upon what area you will be posted in. 
  • Two Sections In IT Department – Talking about Tax Department, there are two different sections called Assessment Department and Non-Assessment Department.
    • If you get into the Assessment Department, you will be assigned to handle all sorts of desk related job tasks. It means you will remain inside the office. You will be assigned to tackle data related to 
      • refund claim, 
      • Tax Evasion Complains
      • TDS etc.
  • On the other hand, if you get associated with a Non-Assessment Department, you will be a part of the raiding team. It means you will be doing field oriented work. Therefore, you need to be physically fit. You probably have to work extra hours.

Working Hours Of A IT Officer – 

You might be wondering what working hours will be on if you are hired being an IT Officer. 

  • Here, it needs to mention that working hours varies as per department and job post. 
  • Talking about a specific office timing of government employees, it is 9 to 5. 
  • But sometimes, you might have to be there pre or post regular office timing if you are into any specific task/assignment assisting your seniors or handling individually. 

In The Last – 

IT Officers are known for their presence of mind and intelligence, therefore candidates holding a graduation degree passed from a distinguished university will be allowed to apply only.