Medical Schools In Hawaii – Fees & Requirements

There are good medical schools in Hawaii and if you are considering them this blog post will set you on the right path. You will find all the necessary details like requirements and fees that will facilitate your entry into one of the medical schools in Hawaii. Let’s get started.

Hawaii is a popular tourist attraction in the United States famous for its beautiful beaches and laid-back lifestyle. This is a place you want to be during the summer or for vacation. Its beautiful scenery and posh lifestyle would probably be among your top reasons to study in Hawaii. Well, why not? Who doesn’t want the good life after all.

There are universities and community colleges in Hawaii offering a wide range of prestigious degree programs in social sciences, arts, and applied sciences. If you are equally considering pursuing a medical program at one of the medical schools in Hawaii, that is also a fantastic idea and in this post I will guide you through it.

And if you haven’t made your mind up yet on where to study medicine, you definitely will after reading this post.

You should also look out other medical schools, you know what they say about putting all your eggs in one basket. Aside from medical school in New York, California, and other parts of the US, there are also good medical schools in other parts of the world and fortunately for you, you do not have to go through the daunting task of seeking for these schools yourself as we all have them covered on our site.

Now, let’s get into the medical schools in Hawaii.

medical schools in Hawaii

Medical Schools In Hawaii & Their Details

When compared to medical schools in Philadelphia and Texas where there are up to 10 or more, there are very few medical schools in Hawaii. They are just three in number to be exact but this number shouldn’t discourage you from still checking them out. Who knows? They could be exactly what you are looking for in a medical school.

Let’s get a look at them…

  • Johns A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM)
  • Hawaii Medical Training Center
  • Hawaii Medical College

1.     Johns A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM)

Johns A. Burns School of Medicine is the medical school of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. It is also one of the best medical schools in the United States ranking at #24 of best medical schools for primary care by the US News & World Report. The college offers MD program, MS, BS, PhD, and MD residency & fellowship training in a wide range of medical programs.

Programs you will find here include biomedical sciences, internal medicine, orthopedic surgery, medical technology, developmental and reproductive biology, and tropical medicine. Entry requirements and fees vary by program and student’s residency status, that is, where you are coming from.

Applicants must have completed and earned a bachelor’s degree and taken courses in general biology with lab, general physics with lab, general chemistry with lab, organic chemistry with lab, and biochemistry. Although JABSOM does not require for MCAT or GPA but try and keep your GPA and MCAT around 3.76 and 513 respectively.

To get more information, you should contact JABSOM Admissions Office.

2.     Hawaii Medical Training Center

Hawaii Medical Training Center is not a medical college but an institution that train students who want to pursue a career in healthcare. They do not offer degrees, rather certificate and diploma. The only two programs currently offered at the institute are Phlebotomy and EKG Technician that are completed in as little as 6 weeks.

So, if you want to get a qualification that will quickly get you into the healthcare field, this the Hawaii Medical Training Center is the place for you.

3.     Hawaii Medical College

Hawaii Medical College has been operating for more than 15 years as a locally owned career college that train students who want to enter the healthcare field. The college offers programs in medical assistant, healthcare administration, billing and coding, business administration & I.T, and advanced nurse assistant.

These programs take between 15 and 24 months to complete which is a short time for you to quickly get into the high-paying healthcare field. Applications are all year round and students are given laptops which they can use as students and keep for themselves after graduating. The school also give you a job while you are studying and after your graduate.

Program Fees

Clinical Medical Assisting$22,160
Clinical Medical Assisting AAS$33,680
Healthcare Administration Biling & Coding$19,769
Healthcare Administration Biling & Coding AAS$31,280
Advanced Nurse Aid$999

These are all the programs offered at the Hawaii Medical Center and their cost. There are financial aid opportunities to students who qualify.


These are the medical schools in Hawaii and JABSOM is the only fully-fledged medical school in the state where you can get trained to become any kind of doctor you want. The others are basically training centers that will equip you with skills to enter the healthcare field.

Medical Schools In Hawaii – FAQs

How many medical schools in Hawaii?

The only medical school in Hawaii is the Johns A. Burns School of Medicine also known as JABSOM.