10 Accredited online colleges in North Carolina

Imagine studying in one of the best online colleges in North Carolina from the comfort of your home, at your place of work, or during that lunch break. Imagine finally getting a college degree without quitting your work, or participating in online classes even while actively serving in the military.

There are so many possibilities that online classes bring to you, as an adult with kids, these colleges understand how busy your work schedule can be, and how important you’re to your family. So they have made it possible to acquire a strong college degree without going on campus.

You can even choose to participate in their online certificate courses, where you can learn one or two courses that can benefit your career. Speaking of courses, did you know there are 1000s of free online courses you can choose from, and improve your skill without breaking the bank?

You can choose to take free online courses on child psychology or take free online courses from Princeton University, or even free online courses from Harvard University. Your choices are endless, now is the time when knowledge comes to us, there is no excuse for not learning, or improving your skill.

And online colleges in North Carolina are housing lots of opportunities for your studies, they have some of the best Universities in the United States and the World. Duke University, for instance, is the 8th best university in the United States and has the 2nd best nursing bachelor’s degree program.

Speaking of nursing, did you know that N.C. has some of the fastest Nursing programs, where they make your learning quick but productive. The state has lots of values to give to the world, and they are known for its research prowess.

If you’re interested in a state that is competent in science and tech, that is good in the medical field, with a touch of banking and commerce programs, and a summary of agriculture then N.C. got you covered. They also have some culinary schools that produce top-notch students that go all the way to becoming world-class chefs and starting a lasting restaurant business. 

Most importantly, most of these online colleges in North Carolina offer scholarships to their online students, they want to make sure nothing hinders you from graduating. And, we provided links to these scholarships in this article.

Average cost of online college in Carolina

Average tuition cost for in-state students is $8,194 and $16,094 for out-of-state students.

Requirements for online colleges in Carolina

There is no requirement to study in any single certificate course. Here are some basic requirements for a bachelor’s degree program.

  • Will require SAT or ACT Score
  • Official High School Transcript (for first-year students)
  • Official College Transcript
  • Minimum of 2.2 CGPA (for transfer students)
  • Minimum of C in coursework

Requirements for master’s degree

  • Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college
  • Minimum of 3.0 Undergraduate GPA
  • GRE Might be required

Benefits of online college in Carolina

Here are some benefits of studying an online program or course from North Carolina. 


These online colleges in North Carolina are made in a way that someone active in the military can participate without interrupting their duties, and still acquire that degree. These programs can be taken anywhere, whether you’re at home, on a flight, at work, or even at the gym.


In these classes, you can choose to attend your classes when you’re less busy, unlike on-campus classes where you must adhere to their time.

Build Relationships

These programs open doors to lots of students from different countries, you can connect with them, and their lecturers are also friendly and are open to building relationships with you.

Mid-Size Classes

Most of these online colleges in North Carolina made their classes as small as 1:15 students per class. This helps you to rapport and ask your teachers questions, and receive helpful answers.

online colleges in North Carolina

Online Colleges in North Carolina

1. Duke University

Duke is one of the best online colleges in North Carolina, and for its academic excellence, the U.S. News and World Report ranked them, the #9 best University in the United States. Their nursing programs are also high-class, and U.S. News ranked them #2 best nursing bachelor’s degree program.

In as much as, they are literally the best in lots of things, you will need to try very hard to be admitted to the university, it has a low acceptance rate of 8% from U.S. News and World Report. If your want to major in, Computer Science, Public Policy, Biology, Economics, or Psychology, then Duke University will give you the best experience.

Moreover, this 8th Best University brought their excellent education to your doorstep, they understand how busy you can be so they are fully committed to helping you graduate from any program wherever you are. You can either choose to take a single course to improve your career or start a degree.

Even though Duke University only offers 52% of its undergraduate financial aid, it is one of the online colleges in North Carolina that awards a huge $51,787 average need-based grant. You can learn if you’re eligible for these financial aids or scholarships, here.

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2. East Carolina University

East Carolina University is one of the best online colleges in North Carolina, America’s Top Online Colleges Ranked them #1 in N.C. and #6 in the United States. They are also the #1 in producing medical Graduates who practice in N.C. and they have also featured in the Top Colleges for Diversity, for the tenth time in 2021.

ECU is also noteworthy for its distance learning in N.C. they are there to help you start a new degree, acquire a certificate, or even complete the degree you have started. They offer over 100 online degrees and courses, in different fields such as business, tech, education, science, health, and many more.

Even if you have a very tight schedule, their classes are designed such that you can balance your work, with your education. It has a flexible schedule, so you don’t need to come to campus to acquire that degree you deserve.

There is no difference between the instructors that will teach you online, and the ones teaching the on-campus students, and they are very supportive from the time you registered, through the time you’ll graduate.

The university also offers diverse scholarships and financial aids

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3. Appalachian State University

App State is one of the most innovative online colleges in North Carolina, and U.S. News and World Report recognized their innovative skill and awarded them, #1 in Most Innovative Schools. They are also recognized for their effort in teaching undergraduates, and U.S. News Awarded them #2 in best undergraduate teaching and #2 for their generous act toward veterans.

App State’s programs are so flexible, and they were built with you in their mind, everything is easy and intuitive to use, and their lecturers are highly qualified professors that teach the on-campus students too. They recently launched Communication Degrees to give you more options for your career.

