Brock University Requirements | Fees, Programs, Scholarships, Rankings

Here is all the basic things you need to know about Brock University in Canada as a Canadian or international student with plans to seek admission in the school or maybe to recommend it for someone.

What started as an idea for the provision of quality education to the residents of Niagara province in Canada, led to the establishment of Brock University which is now a large coeducational centre of higher learning.


Brock University, Canada 2020

Do you intend to study at Brock University? This will be the best information you’ll ever read about this amazing school!

Brock University has a track record in fostering an impressive academic experience that is second to none in the whole of Canada and it administers a wide range of degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels.

Furthermore, it awards degrees that lead to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral in a vast array of disciplines that cut across mathematics, social sciences, humanities, education, and up to business.

Notwithstanding, BU as it is fondly called offers about 70 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate programs in its highly dignified campus with an intense focus on innovation, dedicated research, creativity, leadership, and sustainability.

Leading in fostering breakthrough academic educational experience, BU delivers an enviable learning model, that is blended with practical and theoretical knowledge to prepare its student to succeed in their chosen field of study.

With this in view, students are thoroughly grounded and nurtured to understand their course taught by top-tier professors and brilliant faculty members.

In addition, the university supports co-op as well as service learning for students to obtain utmost exposure from any chosen discipline. In 2011, its co-op program was rated as the fifth largest in Canada and it is the only institution to offer a degree in oenology and viticulture.

There are other milestones worthy of note that this highly celebrated institution has gathered since inception.

For instance, the university combined its mathematics and computing program as an independent study which explores remarkable researches in the area of Ai, Robotics, and machine learning which is the first of its kind in all of Canadian institution.

Also, it has received about 12 Canadian research chairs, 3M teaching fellowships, and its school of business is recognized worldwide and accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

As a reputable institution with a goal to provide an excellent academic experience, BU welcomes about 19,000 students annually into its campus, with more than 5,000 international students from 100 countries. It also runs both full-time and part-time programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Student support remains fundamental in the vision of BU and one fascinating thing notable is seen in its mentorship plus service that is offered both online and offline.

The service connects students to professionals related to their fields of study. This implies that as a prospective student, you have the privilege to access successful individuals in your discipline who are working and leading in diverse industries and organizations.

Why May Consider Brock University

Brock is considered a citadel with programs that are tailored to satisfy your academic pursuit.

Consider yourself lucky if you are admitted into this amazing school because you’ll enjoy the best of campus experience and get to nurture and build a relationship with bright professors and the student community.

Also, upon graduation, you’ll be opportune to gain fast employment because the employment rate from BU is pegged at 97%.

In this regard, here are some astonishing reasons to inspire you;

Leads in cutting edge research that is focused on contributing to the development of societies. There are scores of partnerships for community involvement which has lead to enviable innovation and discoveries among faculty members and students.

Brock was recently awarded $2.5 million in funding for scientific research and it also receives $655,000 in social science research funding.

It is located in a charming region that is rich in cultural heritage and a site for UNESCO biosphere reserve and has strong a good curricula program to supplement sporting activities.

Its co-op program will help you acquire career-related work experiences.

Brock University Ranking

Basically, BU is recognized for offering a rich education that is tailored to cultivating creativity, transformative research and invention.

The peak of its diverse programs is designed to make you successful in your career. The university is listed among the top comprehensive universities in North America and it was voted 28th as one of the greatest Canadian universities.

  • The U.S News & World categorically ranked BU 1204th in the world and 30th place in Canada.
  • Center for World University Rankings, placed BU in the 1162 position in the world
    The Academic Ranking of World University ranked its top programs as follow:
  1. Tourism & Hospitality ( 151 )
  2. Business ( 201 )
  3. Psychology ( 201 )
  4. Education ( 401 )
  5. Earth Science ( 301 )
  • Maclean’s in its comprehensive report, ranks BU 13th place in Canada.

Brock University Acceptance Rate

BU was founded on the notion to enable students to be successful in their careers and in life. The university has no bias in accepting prospective candidates into its campus.

However, in regard to its status, Brock University’s acceptance rate is commendable. In its recent academic enrollment, the university welcomed about 19,000 students out of the 21,000 applicants. This result shows that the institution’s acceptance is tagged at 75%.

In other words, here is the summary of the acceptance analysis of BU

  • International student acceptance is 11%
  • Undergraduate program acceptance was an overall 90%
  • Graduate program acceptance is 10%

In conclusion, international student enrollment was 1,913 out of the 21,043 that applied, while UnderGraduate student enrollment was 17,055 out of the 18,950 that applied and Graduate student enrollment was 1,733 out of 17,330 that applied.

Brock University Faculties

You will agree with me that no educational institution exists without programs of specializations. After all, what can guarantee your success in your academic pursuit is your field of study and every discipline is profitable!

Apparently, the programs and faculty at Brock University are exceptionally epic, modern and robust. As was stated earlier, there are 7 faculties available in BU with more than 70 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate programs offered in each.

The faculties are;

  • Faculty of Mathematics and Science
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty Of Humanities
  • Faculty Of Social Science
  • Faculty Of Graduate Studies
  • Faculty Of Applied Health Science
  • Goodman School Of Business

See programs available for all faculties

Brock University Admission Requirements

Actually, the intention to become a prospective student comes with a great task and one of such requires that you possess the necessary and supportive documents that will be acknowledged by the institution you are applying for admission.

