10 Accredited Online Colleges in Tennessee

The online colleges in Tennessee are considered to be amongst some of the best things in the state which is filled with renowned and spectacular places such as Memphis, Nashville, and the Great Smokey Mounting.

The educational achievements of the indigenes of Tennessee cannot be overlooked as students of the state of Tennessee won the History Day Special awards which is an event designed for middle and high school students where they prepare research papers, websites, exhibits, documentaries, and performances on topics of historical interests.

This is just a beacon as to the high standards placed by the state of Tennessee on its education, now with the invention of the internet; students from distant places can now get enrolled into any of the online colleges in Tennessee.

The internet has done wonders in aiding communication and human interaction, this has played well in favor of students who are willing to earn a degree online.  In getting a degree online, students are expected to have in their kits the interactive tool for online learning as this will aid the students’ ability to maintain their connections to educative materials designed for their self-improvement.

This tool kit has been of help, especially to students that have enrolled in the online colleges located in New Hampshire. The internet has been improving daily, and this has made students that would have had to travel major distances can now get enrolled to study project management online.

The internet has given students who are a little disadvantaged access to study any of the free online courses offered by the Philanthropy University while they also get another option of studying the free education courses online which is designed to transform both students and teachers into becoming better.

The free online courses offered to both students and professionals by Yale University present the opportunity to study and get trained in the high standards that have traditionally been associated with the great Yale institution. While there are, for those seeking to study in the UK certificate courses online which are for free.

For those who are looking for specific courses that are required in their discipline, the free online marketing certificate courses can fill the hunger to become well-grounded in the field of marketing and the long run become an authority in the field of marketing. There are also free online courses that make for professional teachers which are targeted for the grooming and development of those that will teach and inspire the next generation of students.

The internet has been the game-changer in terms of human development; it has enabled students that would have otherwise been limited in the pursuit of their dreams to be able to stake solid claims at being able to fulfill their hearts’ desires. Courses that would have been off the reach of international students of less privileged nations are now able to study online courses on Medical Billing and Coding.

Children are one of the most difficult tasks to fully understand as they are buzzing with emotions that are being discovered by them on a daily which makes it difficult for adults to truly understand them, that is if there were no child psychology courses online for free.

When they grow older, it is imperative to keep up their determination, this ensures that they do not become flaccid and difficult to motivate, also it is key to keep them warm in the knowledge department and this can be helped by exposing them to online courses that are free for 13 to 19 year-olds.

Average Cost of Online Colleges in Tennessee

There are a plethora of degree-awarding institutions located in Tennessee which includes universities, community colleges, and private for-profit schools—these collectively present diverse offerings of associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs.

And below we have carefully articulated a list of the accredited online colleges in Tennessee;

Name of Institution Annual  Tuition ($) Mid-Career Salary ($)
Christian Brother’s University 12,555 89,600
The University of Tennessee-Knoxville 13,020 84,300
Tennessee Tech University 13,020 84,200
University of Memphis 15,390 74,300
Trevecca Nazarene University 11,850 70,200
Lipscomb University 8,000 69,500
The University of Tennessee- Chattanooga 8,404 69,000
Middle Tennessee State University 7,554 68,400
Milligan State University 9,425 67,700
Tennessee State University 4,200 66,900

Benefits of Studying in the Online Colleges in Tennessee

Working students are not the only kinds of students that have opted to further their studies using the online pathways, this is a trend that has been noticed by various online colleges in Tennessee and beyond as a lot of students are seeking admission through this medium.

At the early stage, the majority of the online colleges in Tennessee and beyond first started to offer more accessible courses for students who needed flexibility in their academic program schedule as they needed to match their need for furthering their academics with meeting the requirements of being employed.

But this gained popularity as more and more first-time college students are opting for the online pathway immediately after graduating from high school.

This now brings the need to answer the mind-boggling questions; why are students now opting to further their studies in any of the online colleges in Tennessee than to physically attend their favorite universities and are the said students making the right choice with these decisions?

Well, here are some of the benefits that are associated with studying in any of the online colleges in Tennessee and why more students opt for this option;

1.      Flexibility

When asked students that have opted to study with the online colleges in Tennessee as opposed to physically gaining admission into any university in Tennessee, the most popular reason for choosing the online pathway is because it offers flexibility.