They also offer financial aid and scholarships to their online students, and you won’t be paying most fees charged to on-campus students.

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4. Western Carolina University

WCU is one of the online colleges in North Carolina that offers lots of their students, financial aid, about 83% of their students receive Scholarships or Financial aid one way or the other. WCU is also one of the best schools to be if you’re a veteran, they give a lot of help to their Veterans, that’s why U.S. News and World Report ranked them #8 for this act of generosity.

Their 100% online programs are top-notch, even if you’re an adult with kids, you can still enroll in WCU and get your degree. WCU understands how difficult it could be to come on-campus to acquire your degree or get a special certificate for your career, that’s why they made their classes self-paced. 

You can choose to continue a class or pause it while on transit, or at work, the options are in your hands. WCU is one of the online colleges in North Carolina where you can call the professors anytime and they will answer you, you can collaborate with them and other students in a group discussion, and learn more.

They offer undergraduate, graduate degree programs, and certificate courses. Further, they offer lots of scholarships whether it’s need-based or merit-based.

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5. Campbell University

Campbell University is one of the online colleges in North Carolina that has a high acceptance rate, it has an acceptance rate of 81% according to U.S. News. They also have one of the highest online degree programs in North Carolina, you can choose from certificate programs, associate, bachelor’s, and master’s programs.

They also offer special adult and online education programs, where they respect your busy life and work and decided to structure their courses and classes to be flexible enough to fit your schedule. And there are lots of scholarships and financial aid you can take advantage of.

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6. North Carolina State University

Among the best online colleges in North Carolina, NC State is one of the schools that have a nice Software Engineering Program, they are ranked #9 by U.S. News. They are also recognized as the 3rd best college for sports management in America by niche.com.

NC State is known as a research university, and they partner with some of the top companies in the world like IBM, SAS, Cisco, Lenovo, and GlaxoSmithKline. They have over 37,500 students, more than 2,500 faculties, and over 7,100 staff, and they have over 300 undergraduate and graduate programs.

They also brought their college to you through their online programs that are the same quality as the one offered on campus. They are one of the online colleges in North Carolina that has very large online courses.

There are more than 1000 online courses, and over 120 online programs, and being the leading STEM college, they know how to use technology to communicate with their students. They have programs in Engineering, Business, and even Sciences.

There are undergraduate programs, master’s, and doctoral programs, undergraduate certificates, graduate certificates, and teacher licensure. They are also ranked #7 for online graduate engineering by U.S. News and World Report.

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7. Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University is one of the online colleges in North Carolina that encourages hard work and having fun, that’s why BusinessInsider awarded them the Most Intense College in America. They are the 28th best University in the United States for the 26th consecutive year, and the 24th Best Value School according to the U.S. News and World Report.

Their 32% acceptance rate is not so low, but you need to still try harder to be admitted. They have students from over 45 different countries in the school.

Their online programs come with the same quality as their on-campus programs, you won’t miss anything (except for campus life). However, they only offer masters and doctorate degrees.

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8. University of North Carolina – Wilmington

This is one of the best colleges in North Carolina that offers lots of important programs, it offers approximately 120 degrees. They are ranked #1 in the Bachelor’s in Marine Science: Top 20 Values.

All their online programs are accredited just like their on-campus programs, and the same lecturers that teach on their campus are the same that will teach you. Thereby, providing the same kind of value to you too.

There are many ways you can take their online programs, you can participate in classes where a group of students learns from their educator, or you can involve in a class where you are the only one learning from the lecturer. You can also, combine both online classes and campus, physical classes.

UNCW understands your schedule and decides to make it flexible enough to fit it, and at the same time, you’ll get the value you deserve.

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9. Queens University of Charlotte

The Queens University of Charlotte is among the online colleges in North Carolina that treat their students special, that’s why they are the 15th best Regional University South. They are also the 13th most innovative School according to U.S. News and World Report, and they have the 4th best Undergraduate Nursing program.

Their online program is more than the usual online college programs, they made theirs so personal to you. They made their class sizes to be small so that they can be interactive, and you’ll get to ask questions to the professors.

They only offer master’s programs and certificate courses. In addition, they offer various financial aid and scholarships to their online students, whether it’s federal aid, military benefits, or need-based, merit-based scholarships. If you’re alumni, you’ll be eligible for a discount in their graduate programs.

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10. Elizabeth City State University

ECSU is one of the online colleges in North Carolina that is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality education, in-state students pay an average tuition of $500 per semester and out-of-state students pay $2,500 per semester. That’s why they are named the #1 Most Affordable Four-year HBCU in the U.S.

They don’t just have very affordable tuition fees, they are also the 4th best public school, 7th best public school in the Regional South by U.S. News and World Report, and the 5th best military-friendly school. 

They offer 100% online undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and there is no shortage of quality in their online programs. Your classes are as good as they are on campus, and they are also convenient and flexible for comfortable learning.

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Online Colleges in North Carolina – FAQs

Are there free online colleges in North Carolina?

There is no free online college in North Carolina, but most of them offer financial aid or scholarships that can help you pay some or all of your tuition.

What is the cheapest online college in North Carolina?

Elizabeth City State University is the cheapest online college in North Carolina, their in-state students pay an average tuition of $500 per semester and out-of-state students pay $2,500 per semester.