7 Best Pre-vet Programs Online

If you want to find the best Pre-vet programs online here is the right place for you. We have carefully compiled a list of the top Pre-vet programs that are offered fully online or in a hybrid format. They are listed together with the school that offers them. So you just need to go through them and pick what suits you.

Bear in mind that Pre-vet programs are not offered as a major but as a concentration in majors like Animal Sciences or Biological Sciences. So before you choose a major, it is important that you meet your program advisors so they can guide you in choosing a Pre-vet track that will meet the requirements of the school you plan to obtain your Veterinary Degree.

Also, be aware that Pre-vet programs are designed to teach you the basics of veterinary as well as a career in the animal field but do not guarantee 100% admission into Veterinary schools. It is a great way of increasing one’s knowledge of Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and other science subjects that are typically required for Vet schools.

Pre-vet Programs Online

Best Pre-vet Programs Online

The programs listed here are offered by renowned universities and we selected them as the best Pre-vet programs based on course materials, tuition costs, admission, retention and graduation rates, and the reputation of faculty.

1. BS in Applied Biological Sciences – Arizona State University

ASU offers an online pre-veterinary medicine degree as a concentration in applied biological sciences. This program readies students for veterinary school as well as different careers working with animals.

They will explore the anatomy and behavior of animals and as well gain an intensive knowledge of chemistry, physics, math, animal science, biology, and chemistry. This medicine degree focuses on biology with an emphasis on animal behavior, anatomy, and nutrition.

Pre-vet ASU contains a total of 30 classes (each week has 7.5 classes), and a total of 120 credit hours. It incorporates several advanced lab courses that are online excluding two organic lab courses which required the physical presence of the students at the Tempe campus.

Location: Tempe, Arizona
Program Duration: 4 years
Tuition Cost: $561-$661 per credit hour
Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission.

2. Pre-Veterinary Science – Kansas State University

Kanas State University offers a Bachelor’s degree in animal sciences and industry and this degree comprises five curriculum options including pre-veterinary which is developed for students looking for an advanced degree or admission into veterinary medicine, or pursuing a research-focused career.

This program contains 120 total credit hours.

Location: Manhattan, Kanas.
Program duration: 4 years
Estimated tuition: $462.90 per credit hour
Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission.

3. B.S. in Animal Science – Unity College

BS in Animal Science at Unity College is a fully online degree program that teaches students how to apply animal biology, chemistry, nutrition, and physiology to the study of animal breeding genetics growth, behavior, and management.

This major prepares students for careers in animal areas as well as for entrance into veterinary schools to obtain advanced degrees. The three tracks here include Equine Science Management, Sustainable Livestock Management, and Companion Animal Care and Training.

Location: New Gloucester Maine
Program duration: 4 years
Estimated tuition: $470 per credit hour
Accreditation: New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

4. Pre-Vet Med Electives – University of Missouri

University of Missouri’s College of Medicine offers fully online pre-veterinary elective courses of 1-4 credits. These courses are synchronous, therefore students can study any time of the week that suits them best.

The course program designator is biomedical sciences (BIOMED). The estimated study time for a 3-credit-hour online course taken over a semester will require 6 to 9 clock hours per week.  Exams are proctored online. 

Location: Columbia, Missouri
Program duration: not specified
Estimated tuition:
Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

5. Basics of Animal Care and Psychology -By Skill Up

This is a fully online pre-veterinary certificate course that is developed by a team of experienced professionals from the Study Hub and offered by Alison. It begins with defining animal welfare and focuses on common pets like cats, dogs, horses, and birds to prepare you for dangerous domestic situations.

This pre-veterinary course has no prerequisite and it suits anyone interested in a career related to animal care.

Program duration: 3-4 hours
Estimated tuition: Free
Accreditation: CPD accredited.

6. Pre-Veterinary, A.S – Casper College

Casper College offers a hybrid (combination of on-campus and online) pre-professional program designed to prepare students for entrance into a bachelor’s degree program and as well into their chosen area of professional schooling.

The curriculum for this program is designed to meet the general admission requirements for the WUE School of veterinary medicine at Colorado State University or Washington State University.

If you plan to obtain your Veterinary degree from other schools aside from the two listed above, you should first check their admission requirements in other to know what pre-veterinary track to follow.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine – Allen College

Allen College offers an associate in science degree with a concentration in the pre-vet program. The two class styles for this program are online and in-person at the Lola campus.

This pre-vet program readies students for enrollment into a professional veterinary in a university by providing them with a solid foundation in animal science, pre-veterinary medicine studies, and physical & life sciences.

The three start dates here are August, January, and June. So you can choose what start date suits you the best

Program duration: 3-4 hours
Estimated tuition: $10,880 (for international students), $8,960 (for in-district students).
Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission.


Pre-veterinary programs will be very beneficial to you if you are an intending Veterinarian. They will teach you the basics of Veterinary and as well make you become aware of the several types of practicals and theories you may encounter during your Veterinary degree study.

It is advisable you enroll in any of these top online Pre-professional Vet programs to gain experiences that will help prepare you for the professional program.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Online Pre-vet Programs?

Yes, there are lots of online Pre-vet programs available for intending veterinarians. The University of Missouri is one of the universities that offer fully online pre-veterinary programs.