10 Accredited Online Colleges in Alabama

Acquiring your desired degree through online colleges in Alabama could be a dream come through, especially with the fact that you don’t have to leave your work or family to get the degree. In fact, the thought of leaving your responsibilities to get a degree, complete your diploma, or even acquire a certification course can be overwhelming when remember you have to constantly go on-campus.

But these programs are brought right on your doorsteps, because they understand how busy your work is, coupled with how dedicated you are to your family. Moreover, these programs are taught by the same well-trained, well-educated, state-accredited professors that also handle the on-campus students.

Making them to providing the same experience and skills they provide on-campus. Also, these online colleges in Alabama understand that it will require much more discipline to learn through an online platform than you would learn on-campus. So they provide interactive online learning tools to keep you active with learning so that you won’t drift away when that enticing notification pops up.

In addition, there are so many free online courses you can still enroll in while at home, in reality, there are courses that can help you improve your career without you breaking the bank. For instance, free online Java courses can help you to become a bad-ass programmer (well, I don’t need to tell you how much programmers earn).

Even free online courses on time management can help you to effectively manage your time, especially during this time you’re considering starting or continuing your college online. There are also free online courses offered by Harvard University and Stanford University also offers free online courses.

Furthermore, most of these online colleges in Alabama provide scholarships that can help ease the fees you need to pay for college. Yes, even though you study online, there are scholarships for you, regardless of where you are studying from.

There is also Financial aid that you need to show interest in by filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application form.

Before we head on to know some of these online colleges, let’s see what it can cost you to study in these schools.

The average cost of online college in Alabama

You should know that the fees an in-state student will pay are not the same as what an out-of-state student will pay. In-state students will always pay a lesser fee when compared with out-of-state students, but in some situations, they pay the same fee (depending on the college).

But, an international student will pay higher than all of them. And this also applies to their scholarships, where an in-state student is more advantaged than others.

The average tuition for online colleges in Alabama for an in-state student is $9,137 while for out-of-state is $23,579.

Requirements for online colleges in Alabama

If you want to acquire only a certificate course, you are not required to submit anything, all you have to do is pay and start learning. But, if you’re going for a bachelor’s degree program, you need to;

  • Provision of an application to prove that you’ve completed your high school from an accredited school (If you want to start first-year in the school).
  • Provision of an application to prove that you have completed your first-year and other courses (if you intend to continue your degree)
  • Payment of a nonrefundable application fee.
  • Provision of an official transcript of your high school.
  • Provision of SAT or ACT score (this will be sent from the testing agency).
  • Submission of a transcript if you completed some college courses while you were in high school.

For a master’s degree, here are some requirements:

  • Submission of an Undergraduate Application
  • Payment of non-refundable application fee
  • Submission of an official transcript from each accredited college(s) you attended.
  • If you’re an international student, you might need to submit proof of English proficiency, especially if English is not your country’s first or second language

Benefits of online college in Alabama


These online colleges in Alabama have made their programs in such a way you can stay where you are right now, reading this well-written article, to complete your degree. That means, most of their programs are 100% online, so you can choose to stay at home, at work, or on the train to complete your degree or course(s).


You can choose when to come to classes in these online schools, you don’t have to come to class when you’re at work, or very busy.


Not just that there are scholarships provided for you, but you also have the opportunity to cut costs, such as; accommodation, transportation, hardcopy textbooks, and the rest.

online colleges in Alabama

Online Colleges in Alabama

1. University of Alabama 

The University of Alabama is one of the online colleges in Alabama that has been prolific in their online programs, where they always improve their classes, courses, and their means of delivery to their students. That is why U.S. News and World Report ranked 11 of their Programs as the best among 1,200 programs that were surveyed in the United States.

To mention a few, they have the 5th Best Online Master’s in Business, Program, they are the 9th Best Online Master’s in Nursing Administration Program, 4th best Online Bachelor in Business Program. In addition, they are the 2nd Most Affordable Law School in the United States from Affordableschools.net, and the Best College Bar in America by delish.com.

Every year, students from the University of Alabama produce great innovations that have gone ahead to be helpful to the United States and the World at large, and they are recognized for their excellence. Recently, their “Student Robotic Team” is ready to win another national title in the NASA contest, and they have already smashed 7 out of 9 of this NASA Robotic Mining  Competition.