The fact that you can attend lectures based on your schedule would be a dream world for many-a-students but it is a reality for them as they are in charge of how they attend lectures and have no reason to fear or worry about the clashes their academic pursuit will have on their jobs.

While this level of flexibility is needed by almost every student, all students on the other hand can benefit from the gains of having less rigid structures like those found in the online colleges in Tennessee.

  • Working full-time or part-time
  • Internships are a great way to get experience.
  • Volunteering and participating in community activities
  • Taking care of children or other members of the family
  • When they’re at their most awake, they choose to engage in instructive information (e.g., avoiding that 8 a.m. class)
  • As part of a strategic strategy with their academic adviser, they are accelerating their college education by taking a significant number of courses.

2.      Studying from any part of the World

Many students cannot phantom the thought of staying in one place for 4 years of their lives as their free spirit will feel caged and miserable. While for some, the act of living their homes to the universities is near impossible.

The good news is, that the online colleges in Tennessee and the rest of the world have made it a real possibility for anyone to study anywhere. This is hugely beneficial to students that will find it a real impossibility to relocate to the university or by the nature of their jobs cannot stay in one location for too long. Also, this level of flexibility offers students, a wide range of new options such as;

  • Choosing a city with more internships or employment openings than a college town.
  • Living with relatives allows you to save money.
  • While earning a degree, you may be caring for children or aging parents who require assistance.
  • Pursuing a master’s degree while staying in the best school district for their children or the greatest place for their spouse’s job possibilities
  • Traveling and having the opportunity to explore a distant place and immerse oneself in a new culture are two of my favorite things to do.
  • While earning their college degree, accompanying a spouse on deployment
  • They can stay in a town they enjoy without losing the quality of their education.

While students who attend traditional institutions in residence are confined to one location for the semester, online students have the freedom to move about at any time during the year.

3.      Paying for what you need

While there are several programs available to assist in lowering the expense of higher education, the truth remains that money is a factor. As a result, one of the most significant advantages of an online route is that it might be less expensive than its on-campus counterpart.

  • Because you are not confined to one region when taking lessons online, you may save money by residing in more cheap areas.
  • Online programs offer greater flexibility in scheduling, but they also eliminate the need for students to travel to and from campus for class, saving money on parking, public transit, and other travel expenses.
  • Some colleges provide online programs that allow students to choose whether or not to pay extra fees for on-campus services.
  • Some colleges charge lower tuition and/or fees than their on-campus counterparts, lowering the cost of attendance for students who opt to pursue their education online.

Saving money on your higher education ultimately boils down to only paying for what you require. Online degree programs make higher education an accessible choice for most individuals, thanks to flexible cost packages, the ability to live in more cheap areas, and online students obtaining the same financial resources as on-campus students.

Online Colleges in Tennessee

10 Accredited Online Colleges in Tennessee

1.      Christian Brother’s University

The first on the list of accredited online colleges in Tennessee is the Christian Brother’s University which was founded in the year 1871 and has an affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church.

Being one of the few faith-based online colleges in Tennessee, the CBU online presents to prospective students a catalog that includes a bachelor’s degree in nursing (RN to BSN) and a master’s degree in computer information systems.

The Canvas online learning platform, which is accessible through the university’s myCBU web page, is used to provide courses. Distance learners can also access grades, transcripts, and other institutional information through the portal.

Access to the CBU Bookstore, campus ministry, career services, the counseling center, disability services, health resources, and foreign and multicultural student services are all additional student support options.


2.      The University of Tennessee—Knoxville

More than 30 online degree and certificate programs are available from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville in subjects like agriculture, mathematics, information sciences, education, supply chain management, engineering, nursing, and social work.

The university’s online course administration system, Online@UT, LiveOnline@UT (used to conduct live, interactive classes), and other digital tools are utilized to deliver distance learning. Courses are available in both synchronous and asynchronous versions, and students must adhere to deadlines regardless of format.

Students interested in online colleges in Tennessee may access registration, course schedules, weekly schedules, academic links, Vol Card balances, and more through the university’s myUTK web service. Academic guidance, financial aid, and technical assistance are all available to students.


3.      Tennessee Tech University

Online graduate and undergraduate certificate and degree programs in subjects such as education, exercise science, business administration, professional studies, and nursing courses are available from Tennessee Tech University.

The iLearn online learning platform is used to deliver the courses. The Student Success Center and the Center for Career Development provide academic guidance and assistance to distance learners. Tennessee Tech University strives to develop a varied group of practical, ready-to-work graduates who can compete in today’s technologically driven world.