Brock university is no exemption and in fact, its admission requirements vary for both national and international students. So, in this section, we painstakingly provide these requirements that’ll help in your application process.

Admission Requirements For Canadian Undergraduate Students

Recall Brock University is located in Ontario and the majority of the students from this province are its largest applicants. So here are the general requirements for a prospective final year high school student in Ontario.

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • Minimum Six Grade 12 4U or 4M- level credits
  • A minimum admission average of 70%
  • English Language proficiency test

Admission Requirements For International Undergraduate Students

Brock University welcomes international applicants from more than 100 countries and below are the general basic requirements

  • Senior secondary credentials from home country
  • Grade 12 Academic records
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • Valid student visa

Admission Requirements For Graduate Students

The graduate program at Brock University is tailored to research, scholarship and professional development and it enhances innovative learning experience. For the record, there are the master’s program and doctoral program

Master’s Requirements

  • 4 year bachelor’s degree from a recognized university
  • Higher secondary school certificate
  • Standardized test scores

Doctoral Requirements

  • Master’s degree in relevant field
  • Attain 80% average
  • Have significant research progress
  • Proof of academic transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation

Brock University Admission Application Process

  1. Visit the BU official’s website and select your program of choice
  2. Submit official academic transcripts
  3. Provide TOEFL test scores
  4. Complete your application and submit it

Start your application

Brock University Tuition Fees

Good education comes with a price and just like other institutions, Brock University charges a stipulated amount of fee for all of its programs.

The fees are set by the faculty member and approved by the university board of trustees. For the record, the fees are calculated based on the credit hour per course, year of study, nature of degree and it vary for national and international students.

Undergraduate Tuition Fees Average

Basically, the undergraduate tuition is calculated based on the credit load of 4.0 units.

However, the estimated tuition fee for Canadian students ranges from $5,917 – $6,089, while the tuition for international undergraduate students ranges from $21,640 – $26,443.

Graduate Tuition Fees Average

Graduate fees also vary according to the program of study. The estimated range of fee for Canadian Graduate students ranges from $5,840 – $8,176 while international Graduate student ranges from $21,345 – $23,504.

How To Pay Your Tuition Fees

There are 5 ways made available for prospective students to pay fees:

  1. Through the use of Western Union Global pay for international students
  2. Internet and ATM banking
  3. Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce
  4. Payment via bank to bank
  5. In-person at a Canadian bank

Choose payment option and see guidelines

Brock University Scholarship

BU history is rooted in maximum student support and it offers generous assistance in form of awards, scholarships, funds, bursaries to meritorious students. Funds are remitted to honor exceptionally bright students and scholarships are available for both new and returning students.

Undergraduate Students Awards

  • Brock Scholars Awards

Available to newly admitted students coming from around the world. The criteria for entry requires applicants to be taking a first-year undergraduate program.

  • Prestige Awards

Awarded to exceptional students with good admission average

93% – 100% : $16,000

90% – 92.9% : $10,000

85% – 89.9% : $6,000

80% – 84.9% : $4,000

  • Brock Leaders Citizenship Society Award

Value : $2,000

  • CIBC Brock Leaders Citizenship Society Award
  • Niagara Principal Scholarship

Value : $2,500

  • Goodman Scholarships

Value : $8,000

  • Chancellors First Nations Award
  • Tom And Linda Goldspark Brock Leader In The Humanities

International Undergraduate Students Award

  • Emerging Market Entrance Awards

Value : $1,000 – $4,000

  • International Curriculum Awards

Value : $1,000

  • International Ambassador Award

Value: variable

  • The Caribbean International Scholarship

Value: $4,000

  • International Bridging Scholars Award

Value : $2,500

See more awards

Graduate Scholarships

Graduate scholarship here are categorized into;

  1. Internal Scholarships & Award
  2. Amilcare Ramella Graduate Scholarship In Canadian – American Studies

Value : $7,760

  • Annual Fund Graduate Award

Value : $11,060

  • Barb Daly Excellence & Student Leadership Award

Value : $3,045

  • Bold New Black Graduate Student OTSS Awards

Value : $5,565

  • Brock 50th Anniversary Graduate Scholarship

Value : $3,895

See other awards here

External Awards & Scholarships

  • NSERC Natural Sciences and Engineering Council

Value : $17,500 – $50,000

SSHRC Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Value : $20,000 – $50,000

  • CIHRC Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Value : $17,500 – $35,000

  • Tri-Agency Canada Graduate Scholarship Masters

Value: $17,500

  • OGS Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Value : $15,000

Brock University Notable Alumni

Brock has about 100,000 alumni network from around the world and each are of immense support and committed to the development of Brock university community.

Notable among these alumni are:

  1. Kyle Dubas
  2. Mathew Samtoro
  3. Peter McLaren
  4. Marc Jordan
  5. Rick Camparelli
  6. Jared Pelletier


As you can see, we have painstakingly brought you this article on Brock university that’ll help you in your admission process into its campus.

In summary, Brock University is a delightful institution to enroll in because it has strong student support and it offers challenging academic programs that are tailored to research and innovation.

It has a high acceptance rate and the tuition fee are quite affordable to a certain degree. There are awesome scholarships available to complement your financial constraints of it arises.

Did this article meet your expectations? Please comment below and good luck on your application