UA is one of the online colleges in Alabama that helps you to make your computer your college, in other words, you are given the opportunity to study from where you are. If you have not visited the four corners of the University before (maybe due to how busy you have been or financial issues), UA has what you’ll need to start your first degree.

If you already have some experience in college life, that is, you have attended some courses, or you have completed your baccalaureate degree and want to continue your master’s. UA also got you covered, because they have over 70 flexible classes and programs that anyone from anywhere can fit.

If you’re in the military or intend to enter, we respect your dedication (so does, UA), and we understand your commitment to the country, so even if you are active in the military, UA’s education can fit your life. UA is one of the few online colleges in Alabama that provides a special Online Military Grant to their Undergraduates.

Furthermore, they offer various scholarships and grants to their online students.

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2. The University of Alabama in Birmingham

This is one of the best online colleges in Alabama that is known for its outstanding Health Care Management Programs. And, the U.S. News and World Report also recognized this prowess and ranked them the best Health School in the United States.

USdentalschools.com also ranked them the 11th best Dental College in the United States, while nurse.org ranked them the 3rd best Nursing School in Alabama. This shows that when it comes to the Medical field, UAB is one of the best places to consider whether online or on-campus.

UAB is also recognized for its excellence in the research world, and they have a high mark for employment. Forbes named them America’s No.1 Best Large Employer in 2021, where they have employed more than 23,000 professionals.

They have something for you in their online degree programs, and courses and their programs are not different from what is taught on-campus. Also, the same professors that handle these on-campus students are still the ones to teach you, making you learn the same thing they are learning.

Moreover, UAB is one of the online colleges in Alabama that have special tools for teaching their online students. However, their tools are designed for synchronous online learning, that is, you have to log in and participate in online classes at a particular time.

It also helps you and your professors to meet in real-time, and be able to communicate and learn effectively.

Not just that, they also provide financial aid and scholarships to assist you with your cost of education.

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3. Auburn University

Auburn University is one of the online colleges in Alabama that uses its online Engineering lab to teach their students and they will still understand regardless of where they are. U.S News and World Report recognized this excellence and ranked them the 5th best Online Master’s in Civil Engineering Program.

They are also known for their competence in their Nursing Programs, and they are recognized as the No. 1 best Nursing school in Alabama by nurse.org. Auburn University is one of the Universities that have a high acceptance rate, with an 85% acceptance rate, which means, if 100 people apply for admission, they will admit 85.

They use varieties of delivery modes in their online classes, all of these modes are for you to learn effectively just the way on-campus learn. Your classes and courses will be convenient and effective, where you can learn whether at home, at your place of work, on the train, and still understand everything.

They offer undergraduate, graduate, professional credit programs, and personal enrichment programs. They also give you the opportunity to participate in their financial aid and scholarships, where they award almost 60% of their freshmen a scholarship.

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4. Jacksonville State University

JSU is known for its excellent Nursing Programs in the State of Alabama, and nurse.org ranked them the 5th Best Nursing School in Alabama. JSU is also a university that takes the quality of education they provide to their online students very seriously.

JSU is one of the online colleges in Alabama that makes sure they deliver to online students in the best way they can, where they can accurately learn from anywhere. Troy University makes sure that you won’t miss anything even though you learn virtual, and there is no difference between you and a student learning on-campus.

The online faculties are the same accredited faculties for on-campus, and the same dedicated, qualified educators for in-campus classes will still handle you here. They have certificate courses, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degree programs in Applied Engineering, Business, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Education, and many more.

Moreover, they offer scholarships and grants to their online students, where you have the opportunity to learn from anywhere, and still have part or all of your tuition waived.

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5. Samford University

Samford University is one of the online colleges in Alabama that has been relentless in improving its online educational system. Lots of their programs have been featured in U.S. News and World Report, including their Master’s in Nursing Programs and MBA Programs which are ranked #51 and #121 respectively.

They are also recognized as the Best College for Student Engagement by Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education and 2nd best Nursing School in Alabama by nurse.org. Also, 97% of their undergraduate Alumni are already working, or are furthering their education within 6 months.