4.      University of Memphis

More than 70 online certificate and degree programs are available from the University of Memphis (UofM) in the disciplines of arts, commerce, computers, education, engineering, health, humanities, liberal studies, and social science.

The majority of UofM’s online courses are asynchronous, allowing students to work at their own pace. In some classes, however, synchronous components or an on-campus orientation may be necessary. Experienced, accredited online educators teach the courses.

The eCourseware online learning platform is used by distance learners to access their online courses. Academic advice and help, technical support, and library services are all available to students over the internet.


5.      Trevecca Nazarene University

One of the prestigious faith-based online colleges in Tennessee, TNU has online degree programs in business administration, community and human services, Christian ministry, educational leadership, human development, and family studies, psychology, religion, information technology, health care administration, and organizational leadership. Because of the university’s religious affiliation, online courses are given through TNU4U, the university’s web portal, with a Christian orientation.

Students can schedule their studies around other obligations because the courses are asynchronous. The Center for Pastoral Health, the Center for Student Development, the university’s counseling center, IT services, live streaming, the TNU bookshop, the TNU clinic, and the Waggoner Library are all available to students.


6.      Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University, among the Christian online colleges in Tennessee, provides various online programs ranging from certificates to Ph.D. degrees. Undergraduate programs in integrated studies, communication, corporate leadership, supply chain management, and other subjects are available.

Business, religious studies, performance, and strategic leadership are among the sectors where graduate degree programs are available. Courses are available via the university’s myLipscomb online site, which also offers administrative information such as course schedules, grades, and transcripts to distant learners.

Lipscomb follows a competency-based education approach, in which students can earn credits for skills and competencies they’ve already mastered; this structure allows students to earn up to 60 credit hours. Full access to teachers, online library databases, and admissions counselors are among the student assistance services available.


7.      The University of Tennessee—Chattanooga

Nursing, education, criminal justice, engineering management, and business administration are among the five academic fields where the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga (UTC) provides online degrees and one certificate. The university’s distant learning platform, UTC Learn, is used to distribute courses.

Distance learners can access administrative information such as course schedules, grades, and transcripts through the university’s MyMocsNet online site. Access to advising, the bookshop, the bursar’s office, a UTC email account, financial assistance, the library, tutoring, and the Writing and Communication Center are all available to students.


8.      Middle Tennessee State University

Aeronautical science, business administration, management, criminal justice, education, integrated studies, library science, nursing, professional studies, and psychology are among the academic areas where Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) offers online undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

The Brightspace Desire2Learn online learning platform is used to deliver the courses, which are available in both completely online and hybrid versions. Online tutoring, the Distance Learning Library, the testing center, the writing center, health services, the campus bookstore, and the Disability & Access Center are all available to students. Non-resident online students might benefit from a discounted e-Rate tuition rate.


9.      Milligan College

One of the private faith-based online colleges in Tennessee is the Baptist Memorial College of Health Sciences which provides online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in health-related subjects including nursing and health management.

Courses are given via the university’s online site, which also provides administrative information such as course schedules, grades, and transcripts to distant learners. Access to the Center for Academic Excellence, the bookshop, career services, counseling, disability services, health services, and veteran services are all available to students.

Baptist Memorial College of Health Sciences is a private, specialized university that offers a complete health sciences education in a learning atmosphere based on Christian beliefs.


10. Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University provides a variety of online programs to distance learners in the state and around the country through TSU Distance Education. Fully online, hybrid and interactive video instruction (ITV/VOIP) are all options for delivering courses.

Professional studies, nursing, integrative studies, and sociology are among the subjects where bachelor’s and master’s degrees are available. Certificates in applied geospatial information systems and public administration are available.

The university’s Adult and Distance Learners Information Portal provide access to courses. Academic advising, tutoring, the library and media centers, and counseling services are among the many tools available to online students.

TSU also provides an online student orientation to assist distance learners in navigating the resources they require to succeed.



The accredited online colleges in Tennessee are amongst the best on the planet and they build not only the mental capacity of students but also build the spiritual content of its students.

Online Colleges in Tennessee—FAQs

Are there Free Online Colleges in Tennessee?

Yes, but only for those who are residents or indigenes of Tennessee.

What is the Cheapest Online College in Tennessee?

Tennessee State University has been found from my research to be the cheapest online college in Tennessee.