Best 10 Medical Schools In Hungary

In this article, I have provided information on the best medical schools in Hungary for students in search of a career in the medical field, who are yet to find a school to enroll in and give their career a head start.

Before I go on, I would love to brief you my readers on who medical students are. Medical students are people or individuals enrolled in a faculty of a university or part of an institution that teaches medicine or conducts training for its students to become physicians.

Around the world, medical schools are highly competitive and sometimes very difficult to get into. Here are a few tips for medical students. Medical schools also carry out medical research and operate in teaching hospitals as means of educating their students. Do you know that medical degree programs in most countries last five years or more? and for some it last four a minimum of four years.

A degree in medicine is awarded to students after they have completed their degree programs and in most countries studying medicine is completed as an undergraduate. Almost all medical degree program requires that their students complete at least a minimum of 1-2 years of the university course.

There are so many medical schools around the world such as the Best Medical Schools in Ukraine, Medical Schools In Finland, Medical Schools in Maryland, etc. Schools in Hungary that offer medical programs are considered to be the best for both local and international students, they provide their students with comfortable environments to aid their learning.

The best decision to make as a person in terms of your choice of career is to study a medical course, this is because medical courses have diverse career opportunities, and seeking a job with a medical degree is very easy, it brings you closer to people where you tend for them, health workers offer high salaries and with everything in the world becoming digital you can now study medicine online.

Well, without further hassle, let’s quickly look into the best medical schools in Hungary, what it entails to enroll in one, and their cost of tuition fee.

How To Get Into A Medical School In Hungary

Medical schools in Hungary are said to be the best choice for international students due to how affordable they make their tuition fees, easy it is to process one’s admission, and the quality of education they give to their students.

They have been listed on numerous estimable rankings, the educational systems of medical schools in Hungary are built to provide support for students and opportunities for good jobs that would sustain them after school.

Below, I have provided you with guidelines and the necessary steps you will be needing to get into any of the best medical schools in Hungary.

Requirements For Medical Schools In Hungary

It is important to know that requirements for medical schools in Hungary differ due to so many factors like the degree type and many others. Therefore, here are some basic requirements you will be needing to study in a medical school in Hungary.

  • Applicants should be within a minimum of 16-17 years of age
  • Applicants must pass the schools entrance examination constituting multiple questions
  • International students seeking admission to study in one of these medical schools in Hungary should start processing their application 6months prior to the commencement of the program.
  • Applicants must have letters of recommendation and well-written essays to submit to the school.
  • Requirements for medical and legal checks must be met
  • Applicants are to submit to school their letters of intent and be ready for an interview whenever required.

Average Cost Of Medical Schools In Hungary

The cost of medical school in Hungary depends on many factors such as the degree, status of the students, etc. Also, living in Hungary is very affordable when compared to European countries.

Therefore with about $18,000, one can enroll in a medical school in Hungary.

Best 10 Medical School In Hungary

Based on my findings, below are some best medical schools in Hungary, you can go through the list carefully to see which of the school offers the programs that best meet your demands.

  • Semmelweis University, Hungary
  • University Of Szeged, Hungary
  • University Of Debrecen
  •  The University Of Pecs, Medical school
  • Eotvos Lorand University
  • McDaniel College
  • Central European University
  • Obuda University
  • University Of Miskolc
  • Corvinus University Of Budapest

1. Semmelweis University, Hungary

This is among the leading medical schools in Hungary and the central European region that is within medicine and health sciences. The university is an internationally renowned center of knowledge due to its high-quality education.

They offer Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs with an acceptance rate of 25%, and students in this university are provided with good jobs and the requirements to enroll are slightly different depending on the choice of course.

Requirements for studying in this school, include the following;

  • You are to submit your school leaving certificate from an accredited high school
  • You are to submit a copy of your passport
  • You are to also submit a copy of your medical certificate
  • Candidates must pass the school’s entrance examination.

The cost of attending this school is 10,900 USD.

2. University Of Szeged, Hungary

This is one of the medical schools in Hungary that is also among the leading and internationally ranked institution, they offer master’s, bachelor’s, postgraduate & doctorate programs. The acceptance rate for this institution is 45%

This medical school in Hungary is committed to improving educational content at all levels and they issue quality degrees that would meet the demands of the labor market, so as to ensure that their graduates are sought after by international and national employers.