In our digital world, Samford University is moving at the same pace with the change in our world, thereby providing an excellent accessible contemporary learning platform. And, both their on-campus and online learning are centered around Christian Understanding.

They offer only two Bachelor’s Degree Programs;

  • Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts, Organizational Leadership.

And, lots of Master’s Degree Programs. Samford University is one of the online colleges in Alabama that offers undergraduate scholarships to students that are academically doing well, and/or doing well to improve their community.

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6. The University of Alabama in Huntsville

There are lots of schools in the world that don’t get the ranking they deserve, and the University of Alabama in Huntsville is one of the Underrated Universities in the United States. In fact, BusinessInsider said they are the 7th Most Underrated University in the United States.

A school where their graduates earn an average starting salary of $62,200, and in their mid-career, they are already nailing $112,900 annually.

Their online programs are the 4th most affordable online programs according to intelligent.com, where you get to pay $104.88 per credit for resident students, and non-resident students will pay $218.55.

Moreover, UAH is one of the online colleges in Alabama that offers 23 online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, and so many other online courses.

UAH also offers scholarships and financial aid to their students, in fact, 86% of their undergraduates receive financial aid to further their college.

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7. University of North Alabama

This is one of the online colleges in Alabama that are generous to their veterans and those active on military duty. U.S. News and World Report recognized their act and Awarded them the 11th Best College for Veterans in the United States, they are also the 27th best Regional University South.

In addition, the University of North Alabama is known for its affordable online programs, and onlineu.org awarded them the 2nd Most Affordable Online Master in Mathematics.

With their online program, when you enroll, you won’t pay a dime on your first course, and for some time you won’t need to pay the application fee. This strategy is not just to entice you, the University of North Alabama is well versed in Online Education, and the same quality that is offered to on-campus students is also brought online.

Furthermore, they offer various scholarships and financial aid that can help you pay for your education, some scholarships might even be given to you automatically when you apply for the school.

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8. University of South Alabama

South Alabama provides one of the most affordable online programs, Onlineu.org awarded them the Most Affordable Online Colleges for DNP Programs in 2020. Their online degree is student-centric, where all their programs are produced with you in mind.

Even if you want to change your career, you want to be promoted in your job, or this is your first-time career, their online programs are designed to meet your needs. You can be attending your classes and still maintain a steady work-family environment.

South Alabama is one of the online colleges in Alabama that makes their course accessible to you 24/7, so you can come on any day and still embark on that course. Their support team is there to help and encourage you till it’s over (till you graduate), and there are communities of friends from different countries that you can grow with, in this online education.

Their programs range from 4 Undergraduate Degree Programs to 12 Master’s Degree Programs. Also, there are numerous scholarships and financial aid you can take advantage of.

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9. Alabama State University

Alabama State University is one of the online colleges in Alabama that has the least diverse student bodies, that’s why USA TODAY ranked them the 4th College With The Least Diverse Student Bodies. 

Their online programs are always under improvement, where, as the day passes, they are updating to something better. They are always there to support you, and their professors are helpful in all manners, whether is to teach or attend to you when you are confused.

They have both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, but their Certificate Courses will soon come out.

10. Troy University

Troy University is one of the public online colleges in Alabama that takes care of its veterans, and those actively serving in the military in payment of education. That is why they are ranked the 18th best College for Veterans by U.S. News and World Report, they are also the 18th best Public School in the United States.

Troy University has a very high acceptance rate of 92% according to U.S. News and World Report, where they accept almost all applicants that apply for a college degree.

For almost 25 years Troy University has been offering Online Bachelor’s degree.

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Now you have seen how beneficial these online colleges in Alabama are, and you have seen that you can acquire a degree or get an accredited course without coming on-campus.

Now it is up to you, what do you think about these accredited online schools, would you enroll in Troy University which has the highest acceptance rate or you would enroll in the University of Alabama which has some of the best programs. Either way, share your thought below.

Online colleges in Alabama – FAQs

Are there free online colleges in Alabama?

There are no free online colleges in Alabama. But, there are scholarships that can help pay for your fees, whether partly or fully.

What is the cheapest online college in Alabama?

The University of Alabama in Huntsville is the cheapest online college in Alabama, where their resident students pay $104.88 per credit and their non-resident students will pay $218.55.