4 Military Schools In Canada – See Fees and Admission

Who can get into military schools in Canada? And what are the requirements to get into these Canadian military schools? Are they free? If they aren’t, how much do they cost? All of these questions and whichever one you may have are answered in this blog post. Just, sit back, relax and enjoy the article.

If you are interested in attending military school whether at college or non-college level, then you have come to the right place. This blog, Study Abroad Nations in general, have a collection of articles covering all of the military schools in all parts of the US which you can use as a guide to finding a befitting school for yourself or for your child.

Having said that, let’s dive into the main topic…

There are very few military schools in Canada, and only one of them operates at the academy level, that is, for high school kids, while the others operate at the college level. This should not discourage you from checking them out as they may as well suit what you are looking for in a military school.

For high school graduates who aspire to serve in the force and still pursue an academic degree of their choice, a military college is a place for you. Military colleges aren’t only for students looking to join the military, it is for everyone, but know that their curriculum and operations are different from a traditional college which is why it is much more fitting for students who want to enter the military.

Or if you like being in a military environment, then fine, you can go there too.

In a military college or academy, the environment is much more disciplined and there are strict rules that students must abide by. Unlike party schools where there is a lot of fun the fun here in military school is limited. There are tight curfews, early morning drills, training, and the like to keep you in shape and groom you to become an abiding citizen of the country.

Now, if this is something you can handle or look forward to then there is no doubt that you will find a place in one of the military schools in Canada. Let’s go on to see each of the schools, the requirements to get in, and their respective fees.

military schools in Canada

4 Military Schools In Canada

Listed directly below are the 4 military schools in Canada, you can find their respective details as you read ahead.

  • Royal Military College of Canada (RMC)
  • Canadian Forces College (CFC)
  • Robert Land Academy
  • The Royal Military College Saint-Jean

1.     Royal Military College of Canada (RMC)

The Royal Military College of Canada commonly referred to as RMC in English or CMR in French is a degree-granting college of the Canadian Armed Forces established in 1874. RMC is a fully-fledged college offering undergraduate and graduate (doctorate included) degree programs in art, sciences, and engineering disciplines as empowered by the Government of Ontario.

If you want a military college in Canada with a minimal population, RMC is the place. There are barely 3,000 students here and they accept international students as well. You don’t have to worry about the language of instruction since programs are taught in English and French languages to accommodate as many students as possible.


To get into RMC, you must have completed high school, earned your diploma with acceptable credits sufficient for regular admission into a university, and possess an excellent academic record. Applicants are also required to meet the conditions for admission as mature students.

There are also other entry requirements that vary depending on your study level, student’s residency status, and program type. You can check them out here.

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate students under the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP), that is those who have made a commitment to military service upon graduation, do not pay any tuition to attend RMC and they are also paid a monthly salary. However, undergraduates that are not in the ROTP pay $3,020 (for art and science) or $4,140 (for engineering) per term.

Tuition for domestic master’s and doctoral students is $2,670 per term for arts while science and engineering pay $2,980 per term. While international master’s and doctoral students pay $7,410 (art) and $7,690 (science and engineering) per term.

PS: the ROTP is only for undergraduates.

2.     Canadian Forces College (CFC)

If you are an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces looking to take up a leadership position within the government, then CFC is the school for you. The college is only for those who are already senior and general officers in the Canadian Armed Forces. Its mission is to prepare senior military and civilian leaders to meet the complex security challenges of the future.

CFC, a world leader in defense and security education and research, develops officers through graduate-level military education programs to enable them to become qualified leaders within governmental organizations. These graduate-level courses are not your typical courses, they are:

  • Joint Command and Staff Programme
  • National Security Programme
  • Joint Command and Staff Programme Distance Learning
  • Joint Staff Operations Programme
  • Canadian Security Studies Programme
  • Executive Leaders’ Programme

If you qualify for the programme, the Canadian Armed Forces will pay all your tuition fees, books, and academic equipment.

3.     Robert Land Academy

Robert Land Academy is a private military boys-only boarding school founded in 1978 in Ontario. It is the only Canadian military institution operating at a non-college level. It is an academy serving students from grades 5-12 and parents may want to consider this place for their boys who are pretty hard to discipline or who have a knack for the military field.

The academy prides itself as a school that understands boys and as a center of excellence that develops boys into young men possessing the qualities of law-abiding citizens.


  1. An interview between parent and son over the phone, via skype, or in person.
  2. Written application form
  3. Academic transcripts or reports from the preceding two years

School Fee

The school fee is $72,950 and covers tuition, boarding, registration fee, health insurance, admissions interview, and tuck account deposit.

4.     The Royal Military College Saint-Jean

And finally, we have RMC Saint-Jean, a military college located in Fort Sean-Jean in Montreal, Quebec. The college was recently made an independent university and has very few numbers of students in undergraduate programs. Programs are offered only in Science and Social Sciences courses. Education at RMC Saint-Jean focuses on the military, physical fitness, bilingualism, and academics.


  1. Be a Canadian citizen
  2. Minimum age requirement of 16 years with parental authority
  3. Pass the pre-enrollment test
  4. Meet the required medical standard for enrollment into the Canadian Armed Forces

There aren’t many military schools in Canada as I mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, one or more of the ones here could meet your academic needs or that of your child.