The average cost of studying in this institution as an undergraduate international and domestic student is $3750 while that of graduate domestic students is $6,250 and international students pay $13,750.

3. University Of Debrecen.

This is one of the medical schools in Hungary that offer 80-degree programs all fully taught in English. Accreditation for this institution is taught by the WHO and so many other medical boards from other countries, 2018 this institution was ranked among the top 300 medical schools in the world.

The school’s acceptance rate is 44%, and candidates enrolling in this institution are expected to provide their personal documents, school leaving certificates, recommendation letters, passport photographs,s and pass the school’s entrance exams.

The average cost of tuition fee for both domestic graduate and undergraduate students is $500 while that of international graduate and undergraduate students pay $16,250 and $650 respectively.

4. The University Of Pecs, Medical School

This is a medical school in Hungary, where future physicians can build their medical knowledge in an evolving profession. The duration of studying in this medical school in Hungary takes up to 6years of clinical and pre-clinical studies.

Recently, the school organized a picnic called “I am going to be a doctor – starter pack” for applicants to the medical school, where the medical students at this school talked about the challenges they face, their experiences, and many other things.

Admission requirements for studying at this university include;

  • You must have high school/ transcript results with the best grades in chemistry, physics & biology.
  • You must pass the school’s oral/written entrance exams.
  • Both local and international students are expected to have eligibility for higher educational studies in their home country

The cost of the tuition fee in this medical school in Hungary is as follows;

  • The application fee costs 200 USD
  • The entrance fee costs 250 USD
  • The tuition fee for students starting their academic year in the first semester is 9000 USD for the first semester and for the second semester is 7750 USD.

5.  Eotvos Lorand University

Eotvos Lorand University is among the medical schools in Hungary that have an acceptance rate of 35%, and the institution ensures that its graduates are given good jobs to sustain them after school.

The school offers various degree programs ranging from master’s degrees to doctorate degrees. It is important for those students aspiring to study in this school to pass the school entrance exams and they are also expected to submit transcript results & a passport photograph.

6. McDaniel College

This is among the medical schools in Hungary that are diverse and committed to building the excellence of its students in arts, science, and professional studies. Students of this great institution are thought how to act critically, creatively, and humanely.

The college supports the growth and academic success of its students, the cost of studying in this school as a fresher undergraduate is $975 yearly.

7. Central European University

The Central European University is among the medical schools in Hungary that offers master’s and doctoral programs in medical and social science-related courses, the university is also an undergraduate/ graduate cross-road university.

This institution has an acceptance rate of 47%, and the average cost of tuition fee for domestic students is $1,750 while that of international students is $11,250.

8. Obuda University

Obuda University is among the medical schools in Hungary that conduct educational training for basic, master, and doctoral training. The doctoral training helps prepares students for obtaining a Ph.D. after they have obtained a master’s degree, the training period takes up to 6 semesters.

For more information about the school, click here.

9. University Of Miskolci

This is among the medical schools in Hungary that have it college bachelor’s degree program, established in 2001. The school’s faculty of health sciences trains its students in health tourism, field prevention, and imagining diagnosis.

The school also carryout training tasks with teaching hospitals, health institutions and professional organizations, the average cost tuition fee for domestic students in this institution is $500 while that of international students is $1,750 with an acceptance rate of 27%.

10. Corvinus University Of Budapest

This is a medical school in Hungary that conducts doctoral training and practical experience, the school has a welcoming attitude toward international students and provide them with an environment to work with foreign professor and their fellow students.

The school also makes room for outstanding talented students to go on scholarships that would help fund their education. Gaining admission into this school is based on the student’s performance in the entrance exams.

Medical Schools In Hungary – FAQs

Here are the frequently asked questions about medical schools in Hungary. Go through them carefully.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How long is a medical school in Hungary?” answer-0=”Medical school in Hungary takes up to 6 years.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Is it hard to get into medical schools in Hungary?” answer-1=”Yes. Reason is that medical in Hungary are very competitive to get into , and are the popular choice of international students.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Is medicine taught in English in Hungary?” answer-2=”Yeah and that is because over 850 international students are admitted into the universities in Hungary to study medicine.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]