4 Free Online Graduate Courses Currently Open

Are you aware that there are some free online graduate courses out there? You may never know if you are not told. We’ve listed in detail some of these free graduate courses that may interest you.

Online learning has brought a lot of benefits to the education sector and to students as well, by utilizing the advantages of audio-visual technology anyone can enjoin in online classes and get a skill of their choice.

You can get a degree of your choice via online classes; undergraduate, masters and even doctoral degrees can be acquired online with a much greater convenience compared to the regular school. Online degrees are much faster to complete, flexible and may not affect your usual schedule should you have other things at hand.

This means that you may be employed and decide to pursue a much higher degree without quitting your job, you can attend to your online programs anywhere that are comfortable for you, on your bed, couch, restaurants, offices and any other convenient place.

Although free undergraduate courses are much more available online than free graduate courses, that does not mean that such does not exist or is not offered online. I have done in-depth research and have sorted out some of these free online graduate courses.

While most of these online graduate courses are paid for, there are others that are completely free to join demanding only your time and determination just like every other kind of learning. These free online graduate courses will definitely meet up with your reason(s) for choosing them and if you don’t have one you may consider the following reasons;

Benefits of Free Online Graduate Courses

  1. Free online graduate courses will brush up your existing skills or offer you a new one without paying a dime.
  2. Completing an online graduate course in another field makes you handier in an organization, thus you could be looking at a promotion or a raise in salary.
  3. Unlike the regular school where you get to concentrate on a particular field, online learning offers various range of courses that you can take to acquire new knowledge.
  4. These free online graduate courses are offered by a number of prestigious universities with their top professors offering the course thus you get to learn from the best hands.
  5. After completing your online graduate course, you can attach your new found skill to your CV/Resume which is a plus to your professional portfolio.
  6. Gathering as much skill and knowledge as you can push you up the academic ladder and gives you a higher advantage of being successful in your careers
  7. You may even decide to take free online graduate courses for some other personal reasons or just to acquire new knowledge. By the way, it is free!
  8. If you are considering joining a paid online graduate program, taking the free online graduate courses will serve as “testing waters” for you before you fully enroll for the paid program thus giving you the experience of what a graduate program looks like.
  9. You will certainly enjoy the overall online learning experience.

What is a graduate course?

Graduate courses are courses or programs offered in a graduate school that awards advanced academic degrees like masters and PhD. Graduate courses span across a variety of academic, technical and scientific programs mainly involving research.

4 Free Online Graduate Courses
( List of Free Online Graduate Courses )

There are several online graduate courses out there but from our research so far, we were able to find just four of these graduate courses that are free for students from all over the world and we’ve listed these 4 as supposed with their application links.

These free online graduate courses listed here are currently open and available to receive free applications from new students. You only need a PC or smartphone and a stable internet connection to be part of these classes irrespective of your location and since they are free, you can join more than one of the courses at a time.

The more knowledge and skills you acquire the more opportunities you will be able to attract and grab.

Without further ado, I will list out these free online graduate courses as we were able to find.

  • Postgraduate Academic Literacy for Management and Business Students
  • Master of Business Administration in Management
  • Master of Education
  • Data Science: Machine Learning

Postgraduate Academic Literacy for Management and Business Students

This is a free online graduate course currently open for enrolment and offered by the University of Witwatersrand through the edX online learning platform.

It is designed for management and business students to equip them with skills on how to compare and apply academic resources and research.

The course is self-paced, with a duration of four weeks and requires a time commitment effort of about 3-4 hours per week.

Through the course of this online graduate program, you will learn how to cite academic sources, identify academic and personal resources that support postgraduate research and how to critique academic articles professionally.

With a skill of this kind and substantial knowledge, you will be able to carry out better research and also be able to write and make your report professional.

Master of Business Administration in Management

This is a free online graduate course offered by the University of People, an online tuition-free university founded in the US.

The course is designed to offer a hands-on approach to both business and community leadership as part of a cutting-edge stimulation to online educational experience.

The MBA course equips students with the skills, attitude and knowledge required to pursue personal and professional goals as well as succeed in present-day diverse organizations. Students will learn how to analyze core business processes, prepare economic analysis, think critically, function in an ethical manner and lots more to qualify you for an MBA degree.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will obtain an MBA degree certificate from the University of People.

Master of Education

This is a free online graduate-level program also provided by the University of People designed to train students for dynamic careers in education, childcare, and community leadership. The course will develop your critical thinking abilities and equip you with an in-depth knowledge of curriculum, interdisciplinary learning, intercultural competence and other skills required for you to excel in the field.

Successful completion of this course will make you a reliable and trustworthy tool of imparting knowledge to others and contributing positively to the learning space.

Data Science: Machine Learning

This free online graduate course is part of a professional certificate offered by top biostatics professors from Harvard University, where you will learn the most effective and successful data science techniques.

You will learn popular machine learning algorithms, principal component analysis, and regularization by building a movie recommendation system. The course is self-paced on your time and takes 8 weeks to complete.

These free online graduate courses are currently up and running, and with just a click of the button, you are able to get access to it and join the other learners who are already enrolled in the program.


Like I mentioned earlier, there are few of these online graduate courses that are free and currently open for enrollment too most are paid while others are closed and students are unable to join.

However, you can join the ones listed here in this article and make the most out of it, certain opportunities are bound to come out of it too so endeavour to take them seriously and get rid of distractions that will not make your learning success.


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