Top 6 Parapsychology Degree Online

Not very many people know this but you can actually earn a parapsychology degree online and in this blog post we have discussed how to go about it and provided application links to the schools that offer the program.

These days, you can earn just about any degree online, and even when we thought we had seen it all, online nursing degrees came on board. That’s right, you can complete a nursing education online, complete the clinical training at a hospital near you, and earn your degree.

What online and distance learning education is doing is simply amazing and gives everyone a chance at getting quality education in any school of their choice. So, you can sit at the comfort of your home in Canada and earn an online degree from a college in the UK, stress-free and at your own pace.

And it isn’t just degrees that you can earn online but also get skilled. For example, platforms like Udemy and Khan Academy offer courses that are designed at equipping you with skills and knowledge that you can use in real life, and when you complete the program, you get a certificate.

Online learning is convenient, suitable for working adults, faster to complete, and cheaper. If you have a really busy schedule and still want to earn a degree in such a way that it won’t mess up your existing responsibilities, then you should consider enrolling in an online program.

I mentioned above that you can earn just about any degree online and parapsychology is one of such degrees and the main subject of this article. But before going on, let’s understand what parapsychology means.

What is Parapsychology?

Parapsychology is a branch of psychology that studies strange mental abilities (such as telepathy, hypnosis, psychic phenomena, etc.) that seem to exist but cannot be explained by accepted scientific theories.

Where Can A Parapsychologist Work?

With a degree in parapsychology, you can work as a psychologist in health care facilities such as rehab institutes. Those who earn a Ph.D. degree can go on to become lecturers and researchers at universities.

Parapsychology Degree Online

Parapsychology is not a popular study field and not many universities offer the program, therefore, bear in mind that there are just going to be a few of these parapsychology degree online.

  • Parapsychology at Bircham International University
  • Master of Science in Parapsychology at Coventry University
  • Level 2 Parapsychology Certificate at Learn Direct
  • Online Parapsychology Course at the University of Edinburgh
  • Parapsychology Diploma Course at the Center of Excellence
  • Principles of Parapsychology at Atlantic University

1.      Parapsychology at Bircham International University

Bircham International University is an institution specially designed for offering online and distance learning degree programs for adults and professionals. It is registered in Spain and Delaware but students anywhere in the world who meet the admission requirements are accepted to pursue their favorite courses online.

The university has a Faculty of Parapsychology that offers distance learning courses that leads to specialist, bachelor, master’s, and doctorate degree. To apply for the program you simply need to fill out, date and sign the official application for admission form which you can find in the link provided below.

Website link

2.      Master of Science in Parapsychology at Coventry University

Coventry University is a prestigious university in the UK offering a wide range of academic programs leading to bachelor, master’s, and doctorate degrees. The college also offers a host of programs online and parapsychology is one of them.

Coventry University offers a Master of Science in Parapsychology degree online. The program offers a thorough empirical, theoretical, and methodological introduction to the controversial field of parapsychology. To gain entry into the program, you need to have a good degree in psychology or social sciences and access to good internet and computer.

Website link

3.      Level 2 Parapsychology Certificate at Learn Direct

Learn Direct is an online learning platform and offers a level 2 certificate in parapsychology. This isn’t a degree but it teaches you what you need to know about parapsychology and at a much cheaper rate. You can engage in this course to test the waters before going into the real thing in the university.

Even if you don’t want to pursue a degree but are curious about the field and want to satisfy your curiosity of what parapsychology entails or you have a passion for the paranormal, then this course is also for you. The course consists of 8 modules that will improve your knowledge of alternate realms and discover weird and wonderful things.

Prior experience or qualification isn’t required to study this course, all that is needed is your interest, a computer, and access to the internet. The course work duration is 80 hours which you can complete at your own pace.

Website link

4.      Online Parapsychology Course at the University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is a prestigious university in the UK and doesn’t offer a parapsychology degree online. The university does offer an online parapsychology course but it leads to no degree, rather, it is just a course that is open to anyone internationally who wants to learn about parapsychology.

The course is non-accredited and takes 11 weeks to complete.

Website link

5.      Parapsychology Diploma Course at the Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence is an online learning platform and offers an online parapsychology diploma course that may interest you to apply for and gain extensive knowledge on the phenomena of parapsychology and earn a certificate when you complete the program.

The diploma course will take you through 6 modules to provide you with all the information you need with reference to understanding and assessing the phenomena of parapsychology. It is a level 3 course that will take you 150 hours to complete which you can totally do at your own pace.

Website link

6.      Principles of Parapsychology at Atlantic University

This is a 12-week certificate program offered completely online by Atlantic University. The course is a survey of the field of parapsychology, including spontaneous psychic experiences, studies of mediums and psychics, experimental studies, and the relationship of psychic phenomena to religious experiences.

The course combines intellectual and experiential approaches and compares the methods used to study and experience various types of psychic phenomena. Completing this course does not make you a psychotherapist or other therapeutic counselor.

Website link

These are the parapsychology degree online that you can get and not all of them offer degrees, but they are all online. Parapsychology is not a field of study that has fully been accepted that is why very few universities are offering it even both online and traditional learning options.

It is not a very popular branch of psychology but I hope the few listed here were able to help.


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